You can dream

I can't be there with you, but we can dream.

My eyes filled with tears of hopelessness. My thoughts filled with the pain of judgment. My ears filled with the sound of destruction. My words constantly formed in the way of defense. 

I can't be there with you, but we can dream.

My heart filled with despair. My desire filled with trouble. My success clouded by my past. My joys discarded into the nearest trashcan.

I can't be there with you, but we can dream.

My pain has a reached a limit that I can no longer hold.  A father who constantly changes his mind, a mother who constantly replaces confidence with fear in my mind. A brother who looks for any opportunity to cut me down. A world that beat them down slowly takes it's toll on me. I've turned every cheek, and given away everything that the world has asked from me. I'm lost naked at a fork in the road which the signs have been torn down. Every decision carrying the weight of a thousand elephants. To miss what I have never had is chaotic. But every insane thought which I've had has resulted in the dreams of prosperity. 

We can't be there with you, but you can dream.

Martin Luther King Jr., Malcom X, Ghandi, Mother Teresa, Jesus Christ, Ernest Hemingway, Pablo Picasso, Basqiuat, Fallen Kings, Entombed Pharoahs, Emperors of vast countries, Leaders of a true free world tell me everyday to continue to dream. My dreams are what fuels me and my words are what completes me. After I leave I will be reunited with love and compassion, reaquainted with hope and desire, introduced to success and joy all over again as if it was the first time.

We will be there with, in your dreams...

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