I am Woman



The crows in the corn field wait to feed


From my flesh, they anticipate to meet their needs


They wait for me to fall, to fail, to admit defeat


But I will conquer, I am woman.




I stumble through the grass, the sun on my skin


Like hot coals on soft bronze, sweat beads on my chin


My toes trembling beneath, my knees about to give in


But I will conquer, I am woman.




Dark eyes determined, determined to make it through


My feet fall from beneath me, the crows bid me adieu


But with a cry, I shoo them, and rise to the sun


I will conquer, I am woman.




Step by step, the hilltop comes in sight


My calves swelling with blood, my neck stretched upright


I will not fall to the dirt, not without a fight


Because I will conquer, I am woman.




The night is cool, the sun needs rest


Finally, the weight is off my chest


I stand on my hill top, and embrace the warm dark night


For I have conquered, I am woman.















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