When Plans Fall Through


Momma always used to say, “God laughs at the plans you make.”

But that was just a chance I had to be willing to take.


Empathetic, kind-hearted, containing the true values of life

It’s time to step out and take on the next strife.


Going to college working hard for that “A”

Struggling to keep up with your every day to day


Taking on the role of President in the nursing club P.A.I.N.

While volunteering at the hospital, trying to stay sane….


Once you get that letter of acceptance you’re abounding with glee

Finally in nursing school, the future you are able to see


Internships wait in Argentina, Ghana, and even Nepal

Across the globe, you can try to them all 


With 5 years of experience now under your belt,

A second diploma you will be dealt


Your mother’s eyes swell with tears when you walk across the stage

Unbelieving to those who did not imagine you would make it past this page 


With your finances safe from to dangers of student loans

It’s time to get out there and become well known


“You must be the change you want to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi once said

So to Africa with “Doctors Without Boarders” you will now tread.


A year assisting patients’ fight AIDS and other such viruses will do you some good

Facilitating in the creation of a women’s’ clinic-you always knew you would.


It is now the seventh year and you’re back in the U.S.

Time to clean up the American mess


With your positive attitude and education from college

You join the medical field with newfound knowledge


Every day you will see mothers and babies galore

This isn’t a job; it’s something much more.


You’re bringing life into this world; delivering God’s greatest treasure

Causing brand-new mothers newborn pleasure


Always be happy and love what you do

In seven short years look how you grew.

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