Entering A Void

Thu, 06/20/2013 - 12:11 -- sprice


My life can't be lived by others

So why do many try to control my actions

As I journey forward to a new life

My friend and family make factions


I have no hope for the past

And i have very little for the future

If only she could see

That the jerk she calls her boyfriend doesn't suit her


My thoughts of a new perspective

Gain new life as enter this void

And all my friend and family concider me a nuisance

And get tend to get very annoyed


But life inside the void isn't so bad

I begin to find new hope in this world

As music and art fill these blank walls

A since of respect form and begins to unfold


I see now that I don't need other people to help me do what i want

I can be who i am rather than who i am not

So I exit the void to a whole new world

I find new plan in faith and hope that does not rot



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