I take a look at my life

And realize 

The times I spent


I should have been

Believing in my self 

Not drowning 

Over whelmed asking for help

So, he said

“Are you done dealing with the life that was dealt 


do you realize


pride and ignorance

was the last notch on the belt?”

So you ask yourself

“ Where do I go from here ?”

I’m just a mere

Life is not what it appears 

Struggling to overcome fears

Surrounding myself around

Like peers

One must veer and steer 

From things unclear

“ I adhere !”

Understanding what I’m saying

Is severe yet sincere

Knowing my confusion 

Without fear

Finding my own strength 

Is more far than near

So, I must maintain 

Being a pioneer

Knowingly aware 

He put me here

To persevere 

That’s more than enough

To keep me going from year to year

Look in the mirror 

At how you appear

“ Who do you see ? “

The miracle he created

The countless times

He spared it

Everything you evaded

No  luck!

 be a realist

He payed it!

He’s the reason 

You exist and why he persist

It’s all stated!

This is fact not to be debated!

This is the part where

You smile and get motivated!

Live for you!

Advocate it!

Yes! I am amazing!

Reiterate it!

I can conquer the world!

Let’s celebrate it!


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