7 billion



There are 7 billion people you will never know

Never know their names

More than 7 billion people

With stories as intricate as yours




And simple habits that you’d bond over

If only you had the chance

Your cashier—has he ever stubbed his toe and thought he was stupid?

The woman in the next lane—

Is there a song that makes happiness bubble up inside her until she’s

Ready to burst?

The high school boy delivering pizza to the couple next door—

How often is he asked

What do you want to do with your life?

And does he ever feel like screaming?

Does he even have an answer?

And his little sister—

What does she think about when she’s brushing her teeth?

The woman seated behind you at the theater—

Does she think you remind her of her cousin whom she hasn’t seen in years?

And if she could say one thing to the whole world

And know we would all listen

What would she say?

And the people you’ll never see

Never interact with—

Why do they get out of bed in the morning?

Would they care if you told them your deepest secret?

And do you have a secret to tell?

Do they believe in a God and if so is He good?

Do they sing rock opera in the shower and do their families yell at them to shut up?

What do they fear the most: apathy or sharks? 

Will they sometimes close one eye for no reason?

If they could choose one person and know them completely inside and out and love them with all their soul who would it be?

And will they be loved in return?


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