Tue, 11/17/2015 - 10:30 -- DJK

Love can last however long you want it to last. With God's help you can love unconditionally.You can love even when it hurts you the most. Yes, it hurts sometimes, but through those moments you figure out who you are and why you want to be that. You become a better person through the heartache. Pain teaches you to trasure the moments in which its' presence cannot be felt. It shows you how to live life and how to be better. On a boatride how to not get wetter. It takes you to the places you've never been and drags you through the places you never wanted to go. Life is the lesson, pain is the teacher, and you are the student. Love can be painful, but without learning where would we be? You could have the most horrible, beaten up violin by now, but it's in your power and only in your power that you can turn it into some wonderful song. However, that's completely up yo you.


Katherine Martin

Thank you for these beautiful inspiring words. Its love especially the love of God that gets us through it and the pain is always worth those wonderful moments when we experience bliss.  Once I had a crush on a young man and it played out badly because of whatever, so I wondered was it better to have loved and lost or never to have loved at all.   Well years later   and much wiser having experienced true love I must say my conclusion is it is better to have truly loved, because if it is really love you will come out a better person no matter the outcome.  Love can last even when you have to part and go separate ways but it's completely up to you and you because love is a circle that flows between God and man and between humankind.

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