"Still I Rise" (my rendition of maya angelou's still i rise)

I may be bruised,

But I’m not broken

I will not let an ugly past

Ruin a beautiful future

Still I rise

Look at me and tell me

What you see

Not someone that’s going to fail

 I will succeed

The gates of hell shall not prevail

And yes the haters will come

 Trying to burn me with their

Lies, hatred, and jealousy

But I learned God will make my

Enemies my footstool

And still I rise


I’m still succeeding

Yet I have people that said

I never would

But there’s no stopping

Me now

I got this, failure’s not an option

In many things I will prosper, but

Entrepreneurship is what I claim

And as far as I’m concerned

I’m going to be the best in Jesus name

I rise

I rise

…….. And still











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