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In God’s hands I am a voice to speak of all the wondrous things that he has put here for the joy that life occasionally brings. And as I write he guides my hand to make his presence known
When daybreak comes and I no longer care to listen for the mourning doves first cry, anticipate the sunrise in the sky or smell the apple blossoms in the air my passion to write poetry will die.
And that is how it all started: Kwame Nkrumah and his diligent compatriots succeeded in'Self Government Now'—the dream of Ghana's independence.With freedom and justice enshrined in our coat of arms, granted were we the right to choose. Choose a le
Nobody really knows know much that specific person mattered to me They all say "I loved her too" But they don't understand how I loved her. She understood me She listened to me
because of my age, people call me an adult the meaning of which doth mystify for it is children who so often not only show us but teach us God’s truth
because of my age, people call me an adult the meaning of which doth mystify for it is children who so often not only show us but teach us God’s truth
i wish i could feel so that i can cry or laugh or smile for real cause right now it feels fake with walls too thick and arches too high soon it should be bound to break
Be brave enough to walk awayAnd don't look backBe brave to say goodbyeBe brave enough to go your wayBe brave not to tell a lie.
A lot of people had come and gone. Even those we confined on. Regardless betrayal. It's absolutely true that, even a family can never be together forever,
Vice versa, its we verses our own vices, immersed in internal conflict that eventually attracts external crisis, despite the advice of Christ to recite the Hebrew words of the righteous, we go versa to a vice that distances us from enlightenment o
 Loneliness, Emotional pain, walks with us through the day,and sleeps with us through the night,Tears that is not visible to the naked eye,silent screams that no one can hear,feeling of relentless distress,
Ludwig II of Bavaria looks at all the government offices and sees the lack of inspiration they give They have the bells of the jester rusted out by too many years of filing and phone calls
Girls must have the undeniable rights to speak,And the God-given rights to choose and pick.Girls must have the rights to be educated,To be respected and to be protected.Girls are human beings too;
Days are booked for awe where deepest desires spoon and fork One hurts your peace sweet racing heart glacing moan of yearning The other hurts what you love from films of thrilling affairs
El amor es un sueño que comienza El amor es una quimera que comienza Es una bailarina que baila Es un poeta que piensa
Once the Poet is done psychically with his or her craft With the vernacular of his or her masterpieces It’s the role of the readers to add mentally missing pieces
Ms. Ms. Hailey.  Come Ms.  Ms. I need your help  Ms. why didn’t I get full marks? Ms. turn on the AC. I like your shirt. 
Listen, dear readers. My name is Hébert.Brierre, Vilaire, Césaire, Baudelaire,And I write sweetly inspiriting words,And about umpteen beautiful things.We find Lociano Benjamin and Victor Hugo
Imagine yourself inside the most beautiful building you have ever seen, within this building are memories that are irreplaceable, secrets that remain untold, feelings that have never been discovered by another, and your whole entire soul.
To be circumcised, can't give self control, Are mot true bellieves, they play in secret, Lost alot of blood, and become affected, Without doing it, YOU can be respected.
Work with alot of money, Keep someone to become crazy, Sand someone to become crazy. It needs time and harry, Stolen when not become arefully, No time for a familly.
I am meant to be a voice, not an echo. But to create echos, I first need to be a voice. Echo the passion, the message, the freedom, to anyone and everyone all around world.
Be a faster than fuel, Let’s the works become diesel.   Let’s the mistake be gone, Let’s the good things to come.   Stop pointing out the sins, Let’s gain the good deeds.  
If the world never turnedand the tide never roseand all of the clocks had stopped,where would we bewhat would we doif bottoms all turned topped? 
i  saw a little leaf to whirling in the wind,didn't want to fall from the treebut the leaf keeps falling over,i prop it up, it falls again .At the end, the heartbroken leafleaves a tear when it falls
Fallen angel! Why are you scared?Why you dwelt alone in shadow?  Why you tighten your fists?why threaten the whole life?i know, afraid to .love,let tenderness pour from your eyes
We know so little,so little, almost nothingand this is only truth,when and from where?from the fissure of infinityand the unreel of time,lonely splinterswe wander on dreamy travels,
Dawn meet the light,  and the twillight the moonall are mirageson labyrinth of mind,ever since time waking.Do you think that our existencemakes any differenceto this vast universe?
Listen,if stars are still lit it means there is someone who needs them.It means someone wants to love,Why then do we feel so much pain and heaviness of heart?are we waiting for something, regretting anything?
A journey of life A painful endeavor A confusing time An inner turmoil A questioning mind A cloudy mess A day by day
Dancing in a field of golden dandelions. Prancing through the grass under the moonlight. Children laughing as they play, singing voices on the breeze.
Dancing in a field of golden dandelions. Prancing through the grass under the moonlight. Children laughing as they play, singing voices on the breeze.
Inquisitive when caged And indifferent outside a debt Why haven't I taken over the world yet? Thrashing madly on a stage Without an audience, a band, or set Why havent I taken over the world yet?
To Inspire A Soul   What can it take to inspire a soul But a grouping of certain words. It is simple and complex How a sentence can reflect
Can't see. Can't breathe. Drowning... Wait- To reach out. Is it hopeless? All is lost. I deny this. I have not failed. Take Their hand. Go to the Light. Accept Them.
Everyone, makes me wanna holler How come, you asking others for a dollar? Why beg for a crumb?
A very good music source inspiration, motivation, meditation and medi- cation all in all. Awwwwww Cloudnine 😊 music is life! #c9_fm
Puffing Marijuana doesn't make misbehaving, neither does it mean thuggery. Using cannabis makes: think, rethink and reasoning. It's the true source of
If you were a book, you would be a limited edition, original, leather-bound manuscript. The kind solely found in the back of an antique bookstore.
Your elegant jewelleries and bold outfits,Your powerful voice and ear-pleasing hits,Your luminous eyes and heart-melting smile,So much about you makes me inspired.
Could do Should do Want to Will do Done   Life is about choice
I'm Interested In This Thing... " Writers' Block "... But Let Me Just STRESS This Thing I AIN'T Got... !!! I'm intrigued By This View If You're In Writers Shoes...
Ya Know I Try To STICK To Movements... That Make Me MAKE IMPROVEMENTS To Things That I Be Doing... !!!
Ya Know... Yesterday A Young Lady said... "Big Virge, you really have a way with words !" It Was A Web Comment That She Had Left... About A Couple of Lines In A Poem of Mine... Called... " The Test of Stress "...
You are the greatest secret kept from yourself. It is in hiding your Light that you become lost. It is in resisting the moment,
ELEVATION of ... " Skill " ... Like Elevation of ... " Will " ... Can Be Defined ... As ELEVATION of The Mind ... Or In OTHER Words The Ability To RISE ... Where You ELEVATE ABOVE The Absurd ... !!!
I Think The HARDEST Was.... " Marcus ".... !!!! When It Came To The Targets... That SUPPORTED... SMARTNESS... Being IMPARTED... INTO Black Markets... And The Minds of Our CHARGES...
I'm A Man Who Gets... " HIGH "... WITHOUT Coc' Lines Like Stephen Fry... !!!!!!! Cos' My HIGHS Come ALIVE... When I... Sit and Write... !!! I Get HIGH OFF The Herbs... That INSPIRE My Words And Use of Verse...
When I look into your eye’s I see what you try to disguise To surmise Your pain Not in vane We are all the same Humane What defines a life is how you create it
​ I take a look at my life And realize  The times I spent Dreaming I should have been Believing in my self  Not drowning  Over whelmed asking for help So, he said
" They Are " … My Best Friends … !!!!! They Blend and Transcend ... Beyond The Nonsense That Inspires Them … !!! They DO NOT Defend Acts of Ignorance … !!! But Are My Defence When Facing Problems … !!!!!
In these days of living I spend most of my time reminiscing Wishing I was a kid again When I had my innocence Back when the pain of the world Was still a blur Things didn’t me hit me then
I walk into the winter night And the fragrance of the Queen of the Night embraces me It is sweet I gulp in lungfulls of it As if it is a draught I am greedy I want to breathe it all in
As the seconds pass, so does my mood change I turn to all directions but everything is strange I live in a past that is no longer true What should I do,give me clue I keep losing control every day
Sometimes I wake up and wonder what keeps me motivated I keep my foot on the brake while some others accelerated I've elevated but still hated what I was saying I was just moving quickly still testing my own patience...
i am no stranger to controversy and autumn. i find peace in changing colors and falling into the arms of women still learning to hold newborns correctly.
So What IGNITES The SPARK That FUELS Creative Art ... ??? Sometimes It's Simply Chat That Brings Creations Back ... !!! To The Mind of a Man Who Has ... Creative Plans ...
Life becomes mere existence when you're mercilessly deprived of everything for which you've hoped and dreamed and worked and strived. When all your dreams are shattered like shards of daggered glass
Appreciate the front row parking spots, inhale the smells of each plant.   Run your fingers along a smooth sheet of paper, feel the soap foam between your hands.   Listen to the FM radio,
A heaviness surrounds a once vibrant soul Its back now turned from old passions Glued to the bed, a foggy mind reaches for the fan Falling off the bed, the wind points its fingers towards the window
My drive...what ignites the part of me to be the best me My fear of  disappointment… I wouldn't wanna spread it to anyone else, Like a disease.
twinkling silver moon earrings, my planet fitness membership, three advil tablets, a pink and orange velvet dress (to twirl in), a purple ribbon from Philly, an expired target gift card, my octopus blanket, a book about womxn, old spice
“Make us Proud,” my family requested “Study Hard,” my teachers commanded “Obey the Rules,” the society admonished “Be great,” inspirational speakers said
The trail I walk is Well-traveled, yet familiar to none. Clouds can creep in, inviting Unwelcome storms From every direction, heard And felt Deep inside me.  
I have many-a successes in my life Although I have not always lived in the light In the light of what is doing what is right It has always been a fight   I try to do what makes my parents proud
Gentle breezes calling out to me like Sirens,  Intimidating storms shouting its melody at me, too, The cyclone of words are flying,  Coming together where the hurricane's eye is due.  
Darkness has fallen All the hues of the earth have dripped off into the universe And the last ray of light has hid itself long ago from dependent eyes. As I sit upon my window seal, the distorted images I make of creation,
he looked at her like she was the sun. that is, he squinted and cowered in the face of her absolute radiance.   Years later, someone else looked at her like she was the moon. that is,
I trip into an endless empty. The darkness’ welcoming hug gets a little tight, Squeeze out my last breath.
You were driven from my mind for a time by attractive covers and synopses... Then happiness faded into the lull of boredom. My mind was filled only with tiring thoughts
Soft lyrics, a simple beat -- vibrations within the air -- lo-fi music to soothe me; bouyant sounds to inspire. Musical inspiration allows me to write stories. Who knew that sounds and voices
I heard once that when the timing’s just right, there’s this green flash that flares up on the horizon  in the exact second the sun settles on the Pacific. 
Oh how you come in many forms Coming in and out like phases Not knowing  what I’ll settle on next Now knowing  how long you’ll stay or be gone
I'm a voice for those who have no choice they surrounded hounded by demons when I found them I called out their name I released their inner pain by speaking about mine with no shame
A stir in a crowd, a rumble of hundreds all together for a different reason. they stumble and fret, moan and groan, until that one person, decides to go up alone. ------
To get myself motivated And psyched to work The best thing for me Is the Hamilton soundtrack. Songs about a man Working hard and non-stop,
RARE isn’t just another adjective, So let me tell you now. He writes his pain into beautiful melodies And the way every word falls out of his mouth
Painted white on a canvas of skin, Just noticeable through the sleeve, A single tear in the human flesh, With which I want to grieve. It tells a story of bloodshed and tears,
Inspiration is found in a mother of two  Who finds herself with bills that are overdue   Voices in her head wishing that he chose to stay
Here’s to the mavericks! What a bunch of assholes.   To imagine a better world, They have the gall to challenge the status quo, By spinning thin air into gold!  
Coffee pots and long talks wake the mind Slow day take my soul But with you its not hard to find When you are here I feel whole Coffee pots and long talks are our escape The world ways me down
You came to Iowa, married, divorced. He wanted you to be small. You wouldn’t have it. No one can contain you, Extraordinary woman.
The first breath of a babe, damp with life Cries out for the sustaining nectar of oxygen. Arms and legs lash out sparatically Unable to percieve it's holy human fortune.   Though it's skin is fragile as linen
Trees, thousands of years old Monoliths of perseverance and life Great behemoths standing tall Never giving in to all that assails them Nor overtaking all that surrounds them Me, only decades old
A hand ruffled through hair, a kiss on the cheek,  hearing humming sweeping  from the warm kitchen.   A pat on the back, hand clasped in hand, a foot against a foot
The grasping touch. his gentle hands held me, raised me. with my fathers might. the pain I encounter, the accidents I make, the pride in my ethnicity, my favorite songs, he invented me.
Daddy, Permanent creases make a home beside your eyes  And distract from what was once an icy blue gaze You promised yourself any wrinkles would be temporary, But your stress seeps in, a stealthy move,
The MoonA light to the lostA hope to the brokenA lover to the romanticsA muse for the artists
Inside where the fire rages, a blasting inferno of a furnace, I hold desperately onto clumps of coal and gasoline— trying to gather all the fuel I can that will blaze way to my future.  
Inspiration is to me; the air we breathe, and views we see. The food we taste, music we hear. All the things that we can feel, deep, deep inside, or with our exterior. The good,
I stand upon this stage today, A different man than yesterday. Under these lights which shine my face, I take part in life's daily race. But I do not quiver, I do not fear, Like all the times of yester-year
When flying, One should be careful.   So many things could go wrong.   You could be like Icarus-- so enamored  by the light by the wind and the great,
A bubbling, welling surge of words A trickling creek of sounds  A soft drip of movement A new hope,    The first floating note of an unknown song
For as long as I can remember, from January to December, my determination hasn't come loose because I'm inspired by Coach Barousse.   Track and Field may be my first love,
It took me 17 years  and a miserable day where I was told I was useless to learn that  We've been taught happiness is success
Her mother, the symbol of absolute perfection  won’t be seen until the resurrection  her father, the symbol of wisdom and power  is gone in his darkest hour 
A fancy sign and open door, Is the entry where I found you. Leaving me wanting more, Eyes fixed to you like glue.   See, I dabble in the arts myself, Though I haven’t had the time.
My path laid hidden before me,  too tangled by thorned vines  to spark within me a desire to discover what waited beyond the masked trail.  Instead, I paced outside the entrance of my beckoning path 
Inspiration. The connotation? A strong figure, That in the back of your mind, always lingers. It’s your rock. Whether they know or not.
I miss you. I know that I shouldn't, God knows that you’ve caused me enough pain But that doesn’t stop my heart from reaching out to you in the night,
What titan war Erected such peaceful giants? What earthly force pushed forth The jagged piers that pierce my heart? Without motive nor vision nor chisel,
  Every spring a new flower blooms in remembrance of the previous year.
Inspiration is found in many places.Even me,Just one person,Can see it in multiple ways,In multiple places.
I see the grin, a gift to me. It quiets my inner demons. Shattering battle of light and dark. The simple gift is all I need to take another breath.
I look to the left I see my man He holds Our feline tricksters, To the right My family Smiling brightly, In front of me My hopes and dreams
Inspiration has no particular source.  It appears in everything that surrounds us,  the little things that make us stop for a moment because there it is again. That feeling. 
No one is coming to rescue us. It’s a hard truth to trust. Surely there must be a hero?   But there is none. It is only us versus them.
Those who do not have much Are an inspiration to me. They keep fighting. They are as strong as can be. Maybe they believe in hope Or possibilities. They deserve the world.
From far away you see pots and green Surely not much, what could it mean? Just some plants, some leaves merely a twig But come a little closer and then you will see
The Traveling Suitcase    The wooden boat encircled with echoes of thunderous silence Reminiscing the rowdy sailors once on board
Inspiration—what makes us be our best selves; you ask me what Inspires me what gets me on my feet;   What gets me on my feet, I tell you, is hope— hope for a brighter future—
Confidence inspires me. People so confident in their God-given talents In their God-given personality The first thing I notice about people I meet Not their looks
It’s when I see someone else- with a guitar in their hand It’s when I see the bassist- in a two-person band It’s when a single drops- ‘cause the album got canned
In all your endeavors, in all that you do always remember- God's love for you. Though situations may be painful and cause you to grieve, simply stand firm and always believe.
Dreams and aspirations Constant meditation My future is my inspiration  I say this with no hesitation  
<p>Living life without a careDon't even worry about my hairHomesickness snakes throughout my skinBut every day is a win</p> <p>As a person, I have grownMore than I could ever have knownI have become braverEvery day I feel less a
Living life without a careDon't even worry about my hairHomesickness snakes throughout my skinBut every day is a win As a person, I have grownMore than I could ever have knownI have become braverEvery day I feel less a stranger I pass landscapes f
“Work, work, work. Work to achieve what I didn’t.  You can be great. Work, work, work”.   All of my life my mom has told me to work. Don’t settle like she did.
The unkown mysteries of the Future. Not one soul is aware of what is to come,  not one soul is prepared for the change. Yet we all will reach the Future in the end.    These scary secrets infront of us
Sunrise, sunset, every day we begin again, every day we rest. Every day we are waken up and motivated. Motivated to do good,  motivated to make an impact. I step into the sun,
Inspiration, for me comes from the ink carved squiggles of the written word. Never before has anything been more beautiful 
These constant strivings for equilibrium though your stability is assaulted. This battle to retain equanimity to not veer blindly from a lifetime of vicissitudes-
Who will I be when the world claims me as its own, Anxiety of future life fills the void I fail to feel,
The bittersweet words lay like a blanket on my head. All the letters swarm, and I feed off it as I go to bed.  And then, a feeling like huge waves crash against my soul. 
Humanity, I love you for you bring me  to my knees. You've taught me to be patient, kind, but also  how to breath. When I started  working with  people who have nothing and 
Education is key to maturing the mind. Without it, all of mankind Would be hopelessly blind,
Have you ever taken a moment To look at that bright planet Hanging in the night sky that they Tell you was once a place We called home?  
My foot sinks in the moist,  Freshly dewed grass. I feel my systems rejoice As my feelings rush en masse. Nature is inspiration.
The ignorant, the critics say, that I worship poetry as if were religion- my god, I say, not God but a divine gift certainly, like nature friendship good health.
It's a nagging feeling in the back of my mind. An itch I cannot reach. Inspiration is a spark that lights a fire and dies out quickly.  Today mine fizzled and popped;
It is not a person, it is not an object. It is not a place, nor is it just myself.    It is good people and their good work, as well as the places I want to go to. Sometimes it is myself
Sometimes, when I am lucky,  I can get away long enough to see the stars. Far from the noise, from broken memories and fear of "never enough." To a wide open space where the news cannot reach.
Sometimes, when I am lucky,  I can get away long enough to see the stars. Far from the noise, from broken memories and fear of "never enough." To a wide open space where the news cannot reach.
 I'd like to be like Selena, red lips, confidence, heart of gold But it's hard, since I'm shy and I know that I never could be quite as bold    I'd like to be like Diana
As I grow up I’m loved My parents always sweet My world a treat Never facing much feats 
As I grow up I’m loved My parents always sweet My world a treat Never facing much feats 
Oh hello old friend, Long time no see. Are you here to inspire me?   You left me locked in an empty cage You didn’t listen to a single plea. 
It’s almost underrated, the ability to find inspiration. It’s something I’ve strived for, all my life.
Inspiration can come from any where you see It doesn't have to come from family. It can be just be where you want to be and I want to be with the trees.   The trees itself can't inspire me.
Everywhere I look around craving inspiration wanting to make good use of myself Left Right Up Down Where can it be found ? The smaller elements in this extravagant life makes a difference
I’m letting go of all my regrets One by one dropping them Into the infinite stillness Of a lake i find much more green than blue plop plop plop
I get inspiration from these walls. They speak, almost talk. These magical walls are mauve.   How do you think I get inspiration from 
Get up, You aren’t finished yet. Use those two feet; Rise and show them. You are what you make of yourself, Or have you forgotten, All those heart felt things that make a passion your passion?
I am inspired by the blue skies.  I am inspired by the singing birds. I am inspired by the blooming flowers. I am inspired by the ocean breeze. I am inspired by you. I am inspired by your confidence.
Kids dive into their imagination To look and seek for inspiration They find ideas for games, stories and art But that kind of inspiration doesn’t come from the heart  
So beautiful So many sounds passing through my ears Listening to every bird chirping Every rustle of the twigs Seeing so many animals Deer, porcupines, bears, bunnies So tranquil So relaxing
You taste the salt laced in the air, The waves sweep in and snatch your cares. They’re tossed with the surf and drift out to sea, And leave you happy simply to be. The surf is my home, the coral my bed,
The soft creak of a bed And the give of a mattress— A time and place where the day learned to die And we are left alone Our sanctuary, our haven,
I want summer by a blue lake and a small, dusty bookstore to work at.  I want an apartment with a corner devoted to all my books, and I want new friends I won’t understand how I lived without.
I was sitting on a rock. I was sitting all alone. I could hear the crashing waves beating on the shore,  It reminded me of home And why I came here, what I had done,
inspiration doesn't have one source from everywhere it takes its course lives in places, different faces graces nature with it's force if you can't see it all around us, start looking
People can be the ones who inspire Others, but that would, of course, require A certain, overwhelming, perfect desire To put helping others above yourself. That would be the simple reason
I lay back, splash, and the sheets consume me.  I fall with my feet planted to the floor, backwards I fall through the mattress  through the floor
Inspirations comes in many forms  Whether it’s a unexpected quote  Or a small little anecdote  Whether it’s from someone that inspires  Or sadly conspires 
I see people everyday in New York. Each and everyone one of them has a story. Business suits rushing to get to a meeting. Construction workers drilling away. Cross guards whistling away.
What does it mean to be inspired? Inpiration can be found in a place you feel safe, a person you look up to, an item with a lot of meaning. 
The cold side of a pillow  is magic, waiting to happen  The condensation of a coke can is disturbing in drips The salt of the air
In Abuela's arms I am safe and home. My nose is burried in her black silk hair With the smell of lavender And vanilla near.   Her arms will wrap me In an embrace cloth with memories.
I      swing and  b a n g 
Cinderella and her shoe, Rapunzel and her hair that always grew. Beauty and strength I held so dear, when I saw Belle I gave out a cheer. My Disney dreams surrounded me, the princesses: who I wanted to be.
Author: Ruby Mejia-Perez Acrostic Poem: Enedina is an exceptional hardworking woman Never gives up always looking for improvement Excelling in life even while adulting
Nature is my home, it inspires me to be who I am the outdoors is a stress reliever, a safe place. No drama. No gossip. Just peace   Nature is a place where you are persuaded by your own thought
  She inspires me in the way she walks how gracious her voice is as she talks the magic she carries and shares wherever she goes
  She inspires me in the way she walks how gracious her voice is as she talks the magic she carries and shares wherever she goes
No where  road trip with you, Mind. You’ve been one to blame for the crinkled maple leaves lining the inside
work day: over commute: finished status: aching to change my life exhausted, I opened my grestone window & the chicago june breeze floated in I was reminded: 
work day: over commute: finished status: aching to change my life exhausted, I opened my grestone window & the chicago june breeze floated in I was reminded: 
Inspiration can come in many ways, The feel of a skateboard on gravel, or the sun as winter breaks. It can come in the way of friends who encourage and uplift, or parents and siblings who believe in you.
Writing. Books. Poetry. These classes I take Once each week On Thursday Eve Make me want  to yell an  "Eek!" I look forward and in the past, but it seems as if 
Those golden pools  searching, learning, wanting I looked into your eyes And surprisingly I found it  
People can see the world however they choose,  Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes  Or walk their own way instead.    People are born with potential, 
not just pacific air but mountain and desert too  People’s air that fills the mountain valley  The desires that permeate the desert’s cracked soil  The blue haze of a day dripping with  shine 
there is a Man unlike any other who sees the highs and the lows of every situation His love reaches farther than the seas   there is a Man
sitting next to mein almost every classthe girl with the blonde hair. although our friendship beganat the end of junior yearshe always influenced me,ever since the first day of school.
The idea came like a whisper in the back of my mind. Hello, it said warmly. I had never felt anything like this tickle in my head before.
Please don’t overthink this, Dad,but this morning when you walked into my room,murmured, “It’s time to wake up, Mr. President”and checked my vents for warm air,I painted a portrait of you in the low light.
   We talk about the time before and we live in the time after but there is not much that grows there anymore Because nothing ever grew, but sometimes
   We talk about the time before and we live in the time after but there is not much that grows there anymore Because nothing ever grew, but sometimes
“Drum Major, is your band ready?”  A booming voice said over the intercom of the stadium, I turn around on my conducting ladder, facing the judges and the crowd, and out of me shouts the words,
All the world is my stage, but I am not acting. Standing up for what's right and just.  Sharing my passions and knowledge, about so many things... astronomy, history, ecology, the world in which we live.
When the sun lifts, I think about tomorrow and the earth bringing foreign land, making rosemary and lavender that grows from three month rain.
Look around at the world you see The waters so deep The sky so clean The mountains so high The trees so green  
What inspires me, you may ask Well, it starts with laughing babies They not know what laughing is But they still find joy in the simplest things It is animals looking up at their companions with such love
In which a person holds another, in a time of need, or any time at all. In which a spider weaves its web, small, elegant, graceful. In which a baby laughs for the first time, her mother smiles in return...
You are the best..I wanted you to know.. I wrote this a message to you.. There is no limit to who you can be.. No limit to the best you can do.. This time is a present..this moment..your gift..
Little do they know,  As they march along the streets, bearing flags upon their shoulders— As they raise their banners high with faces strong and filled with purpose—
Inspiration can be found in the smallest of things From a butterfly’s wing to the sparkle of a ring From the air we breathe to floating fall leaves It’s in moments to despair and when things seem beyond repair
Her mind His body Her attitude His ambition I crave what they have What they´ve worked so hard for I want it so I´ll fight for it My inspiration is competetion
Her mind His body Her attitude His ambition I crave what they have What they´ve worked so hard for I want it so I´ll fight for it My inspiration is competetion
Nodding off or bopping either or is enlightening  to a situation  I am made aware.   Distracted by a melody These smooth beats move,  but cause me to  stop and listen.  
The fall of the rain The pittering on windows Serves to inspire me.
I want to be the Energizer Bunny; I don't want to stop. I want to be pink, wear sunglasses, And do whatever I want. I want to be the Energizer Bunny So I'd never have to sleep.
Counting your days is a risky behavior. You're depressed by your impending doom, But you're also motivated to see as many movies and kiss as many girls as you can, To live in every way you know how before your days are up.
That morning brought sight There was color And there was light It would show me places I had never known So I kept it safe for later  
Clouds, the molecules within them like crystal beads of regret.   They left one another alone for too long and they cried themselves into a snowstorm.
Paragraphs from my favorite books dance off the page They dance up my arm and into my head  Right into my brain waves There they become the images and inspiration I crave
Love inspires me to Adore, Pain gave me a reason to work for more. Love inspires me to be Active, Pain gave me a reason to break from being held captive. Love motivates me to do right by others,
When she looks in the mirror she sees something strange she doesn't see a normal girl she doesn't see an athlete she doesn't see a musician she only sees herself
When she looks in the mirror she sees something strange she doesn't see a normal girl she doesn't see an athlete she doesn't see a musician she only sees herself
Into the night from dark to light, working long hours, I watched her She kisses her kids heads, as she puts them to bed, I watched her She is a mother, someone who looks after others, I watched her
In your eyes I see pure and youthful joy In your voice I hear the rawest emotions Even when we're hundreds of miles apart, the mere though of you gives me strength It's because of you that I know where I want to go in life
The quiet of dusk in the after light The sound of rain when it first begins The warmth of a hug long needed The peaks of mountains I have never reached The sound of gravel crunching under my shoes
Thoughts tend to ebb and flow as fleeting as  a springtime snow. To catch one flake may take a year and make some fear  to ever think to grasp again.  So, Here I'll tell a secret task
Inspiration comes within thee When one takes time for thyself they get to really see The world is a magnificient place filled with love  Little does anyone relax and rise above Inspiration comes within thee
Inspiration is ignited by imagination and interest in introspection. Something that simply surpasses surprise and seems to soothe you. Resonating if you choose to
Inspiration    Inspiration runs through my veins, coursing through my body- into my heart- into my soul- into my brain- it laces the ideas that come out of my mouth impacting myself-
Watching reflections chased down walkways As it’s cold and rainy on a day like today When normally the mood would be ruined But somehow - the reflection turns up the spirit
The morning's dawn is rising Upon the gray-blue sea That seems to be a shadow To the eyes of you and me But slowly the sun overcomes the horizon And the brightness starts to grow
it is limitless.   a daunting white that bleeds through my vision like a veil casted over my eyes,  not so much translucent but opaque.   and like the images i catch a glimpse of in this world,
My cart stopped. I loosened my grip on the handle. There before me was the most beautiful blue sweater hanging on the rack. Then it wasn't. Who was this random woman stealing my joy? Waiting.
  I find when my head is filled with impenetrable dread, And clouds of grey and deep blues hover above my head, That what floats within my mind’s eye and what is seen ahead,
  I find when my head is filled with impenetrable dread, And clouds of grey and deep blues hover above my head, That what floats within my mind’s eye and what is seen ahead,
From the moment I wake, Brrrr Brrrr-- snooze again Soft carpet under foot Ice cold water drops kiss my face good morning Breakfast smells waft towards my nose They tantalize my feet down each
Inspiration has to be courted,  But, like a person infatuated, I lack patience.   I am easily frustrated By the lack of her favor, but  
The monster lives inside me,He slithers through my veins, He hisses his cruel thoughts, and influences my own. He wraps himself around my lungs,
Close your eyes Feel the air around you, the clothes against you,  The stars above you    Take a breath Feel the oxygen fill your lungs, your heart beat The stars above you   
Always chasing you till you're beat.  Doesn't discriminate, just defeats.  It is always there hoping you hide,  But now is not the time to be shy.  Take the fear and pass it on. 
I struggle to gain and fight to win For the sweet relieving reward Of a new spark of creation Talking and sharing Walking and thinking Reading and feeling Emotions and broken images flow
My generation As of right now We could be called Children. And I suppose That’s what we are Children of a doomed future.
When the rain falls on to the asphalt And petrichor smells erupt, I'll remember the cloudy days spent in my room, My mind full of inspirations and ambition To create a beautiful painting.
'Ju Ju'  uttered from your lips, a name for me so plain to see Love. Three months is not enough time Not enough time to let my love flow through your veins Not enough time to feel these pains 
Who doesn't want a storybook life? Just write it all in and cut out the strife Who said that you can't write your own story Like a Disney hero you can rise to glory No such thing as fate no such thing as a curse
The fig leaves are drenched in golden light Waving at the sky to bid good night To the stars above.   Enigmatic visions fill minds
I love my purple Vans
Official Ball NCAA Championship with its bright yellow color and shredded red seams sighs sullenly from a dusty shelf while tangled earbuds explain
The sun's fire is fading, as night's ocean rises.   Cold. Endless. Dauting.   I am not afraid, for the night does not conceal.   It reveals something more,
She smells of hardwork and motherhood Her scent permeates the room immediatlely after she enters Her eyes are forced open and the bags beneath droop lower than yesterday 
My home is the field With fear of being shown the red The crowd fills in, watching Whether real or inside my head
4 miles away I felt the oxygen leave your lungs I heard you beg for oxygen while you laid on the cracked pavement One shot was all it took for them to shatter my mentality
They shed their blood, sweat, and tears. Doubt wasn't a stranger, but they still faced their fears. People who have made something from little nothings That have gone before me, confidently spreading their wings.
I'm ... " Back On Track " ... DESPITE The Fact That Some Believe I'm NOT THE MAN ... !?! THE MAN With Words To FEED The HERDS ... So I Think It's Time We Looked At THAT ... !!!
my love, that singular beauty, is all mine touched with golden splendor of the gods sweet as honey, rich as cherry wine a lively sprite who frolics in the woods
What’s the point of life? Why continue through the strife? I’ll tell you, I almost died: Fear nearly ate me up inside;
There are times in this life when we feel lost, And times in life when we are feeling down. But we should listen for the melodies That carry us into a place of joy.  
Walking into another dimension A world where I'm not who I should be Not myself but filling in someone else's shoes A place where words jump at me And help me see in a new light
The stars around me, that push me, Are the ones who burn. Who Breathe the flames of tongue and language And laugh to paint skies blue.   Their firy smiles spark And make me run and leap.
Surrounding me are honeysuckles, and a tall orange tree. Skipping to the pool, and the way life used to be. Gentle days in summer haze, felt like everyday no matter what.
Inspiration   a whispery-sounding word for something so big It can come like a Flash - lightning turns the shifting sands of  Thought to glass, clear as crystal Or softly
My inspiration comes from an old book Tattered and worn But filled with the knowledge of life.    My inspiration comes from the people
I find it in a state of half-waking. A slumber in a college dorm with the fairy lights left on, Twinkling like stars in my dreams.  
What inspired me during this Fall Semester of 2019, I learned a lot from the professors, each have their doctornal degrees. But every professor had thieir own style of teaching.
one woman going back to school plus a dream to study numbers one degree to teach the masses is all she needs to lecture classes two people inspired to teach, one is her, one is me.  
Every day, the best day ever Is what she says with that sharp smile Her eyes glow like nothing I’ve seen  In my room, in the car, in the backyard 
Music inspires me. The beat, thouch of the strings,  soothing chords balancing, harmony, I feel free. Filling my lungs with- Song, connecting to my soul. Practicing towards my goal.
Do You Ever Find That Words Sometimes … KEEP On RUNNIN' Through Your Mind … ?!? Sometimes My Rhymes And Words Are … ...... STUNNING ….. !!!!!
Terms and Conditions. Most people skip over this. The words, black against white, blur by in the rush of tapping fingers Rushing to get to something bigger 
Ya Know I Use It Like A ... ..... " Nine To Five " ..... But That's NOT My Line ... !!! I Don't Plagiarise ... !!! These Words Were Inspired ... By .... Inity Fire ....
When darkness surrounds you And light doesn't find you Just find it on another side When disappointment follows you And happiness doesn't come to you Just find it on another side
A poet and her paper Sitting here beneath the stars And city lights shining Writing what is on her mind. She's the author of The story being told A story unfolding before your eyes You see.
When I sit down and look around, The world around me seems to dance It dazzles and gleams, shinging and profound And when I need inspiration, I take that golden chance.   I sieze the beauty by the hand
You were happy when I climbed on your lap. All soft sounds and soft hands and a cheerful, bubbly voice Nudging my toddling figure away from the patio’s edge.
inspire [in spīr’] originally, to breathe or blow  upon or into i.e. plants inspire us i.e. we inspire plants i.e. I breathe because of what has been planted before me
Not at my beck(sport from Stefan George)
I wake up in the shimmery light Of the early sun’s sigh. The rays pour in through the open blinds Tiny crystals dance and flutter to and fro Another morning in darling Arizona.
Rain, rain, go away.
We aren't always gloomy.
Summer is reflection. Learning about yourself
I am not given much notice.
Crashing to the ground without direction but somehow with precision,
"Raise that head up! Straighten that spine!
Let’s raise a glass To a time where my thoughts ran wild Carefree with the wind A time where decisions were made for me Bobby Petula.
It never happens right away. You read a poem, a book, "A beautiful piece of literature," they say. Eh... Later, you find yourself thinking; right before you go to bed,
I miss you. I miss you as much as i miss the first taste of summer wehn winter hits. Or as much as i miss the first frost at the peak of those dog days. Six years have gone by without you here.
Here we are You across from me You’re back is all that I see And she’s holding the trophy   The mistakes I have made are my own
It’s warmth from the fire, Expanding, expanding, and expanding until I struggle to breathe The color of my palpitating heart as it teethes,
My aspirations were like grand constellations Plucking one dream after the next   Then came the Big Bang of adolescence With every burning goal Came a larger person To put it out  
  When the world turns cold... You must remain bold... Stay true to your dreams, Even when rough as it seems... To your Father should you look -or in the words of his book,
A breth of fresh air never tasted so sour, I bear the heaviness of regret on my shoulders, Again with your games of deciet and lies, Your words cascading down the mountainside, 
A breth of fresh air never tasted so sour, I bear the heaviness of regret on my shoulders, Again with your games of deciet and lies, Your words cascading down the mountainside, 
CLICK!Snapping photos,Paper-printed memories. Both good and bad,They are forever preservedIn the scrapbook of our minds.
“Just Grow Up,”... Three little words, I’ve never heard from my parents. “Just Grow Up,” three little words, I had to tell myself.
How to get through The Bad Year   Come home from school every day and cover yourself with blankets
at leastyou and iat most just the same
there's only lightthat shines inside
short is the day,endless is the path
and i seethe ghost of youon every street  and i say:i don't believein ghosts anymore
Before we started, we were small, not strong The crowd around us said the world was wrong Yet we kept our minds in adventure and lore
Standing, Front of the room, All eyes on you, As your sweat pours through your shirt, Shivering under the searing lights,
Adapt to surroundings overcome your fear no matter the fear the only thing to fear is fear itself fear is natural overcoming sepaerates you from average overcome you fear
Oh if my words could build a bridge, From here to unknown planes. Oh if my words could linger on, And peoples' hearts would change.   My swords are sharp but duller still,
Two men stand along a ring. The champion steps out first. Next, comes the challenger. The underdog. The believer.
Faith is that uncomfortable invisible force I push into when I truly want to walk away instead. Faith is that light I see when my mind and heart are clouded and obscured.
Love can be very expensive,  so save your money up.  A bitter sweet combination  like lemon and honey stuff  Never ever forget about the prize Focus from the moment you begin 
Why is it that most poetry is ignored Does it come off as bored Or is the perspective way to broad?
I'm tired of people being so surprised at my depth of conversation When it's normal for you to communicate through layers, digging into the truth becomes basic...
When I was Younger, my mother always told me to stand up tall; Everyday is a struggle but I fight through it all. With my head held high, I’ll touch the sky;
When I was Younger, my mother always told me to stand up tall; Everyday is a struggle but I fight through it all. With my head held high, I’ll touch the sky;
Teach me, love.   Anger envelops me, I never resist it. This type of behavior will lead me to felonies. Please stain my memories. Teach me forgiveness.
I love football a whole lot! Especially on days that are really hot. On the feild I ease my mind, Football is a major passion of mine! I hear the crowd roar and chant on the sideline.
My eyes move across the page, Soaking in each colorful word. Carefully crafted living poetry Enters my mind in a torrent.  
In a decade past, in a distant land,  in a book in the hands of starstruck child, six canisters washed ashore on the golden sand. And, to fight against the vicious wilds, strode six heroes from those silver pods. 
                                                           Baby blue                                                         I put my faith in you
“It gets better” A phrase i heard a lot From people who didn’t know what else to say Or who haven’t the experience for advice. A phrase that felt like an excuse
tran is cool he is huggable he is inspirational he made me who i am he talked to me first he had great thirst for volunteering he kept me running  
You shine in the abyss,  A beckoning brightness beaming  Forth with advice and encouragement.    You pull me aside after class  And softly, subtly, smilingly 
Lyrics flowing through like the very air I breathe Ryhthm pulsating in my veins and coursing though my body My heart, light and bursting forth from its cavity on glided angel wings,
Life has a way of tearing people down. Whether it be physically, mentally, emotionally. Sometimes we get so used to things tearing us down we don’t recognize when we do it to ourselves, or to other.
Because you were friends with a couple of Britons, Because you wanted to help girls help their country and others, Because you founded Girl Scouts.  
My Mentor is My Inspiration                                                                                                                                                                                                That she helps me          
Fourth grade is when I met him Mr. Smith, my ELAR teacher He didn't make words dim He made them a fine feature Incouraging me to write stories To use my words to send a message
She was the initial experience A fright, or perhaps a hope And although wrapped in her benevolence Struggled in heading up the slope A cliche appears more as a provocation
My Buddy. He's gone. My Pal. He's gone. My Coach. He's gone. My Example. He's gone. My Support. He's gone. Cancer, I hate you. His Pain. It's gone. His Suffering. It's gone.
I was told being an extrovert was better. But what they didn't know, Was that the words were a heavy blow. I didn't want to be "better"
My life, my soul, my heart, my whole is claimed. As long as day precedes the night it's here. It plagues me, saves me from a worser fate. As long as night precedes the day it's near.  
   I have a blurry memory when it comes to my childhood years, but I vividly remember the first time I picked up a paintbrush.
Those black and white keys That every person sees Is significant to me One woman changed my life When lessons began one night When life became depressing She was my biggest blessing
I am young and I have an interest. You said, that’s exciting! I am young and I say, I still have an interest. You said, research it. I am young, I researched it and I still have an interest.
relentless searching eye wide, hoping who am i? i'm searching for the undiscovered eyes covered by blind blinds filled with lies my cries, can no longer be heard.
I remember you.You’re foggy but I do. I remember you being bossyand I remember loving it, needing it,Guiding me barefootthrough our woods, always so mossy.  I remember stealing Kool-Aid in dry measuring cups-mine a quarter, yours a half and hiding
  The Encyclopedia   The books of all books The mind of all minds Not always politically correct And the values sometimes questionable
I hear them cry. O Captain my Captain, Self doubt screams. My internal storm Still terrorizes them. Overthinking weeps And Self esteem sobs While my Concentration and Patience
She does not sit on a throne But that doesn’t mean she isn’t deserving of one   She does not wear a crown, but her head of hair is as beautiful as gold and as soft as silk
Grazie*, Gracias*, Spasiba*, Merci* and Thank You There a ton of ways to express one’s gratitude. There will never be enough words to say dank u*,
Your warm embrace, your kind smile, your voice saying I love your face and that you're proud of me. Your unified presence made me strong and determined. The days are long and I miss you.
To whom it concerns: To everyone who has taunted and teased me: For the color of my skin. For the texture of my hair.
Nana Abu, I miss you My loving grandfather Such a great honor, for you to be my everything, in the times I felt like puking.   You taugh me everything I know,
You impacted my life and let me get ahead How you can be so simple, yet so complex Words, you were my first love for you have taught me a lot.
Never succumb to defeat and keep thriving to become better not the best Admire someone that will keep you motivated to achieve your goal
I want to scream You trick me Push and pull me Then move the finish line.   Each and every day When I realize the time I’m reminded, that the goal is near But you smile at me and I fear.
He had to save her That was all Plain and simple Stumbling across a dark landscape Pitch black water on either side Begging to swallow him whole
This goes out to the people who need inspiration. People who need this rap to get something done for the day. Anything. Just know that all you need is inspiration.  
The spider had crawled in from the depths of the unknown The girl, seeing the creepy crawler, screamed to her bones Oh, wait a minute! Amongst the shadows in the dark Lies a man as strong as a shark
I was lost and alone, Hopeless and afraid, Storms raging, endlessly... But I lit my own torch! I Braved my own storm! The mentor I had.....  Was ME.
Opened the doors,  and sounds surounded me. My soul ached for more of this chaotic tranquility. Oh, and the love of song, it was effervescently amusing. I effortlessly adored the unstable stability.
Quilted reflections patch their way onto the page as if outlined with silken threads, scrolled - more often typed.  Sometimes the fabric is fragile, like a baby bird in my hand, fallen from its nest.
Mr. Sean, you are the coolest person I know. When I met you, your hair had a streak of electric blue and it was the most badass thing I’d ever seen,
 a grandma, a lover, an idol, a savior a women with admirable behavior for someone with nothing she has it allwhen she is needed she always stands tall  you empower me to be the best to persevere through any test when i see the way you laugh and s
It only takes one person to influence another. A teacher is a great example. A teacher's words can guide and inspire. A teacher can come into one's life at the right time. A teacher uses experience to influence.
you've left this world, twelve years have gone by now.i've forgotten the sound of words as they left your mouth.i've forgotten how your arms squeezed tightly about me,and i've forgotten what it was like when you were here.
My mother has always been there No matter the situation she'll care. She's been my role model Since I drank from a bottle And we'll always be a pair.  
I watch the birds fly above me, Feeling left out and alone.  So when you choose to fly around me,  I suddenly feel I belong.   You float by gently capturing my attention, Beautiful as my favorite song,
Only one to shed fear, Only one to grasp hope, A ripple for a smile, A minute to cope, Seconds to forget, Hours to remember, To bury the deepest of depression, To reveal ones true expression,
She is a cycle she doesn't understand. A whirlwind that sweeps you away without asking, a vacuum you never want to be free from. She engulfs you in her light when she's laughing, yet she's blind to her own brilliance.
Mentor was what refered to you First thing on my mind was always you Yet what exactly have you done? You've always risen higher than I had ever hoped You were a beacon of light with no such awareness
The competitive season is over, But the training is not. I think there’s so much value In becoming involved in a sport Where you are involved throughout
I wish  you were not here  but since you are be my fuel   It's hard to breathe and it's hard to focus but you are here be my fuel   It takes so much to do so little
I wanna float on Lighter fluid, I want to watch the fire dance around me, I want to be lighter fluid, Cause the mess I'm in is heavy.   Life doesn't slow down, Won't slow down for anyone.
In this world I do not understand I have found there are many things to love The earth, the wind, the sky, the beauty and everything that exists above   There are many things to love
  I remember the smell of nicotine and tobacco,   of yellowed tar-filled teeth, that   always wafted from your face,   whenever you came to visit me
Choose your fights wisely Choose your fights kindly Kindle a fire to see Burn it out with peace   Shallow seas Hollow trees Death inside Darkness hides  
I faked a heart attack Just so that I could feel your loveOne more time.For some reason my mind Wouldn't align with these linesOn this paperUntil I felt safer When pain, hurt, and anger
The King of Ash I am the King of Ash, And the King of Ash is me. All around, The scorched ground, Tells of  awful travesty.   Embers crackle underfoot,
I’ve heard the times are bound to bring forth changeThat our endings defeat mending to achieve great gainsAnd the newest always wins every raceEven when there’s nothing worthy left to chase
Thoughts bleeding in my head. Idea's screaming, in my mind. A single pen, in my hand. The only paper, I could find. Unused ink, written words unsaid. Inspiration,
my lips are like a wall but the words keep rising in my throat sometimes they are hot, angry burning my tongue, setting my soul ablaze. often, the words choke me. they are dripping with regret, and
Dear Poetry: Thank you for teaching me how to express myself in a melody because it is thanks to you that I can write do descriptively  
Caterpillar oh so slow. Moving at a pace so as not to show. Your mind slowly growing and growing. Learning and being twisted as you go. Caterpillar that moves so slow.Caterpillar wise in your ways
it's a funny feeling havinga place where you don't hidewhere wordsthey droplike waterfalls;where rules do not abide  
Your mind, works in a  Peculiar way. Filled with many Gears and Parts, That work in harmony. To produce such Beautiful Inspiration.
There's a break--a bright day near Remain open, don't shut your eyes It seems far; the light tries to run One day we'll catch This journey is far from over\  
To my lover and only hope, You have given unconditional love, and you have given me life. You have given me hope, and you have given me strife.
Ⅰ                                                                                                   Ⅷ Among hundreds of cafes,                                                 I know sharp warmth
Ⅰ                                                                                                   Ⅷ Among hundreds of cafes,                                                 I know sharp warmth
She is a song, On an out-of-tune piano, And though I know, That she is worng, All she needs, Is a bit of tuning, And a bit of refining, And then she can sound, Exactly how,
I don't know what's wrong again. Everytime it's something new. I try and try to be perfect. Nothing is good enough for you. Each time, I think we're good. Then you block me out.
Waves crashing, the smell of salt in the air, and the grit of sand beneath my feet, I feel it. Y’all, when asked a year ago, what one thing I would bring if I was going to a deserted island, I threw up the word brother as if it were word vomit. Lo
Beauty… The beauty of words Connected without an arrangement to accompany. This, I’ve learned, can shake the world with just a step.  
Beauty… The beauty of words Connected without an arrangement to accompany. This, I’ve learned, can shake the world with just a step.  
When I began my journey, I wore a dress of white. It dazzled and became me well, It sparkled in the sunlight.  
You hurt me! Surely you can imagine That ghastly, glorious surprise -- Occam's razor sliced through faith's abdomen, And ushered in its final demise. Should I curse or thank you?
frequently you ask me what i’m thinking about you didn’t ask when i was with you if you did i would ask how about you?
Trouble Is An Object, You Don't Really Want It. Pass It To The Next Man, Maybe He Will Want It.   Maybe He Will Flaunt It, Attracted To Its Danger. Or Draw Back And Cast It, In The Direction Of His Anger.   Trouble Is An Object, That Can Transform
a thought cannot be cultivated. if, it is not planted first in the mind - which, unsedated, remains awake with conscious thirst. a thought cannot grow or sprout if, the mind does not quench it
I am a fire Burning through life Time Friends Family  Potential I burn them all It's not like I mean to But a fire can't control what it burns Please stay out of my way
Dear Future,   You scare me like the bottomlessness of the sea But you excite me like the sunshine when is gently touches my face You show signs of a great jounrey with wild and captivating advneture 
Dear Mom, You always said to fight for what you believe in Fight like the Sun fights the Moon Though the Moon may shed dim light upon the night-enveloped Earth
Dear Sylvia Plath,   Let me lift the bell jar from your eyes, flame-red strands dropping to your shoulders, oxygen returning to your lips.   I want you to place your fingers on your heart, and listen.
I've gotta free my mind but careful not to lose it A brain without a soul is incongruent When I speak you choose to confuse it You left me with bruises Like what the truth is Without the excuses
We live this life despite Double edged swords being swung at us with all their might Finding beauty in the pain, staring darkness in the face 'Cause there's only so much light
Dear atoms,Connection and explosion is the name of your gameIs that not the same of those you occupy?Molecule after molecule of swe
It's easy to paint, they say It's easy to draw, paint, and sketch without thinking Thinking about nothing Nothing that turns into, perhaps Something?   It's not as easy as you think
Do they know they’ll only survive  to be shiny, broken, beautiful shards of ACDC ground into  the soles of my feet  after we lock eyes  for the fifth time?    Sometimes it only takes one 
Dear Refa, You will not win. There's not much more to say. The distance from home, the ice and storms - HA! I survived anyway. You decided to step it up and violate me personally.
Well daughter, I'll tell you... Your dreams are rivers Calm, straight forward Most of the time. Sometimes you meet rapids, Falling down hard like waterfalls, Dreams are tricky things
At times of utter chaos, the mind sleeps. Hiding behind a closure, until vulnerable no more. And days later, after closure, comes a newfound fascination- in what exactly happened.  
Dear Me, I know that sometimes life can be a big stress. The things that you will experience can forsure make you digress, from the path in life that you thought would be best.
I want To be a lawyer Helping protect, Flora and Fauna The natural beauties of the World Protecting Nature, Rather than the people on the Earth.   I want  To be a Doctor
    Long live my Father Who is the wisdom in life's eye Who upon his shoulders rest Who is never willing to die       Long live my Father Who upon a chariot was born
Music is the key to the soul Our twisted hearts bound by these shackles Take this key and remove your chains  
You are intelligent Yet you know nothing You are full of ideas Yet you don’t know how to express them well You are full of wisdom
    Is is not better to be rid of a wish than to hold it close.  It is better to rumble with the tides of the time that you lost your footing; That you lost your way.   
'Twas mid-day when I sat Ready with paint and brush and all that. Upon the stool I sat brush in hand But like a bowl of lentils plain, my mind 'twas bland. Minute after minute, hour after hour
To the woman who ties her long, golden hair back with a floral bandana Oh, how your silly little smile and southern impersonations have made me feel
Articles Of faith, confession, then communion. Luminous, telepatic, and wise, i'm never gonna die. This intuitive power is rising me higher. There's crystal clear vision, ain't no such thing as division.
Oh sweet Love of mine there is something you should know. Before you came here, you were the ebb and flow. You knew with all your Being the gift of love and grace.
To the roar of applause, I treadFor my inspiration, youFor their memory, them and theyThe ones who push meThey push meTo that place beyond myselfLimits, no moreThat I might reach their hearts
Because I love you I see you for who you are I am not only an admirer, but I see you as a star. A divine reflection Not my missing piece Because when I found you, we both had worked to feel complete
I met him on a monday Lockers slamming, talking in our ears My mind a messy place A pallet for an artist Our first date was at the movies
It's in the warmth of your hands and gentleness of your embrace that I take my home. What I've found in you is delicate and sincere, that cannot be found in any other.
dark room   frizzy fibers enter my nails, anticipation sets in   the bird is hungry   ears open,
Be one with the wind and float/ Soar high/ Burst through the mash potatoes clouds/ Feel the sun beam and rays/ I lungs this because I need it/ It's like food/ Time have taught me this/
Yeah I found the light so now I begin my dream chasingOnce your on this path I promise you that there’s no escaping
Lacking Inspiration In need of some motivation
I will always love you, I will love you with an unconditional love. And because I so deeply love you, I will always try to give you the world.
As I sit here, I begin to wonder, "How can this world so easily cast me asunder?" Falling Victim to all of the pressure, and a pain so deep that none could measure.
A path of black stones lay under my feet and I travel along it wherever it leads, through forest and canyon, over blue lakes I wander along, whatever it takes. And ever so often, an oddity
In times of uncertainty, the world becomes my stage; Unexplainable moments fueled by involuntary rage; Striding through life, mind toward the sky; Ambitions, dreams, and hopes placed high;
Because I love you I find it hard to breathe The walls crash down on me Filling my lungs with screams Screams that suffocate
They say Shoot for the moon Even if you miss, You’ll land amongst the stars But I’ve seen the glow of dreams fulfilled In the crook of your smile
We are freespirited. Kind.  Compassionate. Hopeful. Loving. But we are hurt. Tired of hearing about the do's and do not's. The can's and can not's.
Because I love her, I can see a clear future for myself. Because I love her, I know what steps I need to take To be with her and make sure She doesn't want for anything In life.
Persistence must continue In order for you to be successful Just keep at it That my friends will be helpful Do not give up hope Believe that you can Continue on forward That should be the plan
I haven't written in so long. I mean truly written. I lost that part of my self somewhere along the way. Why don't I think up crazy crackpot original dream stories? Why do I no longer channel my rage into biting poems?
Lines composed during a walk from Highgate to Hampstead Heath  1991   It has been a day for wandering beneath this sky of early spring
Thankful, a short word denying a bond's regression a soldier fighting the war between conformity and expression  When I wake I can Taste the salt in my tears
Acknowledge and embrace the smell, the feel, and the taste. Understand: the power of the flower. The flavor is sour- diesel. On a cloud
It may not always be easy, it may not always seem right but the path to higher consciousness is always in plain view, in clear sight It is of course the path less traveled by,
I am unstoppable, limitless, unbeatable...ME I can do what I want, and I want to be...ME Everything inspires me, nothing ever tires me I am constantly discovering the new that I am, have become, am about to be
It's time to go with the flow and let your heart know that it's okay to express yourself and let yourself go. Get lost in the love that is the totality of your individuality. 'Individual' which means undivided from the 'whole'. 
The great I know is the one that tells the thieves' liesPeace and happiness you decide your own lifeBut once lives are taken for reasons of the unknown Concepts such as hatred, as to detest our natural skintoneThey say I might die tonight, I might
I think America is great But we need to get a few things straight Unemployment is at a crazy rate This doesn’t have to be America’s fate
It starts with one word. A single, simple word that rings well in the mind Takes it’s time to develop and before I know it The word has found a soulmate
When I die, remember me not for my prose, but for my poetry   Do not remember me for my plain expressions and monotone speech in daily life
Love is sharing  Of what you have It maybe be advises It maybe time For a person Who needs it So badly like me People needs love But they don't know how They search for it
I am not a quitter, I will not give up. When the going gets tough, I get tougher. My love WILL NOT fade just because it seems difficult or complicated. My love is full, true, and unconditional.
I would be lying if I told you I didn't cry that awkward day. The day you decided that I wasn't the one. I've told you before,  and I won't go back on my word.
My personality is Beyond my years or maybe it's the trend set before me Remember when we were kids and everyone was our friend?
A year ago I would have called you a fool. For telling me that there is hope,  For telling me that there is love, A year ago I would have called you a liar.  For telling me that I am smart 
Looking back at the year prior Makes the road ahead seem daunting. Taking apart the person I was, The closest I can describe is passion. A rekindling of a dying and tired flame, thus,
Robotics is more than robots. It inspires creativity.
Robotics is more than robots. It inspires creativity.
Passing seasons never falter Ink inscribed skin ever after Heart ache a burning volcano I hear a bird's song of sorrow How can I rise from this abyss When all I want is to remiss The torturous emotions
One word   should be enough to describe my feelings – the feels – of this year. But it can’t. It’s too great and beautiful
Two thousand and seventeen years Sounds like forever, yet Is but a drop in the sea of time.   Twenty years Everything I’ve ever known, yet
I’ve trained to continue running when it hurts the most. Never giving up on my goals. Showing others that the impossible can be possible. People inspired and motivated as they watch.
Jumping into the year with exectations so high Played football but got out because my school work was too severe  Tried out for the basketball team didn't make it 
                            If I spoke in lines of poetry, it would be broken  Every line seperate from the rest My words would fall disconnected You would not be able to make sense of it   
changes friendships grow like dandelions through weed killer belonging a feeling never experienced before, now as normal as the sky is blue black skies late nights, struggling to pass the test pain
The future follows behind me with a stern look and a jagged plea As competition constantly stares back at me. In the past year I battled the fists of friend crusades Because of the stabs of pending test grades.  
I love it when you smile. your teeth gleam so white. do you even notice? it  lights up the night? your smile so pure. so straight to the point. i really do love it. so smile my lovely roint.
One step forward Two steps back   Is this ever true   One move closer  Two backtracks   Creates new paths for you   One truth found Two lies learned  
How strange it is When a bright soul goes dark A fire put out by the hose of insecurity and depression Facing this world While feeling alone But is there beauty in the struggle?
Beneath this dirt lies  A duct fuller in life than  In its own breath.    The maple's roots  Feed off its depths,  As the sun drains my home  In echoes of a tide lost
The greatest moments of despair and sadness stem from the polar opposite, triumph. It's the realization that you gave, fought, battled, strove, and despite your final breath, 
The hunter's arrow Sleek and swift Pointed straight at my foot What he was aiming for Could not fly   The clouds were not his friends Focused too much on the wormy muddle
You see my child we all want to fly  Some of us are just a bit shy  
    When do you become me?   Is it when she broke our heart?   Is it when we stayed up for hours with our new friends?  
It’s taken you to realize how much I love vanilla ice cream Sweet enough to send chills through your teeth, and soft enough that it may drip if you’re not careful  
Strive to fight, Then conquer and destroy. To all who know us, This is our creed. When we fall, We get back up. We hit a wall, We leave behind dust. Standing tall with might,
Sometimes life is like a winter day  Cold and miserable and sad Icicles hang from the bottom of your heart  The sadness seems infinite But
I lay my head on my pillow to rest.My eyes gaze at the ceiling,and catch the dancing shadowsamongst the darknessthat encapsulates mealways.
Somehow,I manage to get out of bed each and every day.I get up, get ready, and get to work. Surprisingly,People look at me with admiration for this feat."How are you so motivated?" they ask.
A call of affirmation An air of great suppression Awoken by the stream of light Which beckons me to my day's plight A screaming alarm It means no harm But morning is dreary And I am weary
Look at the girl who carries such grace no one can critique. Look at the boy who falls for her, regardless of how bleak or meek she is.  Now look at the child who kicks the bucket, but then at the one who builds a castle with it.
From pen to paper, ink seeps and spreads out, corrupting the sweet innocence of white. A simple line morphs into subtle clouds, then spreads to form a strong and gallant knight.
  The performer lived to do the world's oldest dance on his shrinking stage.
I first met my future When I was twelve years old My sister talked of her
I greet the day with gratitude laced with longing. This hunger animates my entire being, Sharpening my senses, a new way of seeing. The pursuit of Light is my soul's calling.   I am a Light Huntress.
Today is the day, the day to rise. Rise above all that has been lost, all that has been done. I have been told that hope is lost. I believed that all hope was lost in this imperceptible darkness
Dawn has never been my muse Though my spring to her may disagree A slumber sweet and succulent Brings unwanted tendencies   To wake I must for day has come A friend or foe she be
I awake to my alarm clock screaming through the darkness. The sound pounds unforgivingly on my eardrums, and I feel tired.
~Every Moment~ Sometimes we set ourselves back, Everything we once had, disappeared as we shifted off track,Everyday we struggle to find our way back.The pain is buried so deep,That a smile on our face is hard to keep,Yet another battle on our own
Feelin' good is different for everybody, But one thing is for sure: It's a positive emotion, That has you feelin' good.   What has me feelin' good, is inspiration.   Inspirational quotes,
Feelin' good is different for everybody, But one thing is for sure: It's a positive emotion, That has you feelin' good.   What has me feelin' good, is inspiration.   Inspirational quotes,
His picture sits among my books some of which for me he bought. Down from the shelf he smiles, looks with his eyes still full of thought. The sudden loss of a man of steel a grandpa so strong, so kind
A juvenile at the age of fourteen,  frail and apprehensive of her surroundings lays concealed,  restless beneath a short portion of vessel fabric.  She lays soundless. 
On midday, after school, a boy picked up a beautiful guitar the color of sunset; He tuned it and proceeded it play it, to play the music of his life, the sounds of his soul, he relieved all his stress.  
I long to be your deity,To stroke your entirety With the palette of my choosing As I cover you in colorAnd give you life.Never mind what I useIt is assured I will always have a use.I love the way you grant me competence,Complete control.I  love th
"In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth" I can only imagine the beauty of his voice
Dear Shel, Oh Shel.  I like to call you a friend. Because you and I, Yes you and I, Know where the sidewalk ends. It ends for some here, It ends for some there, But for you and I,
The way the time may go, The way the water flows The way the sun shines in my eyes, Today I pray That though the storm may rage
Who am I? I still don't know I've got a lot to learn And a long way to go There is so much to do So much to explore And one day i'll know What I came here for I've been looking
to write? to right the wrongs? for the right of way? today? Is that right? to be Christened in Christ’s' rite? right?
I listen deep, I stand in the sunrise. I make a leap, I am a surprise.   The sun beams hit my coffee, I sip and read in devotion. This day is meant for me, To be an inspiration.  
You and me Climbed together on the mountains To find peace but couldn’t find You and me Flew together up above the blue skies To measure the height of nature But could not measure
A friendship so beautiful, The world's eyes are forever searching, But fail to find, rendered sightless by greed. The hatred tries to bleed into, incompetent.   A home broken like an ocean floor of glass,
Sometimes when I'm feeling down or blue, all I really need is you. A hug and embrace makes me feel like I have place. Hopeless feelings deep inside, but with you, I'm built back up and restored with pride.
Inspiration for true love, you always remain, With your ineffable look and idyllic thoughts, Your dulcet expressions are very iridescent, When two lovers are kissing in garden.
I look up to the stars Try to reach out To mars So i can lose this weight of doubt The doubt that i can never become What i want I don’t want to end up like some
A question rises out of the dark, Spoken quickly, it darts like a spark   Into the ears of waiting minds   And behind closed eyes the question lies: "For what purpose each day do you rise?"  
Here we are again Back to the late nights Struggling to be free Still going through the same fights Burden drags us down But we fight to stay afloat Finding shreds of hope
I feel electric walking through a park engulfed with happy princes, children skipping, people playing to their laughter. singing strings of guitars in this park the mirth of drooping spilling coins in their cases.
poetry finds me words unhinged in melatonin miracles that reside in a cracked projector lens and the soft curls of a projected boy who spits rhymes in shared atmospheres of breath.
Who inspired me to write? Was it Edgar Allen Poe? It was a man whose writings have lived on since many years ago Verse, Prose, Iambic pentameter Shakespeare was the best poet of his time and after his time
we learn to hate to slice and maime to choose our possessions  and keep souls bound and chained   every mortal wants to be immortal every one wants to be free what is keeping us so imprisoned
Parents were hard-working Working with Henry Ford's invention One in the morning One in the night I, however, Never slept Hearing voices  Telling me to inspire Open up Help
Chest hurting mind burning the feeling the yerning I cant breathe I cant think heart racing chest aching mind blanking hopes fading I walk up I step up
Getting that feeling,heart broken can't find no healing.I hear stuff everyday,praying that they go away,but the thing is, they don't.The negativity sits around,and just floats.
His body was a battlefield With an unconquerable soul Made of fire that burned With the same embers that fueled The flames in his eyes. His mind were the attackers Whose wicked deceptions
Feet dangle inches above Tantalizingly taunting  They strive to graze the bicycle’s pedals, Just as my hands strive to emerge From the lemon yellow dress You handed down to me.
It all started when I lost myself.  I wallowed in misery.  I had no self esteem.  I felt unloved, unworthy, and worst of all dead inside.  Like I was simply existing, without living at all. 
Once upon a time, there was an artist of words Her twisted lyric captured my young mind, undeterred   Never before had such art caused crystalline tears to fall
The times when I first used words to speak, talk, and prattle Were not the same experiences where I used them in a poem battle Writing came easy to me, so did speach and rhyming,
Just because you cannot see the scars does not mean that they are not there. It does not mean that the thought did not cross my mind like the blade crosses your skin.
This poem was written by my best friend, Deland Wheeler. He passed away in a motorcycle accident one month ago, and his mother made me promise that I publish his poetry, so that people will see Deland's inner light. Enjoy!  
If you ask me of love  I will tell you that it is enigmatic That you will feel it in the trenches of your soul And in the most lofty places of your mind
Deeper than words My feelings have turned As I went further down this tunnel of illusion What’s next?   Keep digging ..  
I see the family on the table their crowns speak royalty as my hand reads numbers that stand without pair. I look around the table
When I feel the icy wind, on the road less traveled.  Dare I look to the stranger in the path? His eyes and hands hard as the ice.  Their voices soft as the snow.  Who is this man, who might make the winter, melt? 
Words flow and ebb and I feel them  more than the others. No pain No color No light Can be heard in my words by them. My voice is oft ignored the letters form a web
Ibleedin verses,my heart a rhythm;iambic, and constantblank meter, sporadic.Words fly like winds,words fall like rain,clacking uponkeys.  
  It was at the tender age of 11, In which I entered this place called Poetry Heaven. I had a little taste of Shakespeare,Dickinson, Angelou and Hughes,
image: desert background with magazine cut-out text reading, "but you always like it better when it sounds like i'm in pain".
To me, she is a she, and she is as powerful as a woman can be. She eases me like a mother does, settles me down from my bouts of madness,
It's always been there, Whether I've known it or not. Never had I known that song lyrics were poetry. Never had I known that poetry held feelings. That they held meanings. That they held stories.
I don’t know what you’re doing to me, but I like it. I never knew what a trip like this was like. Addiction is calling me, or is it distraction? Such a powerful connection I never thought possible
Poetry was a way to escape The cruel harshness of the world With people who were more like rabid animals Than people. I could write it out in ways In a language That made sense to me.
Written once, by a man of a famous name, Were words that love could not tame, For behind the curtain his words came, And then Hamlet would cry out, even when lame,
  Where our voice cannot reach Poetry is the bridgework We write what we cannot say out loud And our voices are deafening  
I’m not much of a poet But then other times I think Maybe I am if Only in some ways   In a rush or a trickle When I least expect them to Words have a way of Flying from my hands  
Dear Miss Austen - My good friend, I keep with your advice. Look around you, See the story, Write of society.   Dear Miss Dickinson - My good friend, I hold to your advice.
I am my father's son, Or I was anyway before I started tenth grade. The day I found out I just wanted run, None of my friends could understand how heavy everything weighed.  
You build me up To bring me down What a wonderful world I have found Smart, strong, brave they all say As death welcomes me to dance in my grave
In the beginning, there was a moment of silent screams. Everyone wanted me to say the right things. Everything wanted me to act the right way. When words first stained my eyes and ears, life finally began.
Outlandish tasks Scribbled passionately One: To meet the infamous Ms. Oprah Winfrey. As a puppy waits for Owner to return,
Long ago when my mother asked me "What do you like?" I replied "words, stories, and all things alike," This shook the poor woman in certain disarray  For she did not expect me that to say
Have you ever felt alone?Like there's all these people around you at work or schoolSmiling and laughingWith their friendsAnd theirBest friends.
I smiled as they said I wouldn’t amount to anything, Anything was possible and I knew it deep in my heart, Heart and mind both unified in achieving my dreams, Dreams I thought of during the day and the night.  
Mike,I met you at a rave after months of feeling so alone in such a big placeYou made me feel prettyYou showed me off to your friends even though we had just metYou made me feel cared aboutWe became best friends and started spending every second t
I could feel my hands gliding through the silk of the sea Perched on the edge of the sea I longed for the water's clam to rest against my skin To be caressed by ideas and possibilities of life
It seemed as if all the words that were never there came rushing into me like a breath of fresh air.   The stale state I had lived in day after day
Quiet desolation Unborn innovation Plateaued potential of the mind As simple as a sentence
A dagger for the clever For whom stars dull their fire to hide their wielder’s deepest desires. Let the absence of light bite not thine ambition, for only the reluctant wielder spills their own blood.  
You’ve changed.That’s what they keep telling me. You’ve… changed. Of course,you’re right.I’m not thevulnerable,young girlI used to be.
When I've got a whirlpool in my mind And it's spilling out of my eyes On to creamy paper that tries To soften the splatters of a Melancholy mind   When the Sky,  Weeps its own tears
Tell me poetry Why would I write for you? I stare hard at the blank lines, demanding You're a wielder of words, they whisper
For me, I got to experience poetry first through my sister. She is five years older than me and all I aspire to be.
some people strike oil when they dig deep for me it was words each time a drill bit hit me, bored a hole in my soul with unkind words, unwant, I wrote, to have some form of pain that
Experience, tragedy , and Drama make the best poetry   add a few hyperboles and descriptive words expressing what happened   and shit    you're a poet      drawing in audiences reeling them in to take this trip with you up and down emotions     gi
See the look on her face, Almost looks like desperation, Maybe desire, No way of knowing, Never met her, Staring at her though, Wondering if she's afraid to love, Afraid to even look,
Where were we in that past life?    This is no run of the mill fast life   Getting up around seven and getting back past nine     Enough to make the irrational type     Practical  
I've never been much of a writer. The only talent for it I had was writing a three page essay in two hours. For the longest time, writing was an introduction, three body paragraphs, a conclusion. 
Humidity is a bitch to me. It’s alive. Sitting on cement, slapped fresh by Texas afternoon rain. Microscopic droplets carry home, lingering oils resting on cheeks. Clouds from above float through chambers of my lungs.
No New year's resolution for me No crying decree No promises, just average changes Less time arguing More time listening Less time sleeping More time working Not so many tears A few more cheers Not so many groans A few more milestones Less pa
Life at times can be very strange and can make you feel like you don't belong. There's no colors, only beige but I know that you are strong. I wanna make a difference like no other has.
To learn or not to learn To yearn or not to yearn To see or not to see What He could truly do for me Stranded on a lone island All there is, a never-ending silent To think that I am all alone
I can imagine a life without water I can imagine a life without food But to imagine a life without my mother its the worst thing I could do I feel a hole in my heart I feel my lungs without air
Holding you firm while opening a birthday gift Only five years old, with Plenty of high expectations for a firetruck. It’s Everything that you could’ve imagined,
Precious child, you were put onto this world with ever lasting love.Like a dove,You
Haikus Inside, there is war. The heart and mind, They quarrel. Like kindred beings.   Fell between the cracks. Shortcomings, All too common.
As I sit here,Pondering what I would take,On a deserted island,For my life's sake.I can think but of one necessity,For me to survive,My brother is who I'd choose.We are lethal when together,
As I sit here,Pondering what I would take,On a deserted island,For my life's sake.I can think but of one necessity,For me to survive,My brother is who I'd choose.We are lethal when together,
Someone I can’t live without Lives close to my heart, close to my mind, close to me. She is my mother. The woman who brought me into this world of ours.
I Found You   You were hiding in the inner most corners of my soul Quiet and unnoticed you sat there saying not a word You would never scream or call out for help And the worst part is
I came into this world, not knowing who I was. I could here your cry of joy. I was 5 and admired your smile. I was 10 and you taught me how to cook. I was 15 I was a rebel.
There is fear and there is comfort, But sometimes comfort is intertwined with fear Challenges Succeeding is the comfort of warm lavender bubbles enveloping your curves
If I were to be stranded on a deserted island, the one thing I would take with me  would be my empathy that stems from love that I always carry with me.  In all the time of solitude that 
We're living in a world filled with injustice, where we don't have to be doing anything and the cops think they can touch us, another man down, now that really starts to touch us,
All I needIf I am aloneIs my other halfMy one and own For with himI have everythingThat I will ever wantand that's all I need.
I need fear. Fear drives me. Comfort hinders success. I have never worked hard than when fear was just behind my heels.   I don’t believe in being comfortable while working hard.
So many days. Too many to count. I've sat here alone, quiet, no sounds... Silence and sadness were my only two friends. Stealing and eating my life from within.   So many days.
Your Heart affects your Thoughts. Your Thoughts lead to Choices. They become Actions. Actions lead to Consequences. Consequences Determine Your Destiny.
A beautiful one, One who shines brighter than the sun. One who has experienced pain and smiled in the midst, One who doesn't quit and stands to persist. One who holds humility in his heart,
Christina Rossetti said it best when She said, “There is no friend like a sister In calm or stormy weather;” it’s true, I Think, so sit down and relax, dear list’ner, As I describe my kind and brave sister.  
A light in the darkness Flickers, dances, on the walls The cave must relinquish its grasp It eventually must surrender.   Petals of lights reach out
Dance away the pain,  Dance away the heartache. As stress and worry melt away, Happiness and joy fill the soul. Losing myself on the dance floor, I find who I truly am.
“My Awakening” Waking up everyday My life has not been the same; I got that voice in the back of my head
My body rejects the writing because writing is like an I.V. in my veins. It clears the venom out of my body and dries up the river of words in my mind. I do not want to be a skeleton 
I figured out why I feel I don't have real friends So no matter who I'm with I feel lonely in the end It's because I don't live with love in my heart The distance between I and my true feelings keeps me apart
My mom is my rock that I can't live without. She's my number one fan I have no doubt. She is strong, loving, supportive and kind, and never ceases to blow my mind. She has taught me resilience
All I need is all me! And if that surprises you, it surprises me! Everytime I say it! Every time I believe it! And its only getting sweeter, when I hear other people say it.
Like a flame in the wind, I've been flickering. But I promise I'll never burn out. 
There is a place inside my dreams, I see you standing there. Your beauty captivates me, the sun shining in your hair. Another day of fishing, the pole becomes your hand. All I can do is smile cause I am the one who understands.
Chocolate dew and melted rain. Putting all these illusions into a frame. Art that spoke to you. painting and then stamping your name. They call it science but it would not be fair game.
If you take a second and just look around.. left, right, up, and then down.. I want you to think to yourself what happens when your eyes close.
When two soft fingers connect, there is a certain kind of energy that flows between them. With the first burst of pain from the initial static touch, the spark generated is daunting, but equally exhilarating.
If there was ever one thing that I could never live without, I'd know exactly the object, without the slightest doubt.   Every day since I was born,
The lightning storm The storm of frustration that comes and goes on my mind Confusion, Isolation This is something I long not to find I loathe this part
Dark clouds do not creep up at night, Instead graze our minds when the sun does shine And the thoughts impale us with softened blades, Though our smile rivals the daylight, If pried and smeared away with time,
Life is no fun when you're counting it by the hours Life is worth living when you’re gazing at this flower Of what has become and what’s going to be It stands bright and strong after stung by honeybees
I want to be able to live in a world, or a place where I am not afraid to sing my favorite song at the top of my lungs. I want to live in a world, where I can dance to the rhythm of drums crashing,
A book is just imagination That lives on a page Creating a reality Where heroes rule the stage   I’ve met a boy with demigod powers
Dear Mama, the beauty of your soul is wonderment to my wondering self. When I was tender, I fall from walks. I stumbled in sickness and I cried, but you came around and said; "my child, my child! Don't cry, don't cry!
Music speaks to me when you don't Headphones soup bowls bigger than my heart's holes  Hip hop a blessing an escape from the problem I'm not addressing shouting aggression yet soothing my depression
I fell in love with the way she discarded half of the world but cared for the other half I fell in love with her cold hands and the shivers they sent through my body I fell in love with her gentle laugh and her dark jokes
the needle comes down and a crackle comes to life shellac disc inscribed with spiral grooves
I'm that brown eyed beauty hailing from the ground in which you threw me.   Singing all the blues of nothing coming through me.    I'm that brown eyed beauty  sliding in between you 
I will be immortal! because words never die. I will not have to face being forgotten from my last goodbye because each word I put between the lines.
I am a dreamer. I have big aspirations But I don't know where to start. I'm working on this. I love me But I hate me. I'm torn between who I am, And who I know I can be.
I am... Special, Different, Individualistic, Unique. I believe in myself and who I may become. I am... Resilient, Strong, Confident, Determined.
Who am I? I'm everything I ever wanted to be. I'm the person I looked up to. Or am I? Some days I'm everything I wished and worked for...
Once a kid now turned man FOR MY FUTURE, I have big plans No one ever said that you can't dream And with hard work, dreams can be achieved I am a big dreamer, with big aspirations I have a lot to do if I WANT TO REACH GREATNESS I
Fuck. ... ... ... Might as well start this With my best foot forward. Do you want the story? Emotional exploring? A lot has happened In the last 20 years. ... ... ... Relatively so.
ou Only Mentioned What “I Am” By Kelsea Thompson   Dear…. Barcode why should I be a copycat I’m told not to be copycat
I am magnetic. I am not just Rachel. Putting my faith in a power greater than anyone. Having courage and being kind. Giving rather than receiving. I am magnetic. Writing songs about my life experiences.
Heard trumpets from afar this morning, closed my eyes to embrace a memory of warm winds and white sand. The smell of salt water and Caribbean cuisine laid still in my mind, for a brief second.
I lay here on my bed And try to think and think Just what exactly I should write With this pen filled with ink.
The Strength of My Soul By: Jomar A. Mendoza   Inside my soul, There lies the source of life. That very thing is a combination Of the souls of my ancestors.
I was born into this world without direction or a clue.  Born into my mother and father's ocean, streaming blue.  They taught me how to swim up the current as I pulled through.
I am a growing tree  but I'll always be cut down. They tore out all of my flowers,  and threw them on the ground.  Yet I'll continue growing, I'm never going to stop.  Even if they all uproot me 
I was a mummy   My bandages unraveled My heart disintegrated Into bits of dust and ash Of which particulate the atmosphere I have burnt in the fire of addiction in my family  
No matter what I write Behind the screen of doubts A mental prison of night Obscured by the formidable shouts
801-456-1234. That's the nuymber he'll get when he asks her out because nowadays it's safer to make up a phone number than to turn a man down.
Over the mountains Across the seas Through the tunnels Under the trees The wind blows here   All over the world The voice is heard The wind whispers “Caution, Danger is near”
There is a light behind my eyes
  Clouds begin to creep I can’t stop the seep. The sludge and muck Seizes me, I’m stuck. My arms go first Seized by shadow’s thirst. Insatiable, unstoppable Misery’s quite probable.
Maybe there’s a r
I am more than me All the burdens on my back
The covers for never leaving after a one night's stand the bed that support me as I sleep the house that has provided shelter from storm and insects the computer purchased by my mother to help me keep up with the days
Look for me under dreamer.  
Sometimes we hold on to our failures and depressing past, And allow those events to define our untrue, discontent character. Beaten, battered, and treated like an outcast, Left to battle the war as a lone challenger.
The page screams out A  faintly blinking blank screen in front Of the pale face of the writer.     She stares with list Disappointment at her failure to subsist on the great words of those
Nothing else on this earth has more power than music.
I am me  Sometimes I'm out going 
Don't worry about Tomorrow, just worry about Today. Don't worry about Tomorrow, that's what they always say. Yesterday I had my troubles, and tomorrow is my victories,
With her spine align and head held high, I knew she was a strong woman of color, like rare flower that blossoms from the soil of Eden,
Since May ninety-seven she's stood by my side,   As she smiled and kissed and hugged me tight,   And year following year she's been my guide;  
Have you asked yourself"What's the meaning of Life?"Happiness, wealth, dealing with strife?  
Look Look at everything around you Do you see it?  See it all From the way the ocean kisses the sand,  To the way the moon follows the sun Isn't it awesome? Look
Feeling alone in a crowd, Knowing that I'm loved.
Looking out of my window adventure is what I seek. Life is outside of this house that encloses me. The birds soar and fly free. Their passionate song inspires me.
I can taste my potential, I can see it expanding all around me, pulsing with life, pulsing with light, like the bioluminescent creatures that scan the ocean floor.  They glow, I glow,
No matter what we do,Sound is made.No matter what century we're in,
There may be moments that we may fail, but life is awesome. There may be moments that life may seem stale, but life is always awesome.   Life is awesome not because we may have money, houses, or cars.
The quill slides over and into the inkwell the battle 'gainst evil begins   then promptly the clash of the two sided sword rings louder with the side that wins.   a story, a plotline
You own nothing. You go to school... to learn? To understand what you will love to do for.. money Go to work and plan  your future around.. money now.
So write if you need to    Cry if it relieves you   it's all up to you  
A tear A tear Cascades to the sunshine on the floor At one point in time she illuminated me My being I realized the disguise And choked on her rays Sticky labels stuck to my skin
When the land is dark And all is lost I strain to see The light following me But it is there And always will be   That light shines So bright, you see Is hope
I lost another poemthis morningin the early airbetween my home and my carI failed to net itput it in my poem jarit flew awaywill it be aroundsomewhereover therewhen I get back?
Me, myself anda piece of paperdecided to take onthe world.And so I wrote upon itsent it forthlet it fly freeout my window.I heard talk of it a year later
I refuse to accept "I can't." Those two words are the same as "I won't." and "I quit." There are no quitters. There is only "I can." and "I will." "I quit." is a joke.
I could, but do not, break I could bend under the pressure I could give up and sit down, exhausted
Some days, I am ashen- I drag my way around, And I will not look you in the eye. I have no energy to do the smallest things, And I will slump into the wall when someone gets near.
Stones under my feet It had always looked so big I hold my own hand
I'm just any old person, My idea will never be as good as the idea of that guy. You don't seem to realize what you're doing, When you reject your idea and stay in limbo by eating that pie.
Self demarcation Is self deprivation After all it takes a dream To build up a nation Hesitation and contemplation It’s great to analyze but why are you waiting
If poverty dwells your wallet
Loving your body at times where you need it most. Cherish those moments.
Writing hides deep in the mind locked in rooms waiting to be discovered, in someone else's life, tugging on your heart strings, it hides within one's heart, mind and soul poured onto the paper
There are many things you can tell,  i don;t mind you snitching. You can tell the fact that i've been hooked on drugs, on that i could write a book. You can tell i've been in love and all it took was 
Wind Sissel South  
Robert Velez Sissel South  
Your eyes brighten my heart, your smile takes my inner child and caresses me, soothes me, if my eyes rolled back and I melted into the very essence of your soul, I could not be happier to be inside such a wonderful image of beauty, happiness and
Birth, Lunacy, Death
Where I draw my strength,
Lord, God, Redeemer,
Addictive desires,
When I close my eyes,
  Divorce, It’s a scary thing,
Possibility-Stella D’Vine Consider the possibility of happiness. To move forward. To allow yourself to be wrapped in the warm blanket of positivity. To not allow yourself to sink in defeat.
Cursed lips that say my name That first kiss I'd hate to claim Evil disguised as a beautiful girl My heart was blinded from another world To say my name you have to know it first
18 and inn
I am thankful for this life.
My parched mind searches far and wide,
Behind the lights and cameras, Behind the edits and makeup,  I am unique. Hidden behind the photoshop Is a girl who just wants to be heard.  Who wants to be noticed,  To be cared for,
Ordinary. Is what we are without all the excess Is what the world looks like day to day
Knowing every twist and turn, rise and fall,
She told me "you will not be much of anything, People just look right through your frail bones You will never make much of a difference because You will end up very cold naked afraid alone
Always told to laugh Never told to cry
I feel I should claim a disclaimer   because I really don't know what I'm doing  I think I should make it clear  that I am not   really  very much  at all  a poet.  These are just words 
Where does your alliance lie?Will you pledge alliegance or will you defy as I?The rebellion, hellion, deviant manical child,not willing to be spied on riding a spider wild,
I am a girl, that's how I was born. I am an athlete, a girl ATHLETE that is me. I work hard everyday training and studying starting in the morn.
People were scared People we frightened Breathing became hard for my loved ones Six hours turned into eight And eight turned into thirteen
Your determination and commitment is your life, How far are you willing to go, willing to fight? Commit to your husband or wife, stand by their side for life, Commit to school and follow the rules,
I am the daughter of a mother who has an uncurable diease no life long numbing agent that could soothe and heal it. It left a faded scar as a badge of honor.... It's. No. Breeze.
They say life is like a book of handwritte
Tiny, untouchable light,
i have a friend who flew with the times and plummeted to the ground as his pocketful of rhymes sunk and spat and became one with the earth-- the ground upon which we dream still engraved with his words
Premature. Fight on. Mom died. Fight, fight on. Cancer consumes sister. Fight on, Fight on. Solace through my music.  Play on. Fight on. Play. Sister emerges victorious.
I ask you to listen to me You hear my words but you only hear, not listen You have not done what I've asked I ask you to care for me You care about me but only to an extent You have not done what I've asked
Every day is a gift,  all the days just flow so swift try to live positive & for others try to uplift... <3 You are here for a reason bigger than you I know some time you wonder what am I here to do? Is it some thing huge &  grand, here...
Art, music, a bizarre half-baked guess The most random thoughts I think – The strangest “what ifs” jumbled in a mess.   They tend to come in a blink. If the thought inspires me,
The inspiration escapes me today. Between me fathoming my thoughts, And what I could dream of, And what I could think of, The effort escapes me. And I do not feel the purpose.
You took an innocent girl and flipped her whole world around.
What I'm about to say is from what I've learned No matter your agreement or concern Poetry can be written by anyone No matter by paper or touge Your reason or cause
What's nice about me? What do I see?  Hell, wouldn't I like to know.    The words beauty, flawless, and pretty those aren't words that come to mind
I'm lazy. I'm 19 years old and I have been blessed with the ability to dance, sing, write, but I'm lazy. I noticed I only come alive when performing or at parties and it's starting to bother me.
GoPro cameras and Selfie Sticks, our ancestors would be horrified. But it doesn’t matter because fabricated images, and fraudulent stories are glorified. What’s wrong with putting your best self out there?
Stupid, Ugly, Scared, That is all I saw Looking at the sasquatch Staring back from the wall. Why am I not intelligent? Why am I not beautiful?
I am like a notebook with blank pages of uncertainty and past mistakes never completely erased. The spiraled edge will break with too much inside,  yet I can't add more space.
When people look at me, they don't see me. There's a girl who's put together on the outside, With makeup and hair done to a tee. But deep beneath the surface,  I'm insecure, I'm broken,
Who am I without a filter? For the past four yeasrs, I haven't had an answer to that question  I've spent so long trying to become littler  I've tried to disappear which is something I probably should mention
Being flawless isn't always easy. To achieve true beauty, you must believe that you can do whatever you set your mind to. I never let myself see the downside of my dream. You work hard, you smile at every
You make me want to live You make me want to give It's alright If not only for tonight   You make me want to sing Like no one is listening You make me want to smile
I didn't grow up in a home, I grew up in houses, 13 schools and a murder attempt and "Run as fast as you can, find the neighbor, and stay there till I call the police!" My mom's ex-boyfriend,
So there's this girl right? And she always earns good grades, so they put her down out of spite She's been on the high honor roll for as long as she can remember
Drums of the Serengeti Red dirt Dark faces and bodies. They call Americans copies. Full of History They always seem so pissed to me. Diamonds are born.
I am flawless   With just a smile, I'll make your day
Praying to my god Testimony say im saved, police got me under heat, youngins screaming what you claim, you know the street, its anger pumping through my viens,
I just want to be an inspration To those with a dedication To become better then what they were yesterday only to realize that your most important days are the day you are born and the day you find out why
My emotion is bleeding staining everything in my possesion
Listen to me, oh Muse, and help me tell the story Of the young man with great determination. The one who worked for years on a single goal To turn his belt the darkest of all colors.
Born from Tragedy, A weak Seed planted in the Garden of Grief,
Born in the Flame of the controversial state. They try to burn my fate with bias hate.
Your upraised so high, and I am so low I upraise you so high, each and every day Each night I lower you down, like a show We complete this task, even in the gray
Ayn Rand once said: "The question isn't who is going to let me; it's who is going to stop me"   Remember that. Don't let somebody stop you. They aren't you.  
They left you a piece of coal Take revenge by becoming a diamond And no diamond can be made without pressure. After the pressure of your past and problems you overcame
I am like a man, flawed and broken, left on the hot sand to fry and crisp like a token. The shell created by social brutality falls away to reveal the shining soul climbing through harsh reality,
I have strong eyes and a weak heart I'm going to break all your laws I have an iron fist and deadly bite   I'm going to break all your laws I have long legs and a short temper
I wake up and I know me
I see a glass half empty, empty? isnt that bad?
My God is a protector, 
We are advertised ideal appearances Activate dejectment to our natural being Exposed to others belief's and thoughts It keeps us blind of what we are seeing
Sometimes I wonder about our generation How will we fit in with the larger population? We go through our  days hoping to be distracted And we dont stop and think about the way we acted
Sometimes I wonder about our generation How will we fit in with the larger population? We go through our  days hoping to be distracted And we dont stop and think about the way we acted
Passion is heart and gumption and drive, Being enthralled with the idea that one day you'll thrive. It's the late nights of coffee and failure and stress,
No matter who you are, no matter where you’re from, you were born to live. You were born to feel and taste and touch, to use every single one of your senses. You were born to make friends, and to lose them.
Different people wonder where I come from. I don’t look different or nor do I try But when I walk, They see a confident-stride. I say, It’s in my happiness The acceptance of people,
My past is full of hatred and disgust
I want to be pregnant by the ambrosial breath of life, and flit between the consuming fires of my insecurities unscathed. To rejoice in the veracious appetite for pleasure and pain
Time is moving fast I wish I can slow it down But Some people I be messing with they never come around It's like I'm the only one that's down You can ask my town
Me and You We going to rendezvous Because I love you boo And
               A shadow in the crowd,           Tears rolling from eyes and cries so loud,                Unknown and unheard all his life,             Dying in pain with the memories of his wife.
First, I'm going to "Look At Myself"
When minds constrict  And inspirations lost, The canvas blank And hands seem idle, Though thoughts seem gone  Do not secede the struggle.
I am flawless, though not everyone knows I am flawless, doesn't it already show? the media may try to convince otherwise
There I was another day spent counting miles subtracting calories calculating deficits.   Run, run to look good, run to look pretty, run so boys will like you.  
I am alone, and the journey’s long, can’t figure out what’s right, what’s wrong. Messed-up, cluttered my thoughts, they race across my mind. The road is rough, the path  not tread,
Who is that little girl that acts like an adult, but still just a child? 
My heart raced My stomach churned My body ached And an overflow of hapiness devoured me.
    How could they do this to us , knowing we were against it Knowing the pain, the scars,the memories we now have to keep  forever
Do you see me?Do you see the jaded light in fancy
Today, I woke up and I saw myself. Not the person I usually see Not the girl that has to be dressed up with hair freshly done to be beautiful. I saw myself.
The mountains loom above the little town. The sun sets and they cast their shadows down. The climber, still suspended from the rocks, Clips in, makes sure the carabiner locks,  
The gift of God is still thereAlthough you're gone we still careYour freedom of speech was so strongI can still hear your voice eventhough you're gone
We like rose for its adore, We like gem for its sheen, Virtue of these draw us all, Drag us all to love and link... A lesson for us to live like them, 
She doesn’t need to worry about the size of her body,The length of her hair,The color of her eyes.To know she’s perfect.
I was born, generation 96,
Consciousness is the art of being aware of one's existence.
On this world of 7 billion Me? I'm 1 in a trillion Unlike some of you out there, I voice my opinion and do not care If you think I'm right or wrong That's the secret to staying strong. 
The pres
my sweet love
If  I cry or if I'm down My resillence picks me back up My legs may be strong but my mindset is stronger My confidence is not found in a cup When I feel weak I say, "I'm strong" and that just does the trick
I like to think that I'm bold, that I'm comfortable with who I am. That I'm the same person on the inside  as the one that the world beholds.   That's not what I'm told  
Chin up Eyes open This is you You are here You are real   The darkness has finally faded No one can bring you down No one can hurt you.   
Dear Motivation,   
The glow and look in your eye. A shock of excitement from your smile. Spread of warmth from those delicate hands  Maybe even a stride in your walk
You stay up late with your coffee filled veins,As I scribble down your name.And baby, I dream with my eyes open,I can't ever be the same.
In my heart Giving to others is the only way.   Ending the pain, loss, darkness in this world.   A smile, a kindness, this is my vow.  
Your flaws make you perfect. It forms the individualty thats blooms inside of you.
  For those who despair about their body, For those who feel the inadequacy of an intelligent mind, For those who hold close to what they love,  
I wanna make things move 
I'm always thinking and I'm dreaming I'm always creating and my eyes are gleaming  With the thoughts of what can be and what will My optimism is why I cannot keep still and some people wonder where it comes from
Going to the early morning workouts, Finshing with sore's grip on my muscles. With my body begging to tap out, I tell myself to keep up the hustle. Consuming foods that grow from the Earth,
Inspiration is the key, to get past the heavy door
What do I look like in a room of others thinking, thinking out of this world? No one even notices me, I past by and I get a glance if I'm lucky I feel gold though,
To all wounds of the heart, Time is the antidote. Designed like a coat Soothing the pain as it impart   It is nonpareil It understands what you want As time acts more than a confidant
Lend me your ears, you film noir beauty, with your overcast eyes
Imagine this You're in a room with no doors, windows, or anyway of escape. The room is filling with smoke and its becoming harder and harder to see and breathe.
My sore feet walk over the cobblestone and all I can see my dream ahead as I take one step at a time. London's bridge came falling down. While others drowned, over the edge I climbed.
I am a bird.My voice holds the powerto sing you to sleep—to lull you into a dreamlike state of mind.
Bottled Prayers 
her life isnt as perfect as it seems its filled with false hopes and fucked up dreams and when she searched the world she failed to find her  one  and only  piece of mind
At this very moment, my name is Tranquil.
I hear a knock- Subtle at first, then louder. A soft whispering: "Come see the world!"   Should I open the door Or hide in the dark? My fate lies open Like a country road.  
I don't want to die,
no-tice/ˈnōtis/verb1. to become aware of  
  What uplifts me? Such a simple question But difficult to answer What does it mean? "What inspires me?
My heart pounds  My palms sweating 
There were lies and pain misguded thoughts  that floated down the empty alleyway There was hate and emptiness then the sudden breaking of a heart  never to be mended  There was hope 
Senior year is finally here, Bittersweet yet fun, With football games and homecoming, It's only just begun. My friends, they stick beside me,  as they have year after year,
"Poems should rhyme,  all of the time" Isn't that just the cheesiest line? Dr. Seuss, boy he was great,  and I don't think even I  could debate That a rhyme made his poems even more special 
Lure them in with your evanescent gleam. Bind them into your eternal paradise. Throw their hypnotic nothings to the wind. Craft velvet wings from jewels.  Your primrose shimmer must never dull.
The room is too warm My palms are sweatty He paces, glancing at the pages. Time is running out I read fast but nothing sticks in my mind. I can't remember the answeres. He glances my way and i flinch.
And I'm still thinking why. . . Why did god chose me for this struggle on my journey Who am I, why does my appearance gives the right to judge me.
They ask what keeps me propelling,                  smiling           after obstacles and complications attack They ask what keeps me singing,                 dancing
Up, upward, I'm looking up, birds are chirping too, reminds me of things I want to do. Fly, flying high above away from cares I soar, my dreams my aspirations come tumbleing down like sheets of paper.
I love it. The endless conversation The pointless laughter The sun shining On my beet red cheeks, I love it. The tears of joy The moments of pure bliss The days I wasn’t able to sleep,
It seems so easy to say that you are happy To smile and be filled with glee But me, I wonder how we can make it last forever. That is a mystery. My mind it thinks the keys to life 
There are too many things in this world that uplift me. So many things that make me happy. If I had to truly choose one. I would think to myself it simply can't be done.
There is a fire which burns in all men, oft banked by worldly care   It needs but one breath to waken its heat, a wind of holy air   On pagan altar once it burned, its all-consuming heat  
Through all the wind, and all the tremor, I swear times do indeed get better.   Through all the failures, tears, and scars, I swear you'll reach the golden stars.  
Aspiring within, a risen power ready to tip over, the ability to inspire. Agile but, fragile After every trial
The rain pours down,
  Oh, the battles one fights in this life I was given
I am in a room alone Full of friends here to help me  As they move place to place, I remain succombed to any new help or  change Because the small white ovals are already working to
Determination. Self Will. How they coincide. Hand in hand like how I am when I am with you. The force that your aura brings when it meets mine. But from where does it stem?
if there ever is a day when im gone  when the wind sweeps me away with the pale dust and dingy acidic rain if there ever comes a day when my mouth is sewn shut for good and
That feeling - it's almost indescribable.  T-minus 2 hours, I'm getting ready. The room is clouded with the smell of hairspray and makeup.
Walking down an ordinary street in my ordinary shoes, With nothing much to do in this ordinary town Filled with ladies and booze.  
Zeal for Success  
Dear God, I don’t want to be bother, But I was wondering if we could talk again, You know, daughter to Father
  You sure that man in the mirror is really me Cause it aint the man I used to see I've been pushin' that line for a long time Deciding not to see, choosing to be blind  
I am an artist.Some people would say that 'artist'is synonymous with 'creator'--I am not a creatOR,I create AND keep on creating.
Shes beautiful and strong . She gave us life and is wise when to take it. She loves you even if you attack her. She gives to us, even when we steal from her. She tries to warn us but we won't listen.
A cold breeze.  A silent hum in the air.  A breath slowly fills my lungs.  Happiness fills my soul.  Long hours in a quiet room.  I finally escape the chaos that life has created.  The leaves fall on the ground and I let it all go.
  Survive the storm, thunder, and rain, dig deep inside to locate the pain. Follow its stem down to the roots, unveil the confusion and discover the fruits.  
Music uplifts the strings on my guitar,Hockey uplifts the puck on my stick,Education uplifts the knowledge in my head,Preparedness uplifts the opportunities in my life,Work uplifts the money in my pocket,
  Life employs a different meaning to each individual Is this awakened state of being existence? Or rather the opposite… Are we really living in an illusion, fooled by the conscious mind?
My body awakens with a refreshing shrug, I plant my feet onto the cushioned rug,
Becoming the greatest Is not rising above all others Or achieving perfection. It is constantly striving for excellence:
I choose to live my life for this very moment for this moment may not come tomorrow.
"Entrepreneurship"  7.8.14  3:30pm    It's good to eat with whom you starved  But, starvation yields corpses And I don't really like graveyards 
  Black curly hair, and smiles with a pearly glare I like that, these words remind  im more than just "black"  and that I have a voice i can speak back Pretty, yet
Walking werewithal into a forest Hearing the calls of birds and gurgling streams Without a care in the world, Or so it seems   Sun on my face as the trees rise before me
The whispers chirped all through the air, The trotting deer, the hopping hare. They moved with swiftness that was so divine, But then nature settled into one dismal line.
Senior year is finally here! Wow, time just flew right by. I have decided that this year I am gonna branch out and talk to new people. I still am loyal to my other friends of course!
You found me, Hanging there, The note that I left, is in your hands, And as you read, You start to remember all the signs, And you start to realize that, I could have been saved,
Spring lovely flower bloom scent of sweet perfume love and light and life
To a poem, seldom wrote The words are stuck So often choke And when the pen Again find page The hand is halt and still   To a poem, often quote The words can run amuck
I met him in my dreamsI could hear him in my headI'm not sure what it all meansBut im holding on by a thread I write and think of you
This is a poem about how I accepted band,
I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings,Too I know why
I could say,   "Mama, Mama, Mama, come help me"   but you are so busy living out a Colorado fantasy
      Do you breathe in whistles, sir? Because every time I walk by that is all I hear.
  The cold pillow is engulfed around your face, full of tears, full of dreams and memories shattered.
So I lie here thinking, not doing, just thinking
I can fly
  If one walks with me through a garden of prose Lonely am I still, If my heart is gone than my words are vacant, And my lines are cold and frail. Not drink nor drug nor pain can drown
They see a pretty face Divine beauty insurmountable to replace I see her angel kiss freckles Untainted worth no amount of empty shekels. The strongest flower my naked eyes have seen
Introducing: the storm that brews in her mind... It's force and undying winds become too much to bear Left her drained, dry, just an empty shell A foggy reflection, an expressionless stare  
Music is the way I start off my day Music compels me to achieve more Music helps my day from becoming grey
I just don't fucking give a shit anymore.
Ripped but not running
Your words are like a knife a dagger a double edged sword cutting through Each time the wound gets deeper and deeper So bad you can't take it anymore and wanna give up, don't.
I dedicate this to you To all those who have suffered endlessly hopeless Fighting to live another day just like today too Rock paper scissors, oops you're out Get out, out of my life I don't need you.
It’s almost like a dream With the earth beneath us And the colors above   The greens and the blues form an ocean Blending together to create waves That seems to go on forever  
My astronomic family and I get around
I dream of flying High in the sky Spreading my wings And starting to glide   I will be like a bird Flapping my wings Migrating to wherever I feel I will be free  
Life is gift from God But you have to earn that gift You can’t just expect things to happen Or else they never will   Life is about persistence Hard work and dedication pays off
They all want my autograph but they don't know how I write it   The things I read behind closed doors made me who I am- but how can I be what I have read if I cannot speak out loud?  
The Antithetic Leaf   Come on...blow me away; Get me off of this tree;
Why the fuck do we need money to help people with injuries or illnesses? Why can't all of the countries around the world make an agrrement to make health care free?
Pushed, beaten, stung, No one gave a damn. Shaven off with love unstrung and poison eats us, man.   Who's to say I didn't try Yeah you best believe. and Those nights I cried
I lived a lifeless life, I mean growing up fatherless, my daddy was super stressed, call
I want past pain's sky always taunting me, she teases me She told me I'd never get away The way I dread-locks pain inside me She shacked up with her man, Misery They play sad tunes on strings
To myself, I am a poet. To others, I hav a gift. I'd grow with my mind. My ideas would shift. From castles and princesses when I was young, to boyfriends and heartache that brutally stung; I was a writer.
Nothing was the same & heart's the one to blame. This tattoo that said "Dream Boo" on my heart, Will only tear me apart. Every little thing was perfect to begin. Should I let through my depression ?
It bleeds through me - A whirling current of color, Flowing from my heart
Calm as a summer's meadow. Warm and full of light. Bright as a yellow sun. One by one the flowers remind me of how beautiful you are. Stars and rainbows don't compare. Beauty everywhere.
Dreams guid us... 
What is color? , Can it be warm? , Can it be taste full, is it suppose to make you feel happy or maybe sad?.. Can you  use it to decorate or bring life to something?......maybe use it for art?... what is color?.......................
What is color? , Can it be warm? , Can it be taste full, is it suppose to make you feel happy or maybe sad?.. Can you  use it to decorate or bring life to something?......maybe use it for art?... what is color?.......................
I'm running out of things to numb the pain, I have nothing anymore and it's driving me insane. People say life is too short to be alone, But nobody wants me, didn't you know?
Keep this one dear to your heart Cause this ain't a car that you gotta pushstart Now in the beginning God made man No doubt in my my mind that God had a plan A couple seconds later out came Eve
It's five a.m. I get all dressed up. I put my make-up and my heels on. I stare in the mirror and who I see, she's not really me. This girl in the mirror is beautiful and intelligent. She's vivacious and confident, all while being so strong.
Growing up is scary, at least a little in all of our eyes
What makes me, me? Is it the way I comb my hair, my brains and beauty, or the shoes i wear on my feet? What makes me any different from you? Is it because i'm so kind
I've loved. I've loved and lost. But it's better to love then lost, rather than not loving at all. Better to fall, and call for help rather than not try. 
This woman told me that she would rather date a blind guy than to date me Then I asked what does that mean And she told me Because he would be blind which means he can't see and I would know that he loves me
Speaking up for that person who has no voice or afraid to voice there thoughts. Uplifting a down and troubled spirit facing hardships. Also bringing strength to a hopeless joe who is use to dragging their feet with the floor.
      If walls could tell lies and alibis these stones would talk    for days, Tales of innocence and prejudice of
You cannot simply tell me to get over someone I love.  It's not something that can be stopped all at once. That's like telling the earth to stop revolving the sun
I feel the sparks of potential Igniting in my veins It lights a fire beneath my fingers And the words come in waves Would could
"Somewhere between free will and determinism I found myself stagnate, in a metaphysical gridlock not knowing what direction to step in.
Ongoing War
So bright, the rising of the morning sun. I wake and see the beauty through new eyes, And glad to find another day begun. I think of ways to live before it dies.   Remember all the world has yet to give:
I’m a waitress, And I love my job— It gives me satisfaction.                I love knowing that I am helping someone relax after a long, hard day.                I love being helpful and making people smile.
Look at me and tell me what you see. A young black educated male is what I hope you perceive me to be.  I have God beside me, my parents behind me and my family around me and I’m going to strive to be all that I can be.
Ain't it funny how life is always filled with pain Take amounts that the body really can't sustain   You're so depressed, you question your own state of mind 
Night after night my dreams felt so bright because she made me shine with all my light.
The illushen of the world around me is falling appart, and now i see how cruel this world can really be. How it tests you and takes away all purity, nothing is really as it seems. I'm not a strong as i apear,
I have seen the other side, More than eight thousand miles away. I have seen the other side, And it's like nothing you've ever met before.   The streets are lined with ramshackle stores,
Many shaped who I am. Many more shaped those who shaped me. I hope with my words many will be shaped by me. A spark in darkness created a universe that we all know.
  Hello, hello, is there anyone here. Please hear my cries if there’s anyone there. Oh dear God, what have I done?
You snatched the ladder from under my feet UNpurposely. And didn't bother to stay and cover my exposed wounds.
I have a thought on my mind and a hunger in my core, I need to fill up my heart before it’s over.   I need to see the pressure rise just as I escape demise--
I was never that girlI'll never be that girlI broke heartsnot the other way aroundI slid in and out of these poor boys lives like the devil in disguise
I've heard that some are bound  By causes, boldly stated, They roar their motivations  To a world they think will listen. I know people who think love Is all that there can be,
Ode to the block of writers, The jam of your mental station, the cackling of the static, disappointing in its absence Nothing much comes to the surface, though you are feeling as much as always
Everyone has a different form of expression everyone is their own piece of art. walking, living, breathing art But what perplexes me so is that they never get to see themselves through someone else's eyes.
Grasp firmly unto who you are and never let go, Life is filled with bumpy roads. People will lift you up and slam you down. Friends will pretend in the light and scheme on the low.
Some say you must hate to lose, more than you love to win.
Imagine, during the first few months of when you first understood what words, languange, and feelings were you were called ugly. Imagine how for the next years of your life you were reminded of how ugly you were.
Here's what keeps this soul goingHere's what makes
A love for you is beyond compare Those words I wished to share Moments are memories That keep a heart beating Take a deep breath I keep bleeding love Love for miss Marie
Do you ever think about one situation & how one little detail could've changed everything?
   Your voice alerts me, I finally found you, I can see. Searching the noises thats in my ear, Listen real close its you, I can hear. I love those big brown eyes, I'll never  have to say my goodbyes.
Inspiration What is inspiration but a fanny pack full of hammy down quotes from people no different than you or I.  Or is it indifference that allows one to be different.  "Haters gnna hate!" 
Standing before you, An endangered soul. Mold with gold and once embodying the whole given. And now My Frail and lanky stature, stands before you  piercing every eye.
Oh no
Time, it marks us,  changes us,  shapes us,  moves us,  and it leaves us.    Memories,  a time we remember,  a time we once loved,  a time we once hated, 
Stop struggling child, you are almost there,
I am a weak, depressed, lost, little girl who is not capable of anything. and I refuse to fly free and believe in the fact that one day I will become of worth and somebody you will remember.  
Wait for him? More like, waste away for him. Spend your days on him, just…   waiting for what? The moment when his nonexistent conscious will speak up And remind him…  
  I am searching for an inspiration Something to allow me to get into action
this is to all the war childs, born into villages painted with blood and fire, in dire need of hope and salvation, once a mighty people, now scared of laserations, *click*
(Play and/or Sing with the main theme song of Dead Island)
I woke up with the thought of you, When it asked me when you'll return, I smiled and said but were through, It said well tell him to make a u-turn, I told you he doesn't want anything to do with you,
A part of me has whithered into nothing With time passing on by I've developed a different character. Taking onto a new journey to another level
How could he just break my heart and not give me a reason. Could it be the month? or maybe the season? How could he make me feel like I’m trash?
I tried to find myself inside you.
The truth of the matter is I am a black girl that can still rise Not phased by oppression or depression I am indeed alive My ancestor was a poet, a writer, and a friend That means nothing in my life is limited
Head, shoulders, knees, and toes, Ankle biting and cold air, nothing to stop me, but so many things to keep me away.   How does one make words into sentences again? The world has forgotten,
What your problem ? Whats the reason you dislike me ? Oh, I get it , you wanna be just like me. Is it my style, my clothes , the way that i dress? The pizazz , the Swag , the way i look to fresh? No ?
Long ago, the fire was dwindling With a roar, it kindled and manifested might That devastating roar was realization; I wasn’t truly alive   This is the element of my sign:
I am a work of art, I am a masterpiece, My curves are my definition, that is what defines me.   The shape of my nose,
Hear em' shots from da Trumps n' Saxes?How bout' the drops of the Basses' beats?
Every time I find myself searching for inspiration or feeling like my ideas are not suffice I look around me, I look at all the things that have been invented throughout the years and begin
I write because This Puerto Rican on Def Poetry Jam Told me about the county of Kings.
As I drift off to sleep, my mind enters into a door of dreams, a door filled with adventures for me. Suddenly, I find myself in the sky in marvelous flight Seeing the world from up so high.  
I'm the man in the sky  I watch you with my hazy eyes Take my hand I'll set you free Step into my reality   Here there ain't a ceilin' with walls
Cognitively Not where I should be Feelin' crazy Not lookin' like me   Mental pictures  Leavin' me unsure Disturbing thoughts Have gotten me caught
A free me breathes in the air As I spread my wings As I sing and as I scream For joy No less I put my wings To the test And fly. And soar. And go through The open door
Tumblr asked me where my Eden is, Referring to Eden as a place or state of great happiness, And all my thoughts immediately went to you. You, with your perfect, almost nappy hair,
Coming in brisk shadows Living in the dark corners of my mind Bringing light into my world As you take me away   Pushing the sails with your gentle hands While thrusting the tides with your warm air
When it comes to inspiration I'm moved by the things that can move my inner being. Like music inspires me and well dancing inspires me too. I'm also a bit of a nerd so I'm inspired with everything nerds do.
I think
"I've Learned" by Nicholas Jones.In my 18 years of life,I've yearned for happiness,And I've yearned for strife,I've learned of death,And I've learned of life,
In the overshadowing darkness where despair takes life and hope is nothing but a word. Where faith has no meaning and trust has fallen to sorrow. In the consuming darkness
I thought it took a lot to be a writer. Extensive literary courses to use exactly the right word
Scattered feathers and wings Litter the ground in small piles of forlorn flight Discarded plumage thrown down Melting into the grass Shifting into mud Becoming one with the ground it once defied
The sick, twisted thoughts of a sweet, innocent girl... Yeah, that's me,  thinking of how depression is eating my soul, Biting on my personality and gnawing on my broken heart,
It is the glue that holds dreams together,
Listening to every depressing song on the radio Praying for stregth to recover from you being gone My memory is so clear Life is supposed to be longer In an instant I watched you disapear
Through sufferance let your body yearn for commitment to abolish any obstacles that may have bolted your doors to succ
Deletion.  Every single one gone.  The memories are fading away.  No way of looking back into the past. No young faces nothing but a faded thought.  Deleted forever, what once was is now gone.
My sanity hangs in the balance as I write. I fill the page with a world born of darkness and light. Of a universe centered at the very tips of my fingers. It flows from my mind in smooth streams of conciousness
Mom and dad  I like boys  and sometimes I like girls  Mom and dad I don't believe in a god I believe in many gods Mom and dad  I want to go to college  I want to get away from here 
We all yearn for happiness
  I am black and beautiful 
I find that as a writer I'm not very good At using colorful language Or creating vivid imagery In a person's mind With only words. I'm really good at black and white Cut and dry and to the point
Backseat dreaming, Hands curled lazily into my lap, Sunglasses resting on my nose, Headphones on at half blast, as PR News blares so loud I’m sure the car next to us can hear it. There’s no foot room.
I wont stop trying to walk on water, Even if i cannot swim. Not because of fear i won't Lose all my dreams and hopes
"I've learned that people will forget what you've said, people will forget what you've did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." Wise words from a wiser woman, the activist in her inspired a poet.
He was gone before I could meet him Still, I knew him The pictures hung on the wall Lonely.   The scenic views he saw His passion apparent in every stroke Charcol smeared and painted
1 John 4:9-11 In this the love of God was made manifest among us, th
Like a puppet with ripped strings I hang limp from a tree that is rooted in bad seeds. I have no direction and no recollection of anything but the present. Everything else is blocked out and I always want to shout.
When you walk upon this Earth...every seed, grain of dirt, leaf, flower, weed, patch of grass, dot of sand, piece of ice, snow, rock, mud; all that you step upon is now part of your trace.
Happy What Is It? They say Its money They say Its not money What is Happy? They say Its family They say its marriage What is Happy? Is it light? Is it dark?
  O goddess fair, enthroned and seated high Above my weary head and earth-bound soul
Waiting for a gentle push In a direction I do not know Surrounding everything But nothing 
I dont ask that you walk in my shoes, or feel my pain, or overcome these issues. My fight is my own. Im built to survive. I live to succeed, and I write to thrive.  
My mind rose, my heart pose,
  I can't explain the things that I'm feeling right now   My mind, my body, my soul are being bombarded with poisenous thoughts   I'm being ripped apart into a million little pieces  
like the flower, so blooms inspiration. roses only grow from fertile clay... thoughts, from a fecund imagination.   insights spring from fruitful contemplation while new buds grow with the sun's warm rays.
Let me describe them to you They are sticky sweet like mango juice And tangy tart like my favorite pineapple They drip sugary goodness all over my lips and fingers Like when you bite into a summertime watermelon
-There I was.
I’ve known you for a while now You and I are close friends  We’re best friends I’ve noticed how you have changed from a sad little girl into a mature young woman People made fun of you They hurt you
With your mind be let you dreams be inspired. Just know that perseverance is required. Cause one spark can start a forest fire.
Shh. They can't hear you. Shh. You can't talk about that. Shh. What will everyone think? Shh. No! Ring the alarm, bang the pots, scream out loud!
It's always a good time for a drink.       Drank            Drunk Easy girls and wasted guys make it all the much easier to point a finger blaming a solo cup of bubbles and warm beer.
the love between us
I’m sorry fatherSometimes I forget to pray
We all have problems So who are you to come at me Did you ever think that there could be a possibility that i understand In spite of what you have come to "know" We are the same, having a bad day
No one sees, no one speaks, no one listens to the mind of the weak. not here, not there, nor anywhere can this heart bear this pain. I cant breathe. I cant get past. This emotion, this judgment
Inspiration, that imperial feeling toward yourself, to express yourself, while addressing yourself with the things you do to the people who see only to judge, judge, judge you for your rights or w
You do not have to shimmer to be gold Look at Frida Kahlo, in all of her glory People look at her, unibrow and all And she is well known and liked She didn't pluck, wax, or tweeze
The question that repeats in most minds that asscioate with me, tends to get rather tiring. "WHY  DO YOU LIKE TO WRITE SO MUCH?" " I like to write because it helps me." *que questionble face and they walk away and talk about me and ask others if I
I have a fear A fear of falling Heart is calling Wanting you Body is trembling Hands are shaking Eyes are longing Mouth is wispering no Dying inside Of you not knowing You
Chicago a city full Of industrial mountains and people with Hope.   Wind, storms, and Fires touch the city. But the Passion, Support, and Hope Never Dies.  
Is it mine to keep? I wonder and weep. Should I change my ways? I do not wish to disobey. Shackled is my heart in this decision, For the future is a blurry vision. The path I seek, is it labeled for me, Does good conquer all deeds?
At times I feel its best to let everything be decided by fate. Sitting in the sidelines whatching what'll happen next peering at the world as I procastinate  
I am more than just/ a face in the crowd/ I have a voice / and I want to be heard / Beyond the reaches of Northern New Jersey / the world in which I live / I want all to know / that I am not just an average Joe / I am Joseph Conciatori / a poet,
When I look at myself in the mirror and think that I could destroy the world and graffiti the sky              all in a single day I leave my makeup drawer untouched and wear bright red converse
I am better at writingthan making a verbal speechso don't expect me to preach
Art,abstracted aesthiticSketching, painting, sculpting.Let the creativity flowcraftily.
Death is dead! Death is dead!This is what everyone cries aloud and cheer,It relieves many hearts of agony and fear,
Death is dead! Death is dead!This is what everyone cries aloud and cheer,It relieves many hearts of agony and fear,
Believe To Achieve To Beleive You Must Achieve Over Come Fears And Regrets Stress Or Non-Stress
  A writer in math class Words on my paper, don’t know what they say.
I was born without the invitation of saying hello, yet you might say I was blind from rejection. I guess it was too hard to live a life of deception.
Drowned by outgrown adulthood, haikus wither to dull-inked veins that curl and  snap under pressure of another member laid to rest.    Like bones, syllables line the ground, curling bending as 
I am forever trapped in the storm of iniquity Lightning flashes Tunder ulvulates Wind wraps around my body like a whip Rain splashes agaist my face My heart pulsate with every lasting second
If minutes passed like hours, you'd never have gone away. 
He said yo midget but I kept on walking little did he know I went home and cried myself to sleep
Ill are your rhymes? I don't have the time To listen to this nonsense. Got any cents? Cause I need to make some change. Perhaps my brain, rearrange
It doesn't make sense, how someone so young, Would hate themselves so much And feel so unloved. We pay respect to the dead, But why not to the living? Why do we only care,
All I wanna do is play, But I'm watching the days pass away, And although you don't give me toys to chew, Master I will always love you,   You walk in the door and I'm happy,
Strings attached Playing puppeteer with nimble fingers and old, vivid nightmares   I'm your puppet darling   Strings attached Center with each, individual, socket
Everyday I a clumsily wake up and see, what a great and wonderful world exists around me.
Words cannot express the emotion in my body Like the rush of water crashing into the rocks  My aspiration to talk is shadowed by humility Clinching my fists and shuttering in fear
Inspire yourself to create inspiration It’s not as easy as it sounds Through strife and pain Greatness is found In oneself and in one’s eyes We survive and we move on We choose what’s important
confident yet insecure
My mind has an emotion that feeds of my heart For what I feel it expresses in words It is not scripted to what it must be But simply just wright's from what my heart tells thee It dances to life with creativity
I try but the words don't come For once, I'm rendered speechless
  It was an instant goodbye I began to cry I lost a friend  Oh Dear God, why?  
“English Major” Just a mouthful of syllables Only a small bite that their teeth grind to dust Which they pour down my throat with a disapproving smirk To them, it gushes with the bitter taste of a prison sentence
Dear Ladies,
I come from a family that didn't have much Seems like each day the road would get tough The rain would never let up but through it all I kept my head up Because i new one day there would be a blue sky
As I lie here on my bed, I can't help but think of all the lies I've been fed.
Your fear freezes your ability to see my dreams Your fear keeps me trapped and unhappy Your fear is determined for me to follow the masses Your fear is soul crushing
We live in a world where society rules most of us  We create groups to isolate our selfs from larger crowds We figure that if we stay away from the people who try and change us then we cant be changed
the highs and lows of your  words all lead to my dismay,
Writin' this for Power Poetry, Hopin' that they notice me, And I hope to see this scholarship, Cause man these loans, They make me sick, Emptied pockets,
MOM patient with the biggest heart <3 a care for others even after all they done wrong   gossip with intentions to cure any situation i honor your beauty,ease you have with words are a sensation
Dirt on the flowers Smudges on the mirror Scars on a face Not all as they appear   Some turn and run Others point and jeer For what's on the outside Is all there is to cheer  
Movies and films are much more than just fun. films that reveal victims that are more than done. i want to be a director that shares their dismay, I'll show how good wins but how evil still poisions the day.
I push and I push,
Looks are deceiving 
From the moment I saw you, I knew you were a heartbreaker.
whilst the trees , royal and majestic slept through the dark,
It's 12:10am as i write this my darling insomnia fueling my abyss feeling cool and calm as music fills the air though as calm as i feel i can't ignore my thoughts the thoughts that i can't bear
They call me 2 chairs Alls i get is deep stares Feelin like im commonly confused
  I am from the midnight sunset dreamt on by angels From a cut in half oak tree residing on a corner I am from the machine made earthquake that rocks the beds and frightens the children
 I am young and fierce; I am tall and strong; To some I am feared, and they say I don't belong; Yet I have a place on earth, and I have a voice;
Full of knowledge I received Rooted deep in earth I didn’t have to travel I am the inner cup Half full kind of tree I listen to remember Listen to the wind Who carries stories
Black and White, for some that is all there is the stark constrast of good and bad, right and wrong, rich and poor, thick and thin.  What ever happened to gray? to shade, to shadow,
When you see my half smile and bright eyes from a flattering upward , slightly to the left, angle...what you cannot see is more important. The pain my heart and hurt in my veins do not flush to my cheeks or surface on my skin.
it keeps us alive our eyes glow, our hearts beat. No matter the distance, as long as it is not within us. embrace the mystical mystery that plays like a musical.    
I can go for days
Are you staying true to the dream of the adolescent you?
This man is my light, my rock, my shinning star and setting sun,
I was going to kill myself on April 12th April 12th I don’t know what it was about that date that stood out for me Maybe it was the odd symmetry of it…4/12/14
I can admit that I'm not the same person as I was when I was young I feel my experiences have raised me  Shaped me, into the person I have become Through all the talent shows
The streets are empty. Life turns shallow this time of night.  The stop lights continue to change,  but there is no one around.  The beauty of it remains, but the sadness takes shape. 
between the lines across my forehead
The rush of the wind is like the blood of the earth, And the chime from afar is calming. The crickets are crying, Serenading the sky, As the trees oblige to the wind's calling.
What is society To you and me? No, What is society? You and me.   Socius, societas, society. Comrade, friend, ally. How far we have come.  
  I love the media. It’s interesting and fun and keeps us all connected, on one page. But don’t get me wrong… I don’t enjoy the propaganda, the mendacious ads and suffocating numbers,
Flowing among the thousand words. I feel my mind begin to swirl, The tiny thoughts inside my head Begin to form into a thread. A thread that continues to swirl and twirl,   
Forty poems later but for you this is number one, read this and I’ll show you more to come. Dear lord give me the confidence, this girl’s got me in the power trip.
Dont forget about me, dont forget where you came from,
Eighteen score years ago, a cradled crying baby - who was given an enlightened path - was born
Broken people,Lost and delirious.Where to go from here?Their empty, colorless eyes look at me,Begging for relief.For sympathy.I am continually saddened by their state,
I dream of having a voice traveling the world to see the ways of people in other countries live to write about what I come across and the observations I have made  
I think about you every now and then You're not my friend No you're too akward, even to pretend I guess it's whatever   So shy and sweet, until she crys and you're not there to sweep her off her feet.
Got to be true to myself if im true to no other
I have a house I call my own, within a white cerebral sky. It’s lively and it flows, but someday it’ll die.                                   Splattered with pink, red, and white,
Someday we shall meet and everything will fall in place, without the any notice and your arrival and be unexpected, when I have fallen you will be there to help me back up,
What is life? Living in a country where freedom is the key Yet, being told what to do till you die Being expected to be perfect Being expected to become rich Yet, you get critizied by the color of you skin
As we stare into each other's eyes
I am the first in my family to go to college I just wish I can get more acknowledge I consider myself smart  But I can be very critical on myself for the most part I am an independant women who has many goals
We all have those days. Those days we feel like nothing. We just want to sleep forever. Maybe you haven’t felt that yet. I have. You just stare at the wall. You think about everything.
Into the mist
 turn up the volume
Here I am, More dead than alive, But there you are taking a stand,   Here I am, More asleep than awake, But there you are taking a stand,   Here I am, Ready to be with you,
The Sun, high and mighty in the sky.We see it everyday yet people don't note it's complete power over us.While most see it as an object in the sky, I gaze upon it as a harbinger of hope.
I am someone who never gives up, fighting for what I believe in, fighting through dangers I face:
When the sun shines through the clouds and the world seems to glow.
The layered glory and weakness, The wounded and the broken, Finally receive good news. Some of the lost have been found. Some of the dying have been saved. Some of the bad have been beaten.
Life is to be heard. It you don't take a chance, why are you living?
I miss 
I just want someone who will be simply content by my side. Someone smart and funny. Who will be happy having me, flaws and all.
Black darkness.  1:34 a.m. Thinking of you: Good morning. I miss you. But then I remembger you have embarked on a journey that I am no longer part of. But still -  Good morning. 
Missed you today. It's been a while. 
You live to be loved, but what is there to love when so many are wanting to survive and do not have  the heart to stop and think - if they were to love, it'd be okay, It'd be okay.
I remember how much it hurt, I recall the betral, I can still feel the pain. The hurt of your smiles, smiling as if everything's the same. I saw it coming, I just never got around
They come and go, as they always do. Some linger longer than others. And yet others  still are oblivious. But who can blame human nature? Stay detached.
As I try to grasp upon this abstract feeling within me, "butterflies" as they call it, bewildered by the tension pressuring my cells running through me, pumping wildly and surging through my veins,
Lost of air... that's the feeling. Loss of heart, and  the loss of care. It's the loss of the part you used to hold, the loss of the feelings you thought you had shared, It was 'mutual'.
You fill my veins with poison, you drive my mind insane, It's you who leave me  unwanted, my soul so filled with pain. I try to walk away, forget you, I try to never look backm
I didn't mean to fall in love, like how you didn't mean to  say goodbye, Like how you didn't mean to find another, another perhaps better than I. I didn't mean to fall in love,
love love is a distinguished feeling a true feeling it can be imagined but better when experienced love is pure love is kind love is found in the deepest barriers love is unexpected love is bright
There are seven billion people on this planet that I have yet to meet, and one hundred ninety-five countries I have not visited. Yet I am stuck in this insignificant town,
Time FreezesPupils Dilated
Living out of bags Going from friends to friends When Life gets this bad When It ends, It ends You put the buzzed to the side Cause you know they've lost your mind And the world says you lost
If you wan
I am the secret adventures through the woods.I am the distant sounds of singing.I am the late night games of tag with childhood friends.I am the voices intertwining to become one song.
What is Love? Is it fair? When one loves someone, yet the other doesn't care. Is love a war? Is love a fight? Is love worth all those sleepless nights?
Can't you see words hurt? Does it make you feel better? When you say hateful things, Or put others down for your comfort. Others have feelings too, times where we want to be done.
Is it possible to see the outlines of a rainbow,
In those few peaceful seconds, it was just me and the world.
I'm lost and confused, I've been mistreated, I feel used, I fall in love and get refused.
You know the feeling... The one where you swear you could fly when you're around that one person yes that one of it is painful yet we seem to go through that pain again and again why?
One job may change my life.
  Sometimes, I feel I am zero. That I am nothing. Worthless, empty, an entity with no value.  
Subliminal messages being fed to our brains
the date looks like tally marks and that would make sense to a man like you   logic reads every word for you and your biggest fan is a mathematician   you smile at me
Your arms wrap around my waist. Mine hold your neck. You pull me tight, And lift me off my feet. The smile that lights my face is permanent, It won't go away. The seconds feel like minutes
My heart races with every thought of you
If you had a nickel for everytime  I cared, you would be rich. Richer than a millionaire.   So let me be that man who hands you the coin everytime I entertain you or annoy.
When I was five I was asked Roberto, what do you want to be? What do you see your self being when you're older?
You never know what the future will bring you nor do you know who will be there when you wake, life is a game of risks and chances the real question is how do we handle the grasp of it
You came without warning, and I thank you
I don't wanna go no where I just want to stay right here feel the love is this room and only feel it with you se your smile so bright and the glow in your eyes I see my forever
If I were to change something big or small Would it be my height? Sometimes I were I were small But this would only please myself temporarily No, have confidence. I AM TALL  
I was just 19 when i finished highschool and didnt quite know if i could get into a good school. The ambition I have put me on a higher level then my peers making me realize that i can make it without having fears.
When did she become more than just a breeze?
An ageless voice echoes Like light upon water; Reflection: When a mind recovers
There once was a bird who wanted to fly. She wanted so badly to sore the sky. But she had a few bent feathers. They said theyw ill stay that way forever. Sometimes all she wanted to do was cry.
I find it impossible To tell the world you love somebody Until you truly know The color of their eyes  And I don't mean The generic Birth certificate answer Her eyes are not blue
  Ran By heart             Go in new             Not as old             Be bold             Leap with hope                         Being dope
If I could,
My pen gliding against the paper Drawing out my words A voice thats unknown, A desire to be heard Music, art, writing, A mind full of words, A voice of meaning, And the hatred of lying
I sit here 
You You and your eyes that capture me  A memory A picture  
A religion based on the belief that god exists in writing, pouring your life onto paper to recieve enlightenment to a place so inviting.
Such fools
What is a stereotype? The god fearing religious girl Who has an addiction to a razor and suicidal thoughts?  The blond blue eyed cheerleader who has an eating disorder  And a dad that beats her?
  Why hesitate? Is it getting late? Are you scrutinizing the clock to wait for the time in which it will shut the gate? Why so quick? Do not fall for life’s stupid trick!
To forget...To love...To heal Love cannot be earned nor learn I am thankful that you never left But it's time for you to go Smile just like the way you used to smile with me
When your used to speeding through life, As I have done in such a short time, Running every stop sign, Shifting up through red lights, Ignoring every sign of caution, Total disregard for the consequences,
A three year old said "i love my mommy"A six year old said "i love my toys"But, what is love?A 1en year old said "i love my friends"A fifteen year old said "i love him"
Your love knotsare tied aroundmy heart
Dreams come true If I’m willing to reach them My future will be blue If I do nothing to complete them Everything can change By doing things that I enjoy By looking at what I can do
It's just one jobnothing more nothig lessIt's just one jobIm going to get itIm better than him, way more qulified than her, no chance on them.but it's just one jobThat's not what having me was for
life is like a canvas u add paint chage the color make the design but with this canvass you are never sure on how the canvas would look or how people will percieve it
I would kill for a pill that would make me feel, So happy inside,  Fill me with pride and confidence, If someone offered it to me, I'd happily agree to take it with me,
I lay still Still I lay While they look down at me   I am dressed in satin. With my hair just so And a rose within my grasp   Their eyes do cry They cry from their eyes
It happens
My dream is my job Where I get to travel and creat and invent Oh, no, no ,no, child They say No, you must get a job that makes money   Singers make money And they do what I love
We are defined Not by the hearts that beat within us
Those long nights You believed would never end, Filled with tears and fright That push you from the mend, Will one day join together By the hand of God on high, And become a feather,
Down and I mean really down,under the facad of reality,under the illusions of life.Under what man percieves to be right and wrong.
One, Two, Three, Four, are you eager for it's shore? The pale face rises into night, soldiers stand watch with eyes of glimmer and shine.  we stand watch on the woods of our sailors
A sad girl Who's been heartbroken and left to soak in her own tears. Left to drown without any support in her own fears.  
Dream job? Dream job? Where are thou?
            It is the sound of hushed breathing. It is the rhythmic silhouette of strides, the perfectly choreographed dance. It is the way that the summer sunlight creates small crystals in the hanging spider webs.
  It’s the name of the game the power of change It’s the posers and the lame those who stay the same When you look in the mirror and you see nothin’ but the lies fed to us since childhood,
"Resist" she screams running from ash Broken and torn but not turning back
We come to You with all the right intentions, But the moment we set off they burn to pieces. And it's only now that I realize, Just how far I've fallen from You. In Your spotlight, I become convicted,
A whisper here a hush there I feel the wind run through my hair It tells me tales of our wondrous land Of the lost good of the kind man He helped the poor and strengthened the weak
As I lay d
The transcript: 
I go to succeed, to get my degree, then life slams the door. With death, with hardships. So young. Then I pick back up and get knocked back down. By who? Obstacles. But I stood up to inspire.
My dream job, to help people, to put my life on the line for others, to protect the people from dangers of crime
i look back and see the pain you brought me i must forgive you in order to move on. just another chapter in my life that beginning with a brighter start. we learn to forget only if we forgive.
I'm a pacifist. But I have been in my share of battles. The enemy? Myself.   Merciless self-destruction, and a murderous mind Sending bombs of hate, and landlines of lies.  
With just a little change, our society could thrive if we used our full potential, possibilites reach the sky the potential we all have, but seem to throw away could be the difference in, living a different way
Her name is not what matters. Our first encounter was on my 12th birthday. Her magnificent tune chimed throughout the house as she uttered her first words-- Sweet chirps blended with trickling waterfalls
See I have this thing I do; I write. Most people say I can’t do it forever but I don’t see why not, See it lifts me up so high above the clouds it changes your life,
These big and strong trees Have a great tunnel like view with their evergreen leaves
Books Are made of up sweet-smelling ink and paper That are so saturated with potential They are weapons My hands ache to weave a tapestry with silk threads of words
you look at me with soft brown eyes
I sometimes pride myself in the way I speak The way I walk With strength and perseverance, Determination.    People tell me, “You're a fighter,’ Strong Amazing
Love .... One of the craziest words in the dictionary.
Becoming a nurse. Being the helping hand. Reaching out. Going beyond. Stepping out. Leaving the country. Helping others. Make the change. Be the change. Be the helping hand.
The death of so many hurts worse than how many are infected. Why do you pollute? Can't you see what you're killing? Through my bloodstream and I become infected.
I lay in the sun with lemonade, run till' im soaked inthe rain, dance with no rhythm, and I eat what pleases my taste buds. My friends said: "How does she do it?" I replied: "you'll never know untill"...
dewdrops of God's tears, don't you feel sad? wash away the mask on your face, and release the truth within. I said: I don't wan't to cry for my sins.  
i was never as strong as Them She fought a long battle, where i could only last for a short time
can't you see her eyes? like a caramello down on gumdrop lane, I succumb to your sweet treats. Hair as icing on a birthday cake, guess I'm lucky. Body as full as a lucious apple,
Sway with my boulders and broad shoulders, swiftly as trees and as good as bees, you and me should be a team. Footsteps like rocks but attractive as tater tots. Whether it's the arch of my back,
Ever thought of me tot? maybe if I bicker and tinker and be a stinker you'll tot on my thought you spotted pot. Dare ya to try and out smart my thought!
Used like a toy for laughs, abused till' the brain stews, left as an abandoned child. Why do this to me dear?
He lifts me up even when I  deserve to have fallen I constantly seek this faith and he guides me to my calling He is an awesome God with plans for my better He is my shelter in stormy weather
The nights were long  and lacked of rest, my head: aching, my body: tense. The cold air and cold stone made my firing hope dim and flicker, and I needed a kindle. As always,
The lights go up, the mics are readySet up the camera, nice and steady“Quiet on set!” Ready for the showAll prepared, waiting for my go.
I spend my days avoiding mirrors.
I have become a nobody,I am on a road to nothingness.This road is made of pills and blades,
The mysteries of the mind elude the untrained,
In a room full of people,I look around me.These people are silent,& They cannot see.Their mouths are sown shut,to keep them for talking.About the secrets they hear,
You are my role model, my brother, my friend You have always been here for me I have always admired you And as you grow older I grow older too Day by day i've watched you change
Little girl,
Art relates to me. Art is the creative skill and imagination presented to the world. Every stroke of paint an artist adds on a canvas, every stitch a designer puts in a piece of clothing
At First is was all smiles and Hi's Shy looks away Trying not to get caught looking anyway Confusion, fear of rejection I’ve never felt like this before, though So how do I know how I feel?
The noose had been tightening around my neck Or more specifically, my waist As my skin began to seemingly Melt from my bones I found myself trapped in a terrible cycle
I am bumped and shoved, Yet somehow that doesn’t affect me. I love New York. It’s where I belong. Getting caught in the hustle and bustle that the city life has to offer, That’s what I want.
Creative expression is all I see, but how can it be, for the world to see? To see the world that I do see, I create my world for thee. Poly by poly my world takes shape, My stories, my dreams, my fantasies create.
My dream is help athletes.  Heal their injuries and ease the pain. Give them tips on how to gain their strength back. Filling a bag with freezing, cold ice.  Heating up a pad for a sore back. 
My career will not become my cause Rather my change will be my life’s law To choose a job that will always galore Only can be received through the divine This job is to pore out his love’s open door
The power to create, To enable, To relate, To deliver a message, To celebrate, To create a world, To give image to thought, To give reason to rhyme, From the collective pot,
Trap in the black, warp in the dark. A world bathed in gray and black, its tearing me apart. My mind is concealed afraid to reveal.  Inside me all, my difference is what I seal.
Life is unfair The adults all preach it But it takes so long for you to believe it You ride the waves Until the board breaks
When I first saw you In that room of yours You were just a person, Nothing but a ship passing in the night But to me you were something else Only for a while. Soon I let your ship pass,
To have goals is to believe you can do it. Reaching for the unimaginable is tough, especially since it is never imagined.
These scars tell my past
What's UNDER the ARMOUR? What's inside the shell? What stirs up the STORM? What causes the swell? When times get tough, Do I run and then hide? Or do I stand up and fight,
Revised. Oh how I'm looking forward to the future But what if I FAIL? I don't want to be a Loser But only time will tell What if I get a job and I don't like it? I guess I won't know until I try it
Arise, arise Caesar said, as he addressed his troubled nation. You all agree that mighty Rome, is in need of a new foundation. For nor you or I can dignify, the recent struggling peace,
Style <------------ Well, that's not quite arranged yet...Set in depth through the cool waters of t-shirt & jeans...Easy enough appearing skinny and a "cutie" whispered...listening through the eyes of certain guys....
Why do this thing where we live life, when one day we will not wake up? Why get out of bed every morning to drag our feet on the ground? What impact can I have, little me to this big world. Why try? 
When I reach for the pen and paper, and begin to write/ Do I write about what’s right or mainstream it to tight/ One brings fame while the other brings respect/ I guess the only way to impress is to show intellect/
All day Flowing, flying Through the shadows Of my Very Being. Thinking. Wanting To escape And find a Temporary home To stay in. Flying, flowing.
youth pastor thats what i wana be the kids are the future and i want to show that Jesus loves them that all they got to know follow the book he gave us to read
Why do women cry? Could it be the pollution in the air? Or is it that they are in despair? Every women cries for this or that reason
Promised since a young age.Looked forward tobut taken away suddenly.Taken so suddenly that it leaves aSPACE.A deep, empty space that burns
I grew up believing poor was a four letter word an
My job is change your life. It is to make sure you're still trying and in the game. Don't give up because someone says so or more so if the voice inside your head is telling you No.    
Seek out the meadows             Upon this day             Into the night             Come out upon my sight             As silent as a ghost            
One O to another             Having blessed vigor             And stunning figure             You stand out             Just right about            
Just a Friendly Tiding             Far I am from you             My Brother of blood             Years have passed many days             Since we last spoke unto one another
Rebecca Shane               Riveting steel talons             Slung over your shoulders             Blood red blotches             Stain your soles  
Empathy is better than sympathy, sympathy is the back bone in "common courtesy". However, in this 2014 world, humans seem to deny and reject the love each one deserves.
To be the one to make it all ok, to be the one who can wipe those tears away. My dream has always been the same,
Reading develops the mind.  It controls you and changes you. Reading a book is an adventure, that all should take a ride on. Reading an inspirational piece is something that makes you grow. 
Find YOURSELF Place a foundation of POSITIVITY Add a abundance of
Any job would change my life Since I am way too young to be a wife I dream to work for international law I would fight for what is right with every tooth and claw. I would at least need a doctoral degree
Death, pain, and sorrow. That's all that seems to follow.
When we are little we dream The sea the sky the stars are all limitless We are little we dream with no boundaries   Those dreams may lead to where we end Or they may let us simply begin
If not today, then someday. I want to be the modern day Shakespeare. I wanna wake up with my heart pounding because my job gives me a rush of adrenalin, for I know my job would leave a long lasting cultural impact.
  Little ant in the hole, Go dig like a mole, Little ant in the hole, Don’t go explore.   For you do not know what is out there, The unknown is forbidden, and that is why it is evil.  
Lights camera action. We are the people who bring dreams to life. With a deft slight hand we create a brand of image that only we can imagine. If we can dream it we can make it
My feet take me wherever I go, my feet take me far. I have Deep Deep pains, large bruises, and scars. So wherever I go, I know my feet will take me, Job of dreams, smiles and glee.
An addict,  Thats been the lable i've worn like a badge for four years. I can not sit here and tell you that I am remorseful of the struggles of my past , they've made me the person I am today.
I grew up with nothing no money, no family, no friends, no future.  It was for those things that I believed I'd be drunk on my couch every night, rather than going somewhere. 
How do you see a voice?   Is it sharp and smooth? Is it distiguished and elegant? Is it happy and full of hope perhaps? Does it have brown skin? Peach skin? Skin covered in freckles?
It's a man's world,  They say with a cocked eyebrow and a daring smirk of superiority. I've heard that one before. Faced that fight. It's nothing I'm afraid of.  
A job equals money Ain't it funny? But there goes your time An asset most prime. Don't want to sit behind a desktop When my body wants to shoo-bop A job like the Grease greasers
A world now not a world then Forever changing only time may mend A days work never unrewarded True lives and words unspoken Ties between those prepared to be broken At that I take my leave as a token
Strands of DNA, unraveling before my eyesthe mysteries of life, a miracle unplannedtiny particles unmarred by societysparkling stars scattered within the minutethriving gems to make a heart beat
The eyes glare at me I stare back All hope receeding Just stuck there.   Not one to give up I go on Paintbrush touches lips I push it.   Revealing the truth
Needing money for college to study finance to teach others how to save money for college.
Huh! She jolts upwards Blood rushing
They say that if you do what you love you will never work a day in your life. But  what if you love to things , can a person  combine both passions. I have deep roots and
They say that if you do what you love you will never work a day in your life. But  heat if you love to things , can a person  combine both passions. I have deep roots and
the bookworm knows where to find her favorite book amass the novels wedged between
Cold stares, crying children Dirty looks and those of pity Sadness, fear, and depression They all tie together in this city   But everything could change Starting with just a smile
  i wonder when it happened to me the sweet Innocent girl is no longer me piled high with insecurity why couldnt i see what a monster i've become with no identity did it change gradually
Ive always had such a passion for little kids seeing them running around and laughing. The joy of them has always put a smile on my face their smiles make me feel a warm fuzzy feeling.
If I could change something, it'd be my generation. I'd give them some common sense and even more motivation. I'd bless them with the initiative it to took to build this land
This one’s for every cheesy moment. For every “no one understands.” For every cheeky little child with a wish that could fill an ocean. For every sap story that has already been done before.
The sky's painted a contrasting shade of blues and purples Even red sneaks in for sunrises and sunsets Yellow brightens  Green isn't included Should it be? People are contrasting shades
My mind belongs to movies. Being behind the camera is where I want to be for all blockbuster movies. Dreaming of filming in Hollywood.
Judgment, The agowilt that consumes a weak cognizance.   Layers of musky mourning mount upon the unsuspecting,
Papery skeletons of age-old trees moldering in bindings wrinkled well,
Papery skeletons of age-old trees moldering in bindings wrinkled well,
Words are the ammunition for the wars we encounter in our lives. But what happens when someone has no voice, no way of standing up for themself?
Dreams, big or small let it wander beyond expectations and conquer upcoming fears. My dreams, please grant me with one simple wish: make me a teacher,
Why doesn't depression have a face? Like the boy sitting alone Or the girl who cries herself to sleep?
To know that someone who used to love you with all their heart and all their being and now they don't. To know that you were once pretty much their whole world and to know now you're not.
one job to get where I want to be have no worries, I can be free one job will get you out of debt noone will make any threat  one job to see someones face brighten
One job can change your entire life. We all have a "dream job", or maybe just something we want to do without geting paid.
You have heard it said so many times Each time I hear it my determination climbs Chase your dreams don't let them get away For if you do in the end you will pay So go out in the world and make a name for yourself
Lets write poetryAllow my words to penetrate your linesSoftly whisper the scratches of pen on paperuntil I have fully covered you in inkAllow me to be your guide
You say you hate Death,But death is a friend of mine
All life does is spin and spin. The constant motion, the endless attempts- To be Noticed, To be Felt, To be Alive and Free.
Beyond the world I create for myself, is another. A multitude of verses that all do sing their own song's. Hoping, praying, that others would listen to their verses.
I met you once on the side of the road you were walking in no particular direction You said your name was wanderer  and you were searching for an end   At night you slept looking at your compass
As I look into the world, there is so much that I can change.
It is the championship game and more than what the stadium could contain came with glorifying support oh how baseball is a lovely sport; The harmonious chords rang as the National Anthem was sang
There we stood face to face neither one daring to flinch The mirror howling screaming in agony its cries growing more and more and even more intense
The delicacy of smoke unravels into rivers of gentle flows. Oh! How the appearance resembles that of a shooting star in broad daylight;
Aspire to Inspire someone the meaning of life Aspire to Inspire someone the cosequences of strife YOLO, you only live once But what about the golden days when we would write to one other?  
Picking at her bloody wounds There she hides inside her room Reliving that awful night Shes sinking, drowning, drenched in frieght tears stain her mournful eyes wishing what she heard were lies  
Kindness is helping make plans, pushing to chase dreams It's helping to throw a pebble in a racing stream.  The pebble doesn't stop the stream, but when it's joined by two or three it makes a difference can't you see.
Below Apache Point Take a peek across the dry open ocean, A powerful and inspiring landscape. Reach out and Feel, Simple Harmonic Motion,  as it beautifully embellishes the firey escape.  
To Walk a Mile in the Rain
Taunt fingers touch the stringsAll musings of pain forgottenWeightlessly they float over and againIn a delicate repetitious pattern 
What made me want to go to college? I do not think anyone would believe me if I told them. Would you believe me if I told you I have a negative inspiration as well as positive inspirations? Crazy huh?
Imagine I had the power to change anything in the world Not the stereotypical status quo kind of change like world peace But...
Sit down. Look around. A rough day in the city. Or small town. You look forward to those days. Friday.
Short Skirt, seven inches above the knee Long acrylic nails and pedicured feet Half shirt top, exposing of the breasts, Just covering the face with makeup, not caring about the rest
You are my woman, my dream, my desire You are my crown, my diamond, my jewel of inestimable value. Your emergence into my life brought me sunshine on a cloudy day
Child:                                                                                                           Echo:      
  After failing to uncover inspiration For the 52nd time in one hour You begin to question your worth Confront the illogical comparisons   Remind yourself;  you are not Mozart
What gets me inspired? Damn, I don't really know guess this prompt has been really eye-opening though. I'm just sitting here with some writer's block, if I can make this poem creative I'll be in shock.
I walk through the Valley of Darkness alone Nothing was ever there to call my own   It's a long way down when you're up so high But still I told myself that bittersweet lie  
A poem is usually composed from an inspiration a thought, an event, a person, just something that causes a sensation a sensation that you feel throughout you.   You are the reason for your poem
  Drifting silently
I have never found more inspiration Than in the cliff that I stood upon Ready to throw my body off  But the cliff stood still  Patient  There was nothing that it could say 
I have inspiration; I just can’t put it together. I have dreams; I just don’t know where to begin. I have hope; I just don’t show it.
There was a man That wrote but not He believed that stories could be changed Though the man could not  
I still remember that night, I let loose my greatest fears. I still recall the fright, And my pilow drenched in tears. Like a lump on a log it grew,
There are days I wish I could move My own mountains Days I wish I could fix Broken bones and tattered clothes With my own force of will And invisible strength But I can’t
Many of us have doubt when we see that God is taking too long to answer, many of us do not seek the kingdom first and wonder why all the other good things aren't coming we tend to lean on our own understanding which means not Trusting in the Lord
I know a boy who thinks too much
We all have song in our hearts. Many are afraid to be heard. Some people do not sing. No, they do not sing a word.   Why would someone hold back,
a day that passes is flowing
The power to change. The possibilities to achieve. How many lives can be touched?
Dedicated In Memory of Tim McCormick 
Blood boiling in my veins, body becomes rigid and cold, saying goodbye to the old, when I awaken you see the heart that was taken, peer into my lifeless body numb and still, look into my dead eyes that once held what feeling I felt, now washed aw
From the beginning I fell. 
She's like a rose that grew out of the concrete. My light in a world of confusion. When she opens her mouth to share her knowledge, Its the greatest gift. I liisten, I take in, I keep what she says forever.
A Blank Canvas - thats how it starts.
The girl I should have been is strong. She is beautiful and mighty in every way imaginable. The girl I should have been is extremely disciplined. She will not cheat herself because she
     when i see you broken like a glass vase
I am a king Hope my presence bring I can boastfully sing With a tons of humility   I have the traits of a king
If everyone is an actor, to each his own, why do some leae the performance in the first act? One may think a greater one- a Higher Being, if you will, holds the strings. But Look at your hands.  
  Sitting here with a pencil in hand
My heart is my own. It cannot be told what to do. You cannot tell it where to go. But I can give it to you. My heart is my own.   My mind is own.
  i'll never tire
Half-mad with cold and hungerthe rattling of his cup a gunshot in her ears.She averts her eyes,unable to stare.
Falling, Falling, to my death. Dropping through the clouds. Airplane dropping right next to me to its death.