My Little Purple....



I face the pale murky water

The greenish blue reflects back at me

I am scared

And alone

I cling to small promises in my hands

Only hoping

A mere flame

That could get me off this island

I know

I stand

He could feed me from the peaks of crows

Or let the mana fall from the sky

He could make fresh clean water from rocks when they are hit or spoken to

But still I fear

I know

I believe these aren’t mere fairy tales

But a truth that

I can not

I will not


I hold a book

That has held me through the days when people surrounded me


Will hold me through when none are near

My survival

My sanity

Will rest souly on this

The whisper on my heart that it is not

The first or second time

A believer who tries but still fails

A follower who still stumbles from the path

Has ended up on an island

and the thought crosses my mind

"Oh well better avoid snakes


the fear of being bitten will consume me"

I send my thoughts like text messages to above


I receive replies that I am still not


I might not

See a face

I might not

Have arms surrounding me

I might not

Hear a voice saying my name


I Know


God stands with me in

My little Purple Bible

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