God will find a way


Society seems in a mess

Mothers cry, while Fathers stress

to be polite is a disgrace

as children mock you to your face


drugs and sex aren't hard to find

it seems as if the worlds gone blind

for what the people fail to see

is messing up society


as Dads no longer head their home

and kids all sit, and chat by phone

what once to all has been a home

is looking like a war torn zone


no longer do you find that kids

are playing in the park

for it's become a hideout place

for gangsters after dark


what once was right now seems so wrong

no more joy and no more song

as what this all was meant to be

lies buried in a cemetery


by telling you these things my aim

is not to make you mad

it's just to tell another truth

which soon will make you glad


amidst the chaos of this world

of hurt, despair and pain

and hate along with treachery

all done for selfish gain


there's this one thing I know I

believe with all my heart

that when I bend my knees to pray

my God will make a way


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