Guilty Conscience in a teenage mind


These people be looking at me like I'm crazy
Like the shit I been doing ain't the right shit maybe
Maybe I'm loosing my mind
I haven't been feeling right lately
Like all these demons inside been tryna step out on me
Its crazy
That I can feel like me, like how I'm supposed to be
Then next I'm choked up with fear
All these nightmares have been becoming to clear
Maybe they bright maybe I'm not me
Maybe the shit that I call my shit is what I am to become
That's what she thinks, that's what he thinks
2 against 1, why not must be true
So now what do I do
Its like cat and mouse with my future I just want it to be through
I feel like I can't breathe drowning in my tears that has somehow become the sea
And when I think about it I don't think I can see
They've blindfolded me then sat me down on my knees
All it takes is one more step
All it takes is one last breath and a prayer to God knowing I failed his test
Its too late for sorry girl you already dug yo own grave
Now its time, breath in and try to be brave
.....its almost over

This poem is about: 
My family


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