Ode To The Moon

They say

Shoot for the moon

Even if you miss,

You’ll land amongst the stars

But I’ve seen the glow of dreams fulfilled

In the crook of your smile

And I know that star’s would never be enough

I empathize with you

As much as a teenage girl can empathize with a celestial body

The way you wax and wane

I understand that we don’t always glow our brightest

But it doesn’t mean that we won’t glow that bright again

I think you’re beautiful

Though your skin is pocked and scarred

Because I know each crater holds a story

Of battles fought and won for the love

Of the infantile planet you guard

I’ve fought wars too

You don’t create your own light

And yet you set the night ablaze

Make clouds into silver as they dance across your sky

My stories may be similar to those written before them

But you give me hope that

I can make them brilliant enough to chase away the dark

You’re so small, in the big picture

A single moon in a solar system constantly expanding

And yet without you the tide would never come

I’m small, too


Looking up at a sky full of giant masses set ablaze

Attempting to burn their way to the end of time

My eyes are always drawn to you

Your silver smile, your sweetly curved surface

The quiet softness of the Queen of the dark

Gives a quiet poet

Something to shoot for

And if I miss,  

I’ll reload and shoot again


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