Dear Self

You are intelligent

Yet you know nothing

You are full of ideas

Yet you don’t know how to express them well

You are full of wisdom

Yet can be irrational

You are full of love

Yet can be so selfish

You construct thoughts and opinions

Yet you are a paradox

You shape the positivity in me

Yet you can destroy it

You can feel like the happiest person in the world

Yet feel like happiness is only temporary

You can feel pleasure

Yet you tend to also feel disgust

You try to see the good in everyone

Yet shield yourself by being skeptical

You are full of motivation

Yet stop yourself from reaching potential

You want to engage

Yet you avoid it any chance you get

You are full of conflicting emotions

Yet you stay strong

You can be anyone in the world you choose

Yet you choose to be yourself

I am self aware

Yet I continue to learn more about myself each and every day


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