I Write to...


I write.

I write to love,

for the people who do not deserve my love.

I write to feel,

the emotions I do not feel.

I write to express,

so I can release the anger within.

I write to understand,

the things that are past my understanding

I write to have hope,

about situtations that are hopeless.

I write to escape,

to dream place far far away.

I write for the days when my heart is hurting the most. 

I write for the people who cannot write for themselves.

I write for the trust I wish I could give.

I write to make myself better.

I write to heal the wounds nobody else sees.

I write when I am completely happy!

I write when I am completely devestated.

I write for the moments in life that completely fustrate me.

I write so I can live.

I write so things don't hurt as much.

I write because I can!

I write to love because I love to




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