I've been put down

But i don't give anyone a frown

It's irritating

I don't show that it's fustrating

I'm going to be at the top

making people's jaws drop

because they didn't make it to the top

NBA flop

I teach others my techniques

to make them feel unique

not fatigue

I have experience

So i know what is serious

and what's delirious

I'll show you the path

and you'll know the math

to be succesful and potential

its a long road

but you'll make it if you don't hold

and know what you're suppose

You are the technician

for the world's ignition

and don't let others petition

your ambition

because at the end you're the champion

the end




Guide that inspired this poem: 



I believe that nothing is difficult unless you keep trying and set your mind to it.

That's what champions do.

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