Unquenched Ache

I Need To Write


There is an ache within my soul;

It is a bitter pain and need.

Sometimes the need gets thwarted,

And then the need consumes.



A fluffy word that people use to sound nice.

Though when one truly expresses,

more than "fluff" comes out.


Sometimes you have to write

And not worry about how it sounds or what it’s like.

Whether it has high vocabulary,

Or in its sentences, diversity.


The feelings can become a mess,

That is what they seem to become,

Has to be dealt with

Or else it becomes like a pot of spaghetti left alone

A sticky, yucky, overwhelming glob.


Acoording to the wise words of my class,

Sometimes you have to write like you mean it.

You have to write what you need to write.

It’s more than a passing “would be nice” feeling;

I need to write.


Thank you Senior-Year English Teacaher and Class who helped me become the writer I am today.


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