Imagine growing up feeling broken

Broken like a clock stuck at night

Afraid of words that you’ve spoken

Or fearful of those that you might


Imagine stealing a glimpse at redemption

A voice making sense of it all

A chance for a change of perception

That you’re not who they tell you you are


Imagine finding your home is with Jesus

The one who forgives what you’ve done

The one who died just to save us

The love who’s God’s only son


But imagine the church turns you away

Claims that you’re beyond his grace

Yet through tears of pain you still pray

As they slam the door in your face


Where do you turn in this moment

When you’ve given your life up to god

But they tell you that god doesn’t want it

That the way that he made you is wrong?


Imagine this kind of empty

The feeling of nowhere to go

Seeing the land of great plenty

But feeling trapped in the desert alone


But the truth is that god didn’t hurt me

The truth is it’s people who do

Imagine the truth that I see

See the god that will always love you


Let them quote their scripture in anger

Let them hate you because you are gay

For if Jesus approached as a stranger

Just imagine the things he might say.


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