Who Is He?

Who Is He?


Who is this God that people talk about?

Where does He do His work?

Why is He so important?

That we have to worship Him in church?

What did He do that’s so special?

I really don’t get it at all.

Why do I have to love Him?

When He has done nothing for me?


Well you may think that He doesn’t affect you.

But in reality He does.

For if He did not exist

You would never be here

For the world would not be created

If there wasn’t God to do it

And animals and people

Would never have been so


If God had not created Earth

We would not be here today

Humans would not exist

The galaxy would be none

If God had not been here

To do all that He did

Who knows what would have happened?

For we would not be here to know.


He let the people out of Egypt

From poverty and mistreatment.

The people praised him

For being so kind

But then they didn’t trust him

‘cause they wandered forty days

And they worshipped other idols

Which God did not like at all


So God punished these people

And only let the children go

Back across the Jordon

And into the Promised Land.

The people cried in sorrow

But there was nothing they could do

For not once but thousands of times

Had they disobeyed their Lord


For God forgives us for our sins

Four hundred ninety times

But he hates idols

Because they do not exist

The people learned a lesson

To never stray from the law

And the children took this example

And followed the law.


But then it seemed God didn’t matter

That He didn’t affect them at all

Was He just someone in the sky?

Why was He there?

So once again the people turned

And worshipped idols once more

And Joshua their leader

Could do nothing to turn their hearts.


The people were again punished

For their terrible sins

But remember, God forgives

So He gave them another chance

There was never eliminating corruptness

But they all went to Hell.

The people who obeyed the law

Joined the Father in Heaven.


Then Jesus came to set things right

Some listened, some did not

And some even killed the Son

And Jesus let them do it

He set the example of sacrifice

That sometimes just needs to be made

But if it helps the rest of the world

Anything is good


So here we are today

Analyzing what He taught us

So love the Lord your God

To live a happy life

Love one another and yourself

Even your enemies

Give generously and do good

And forgive to your heart’s content


He may not show Himself directly

But He is always there

Waiting for us to turn to Him

Instead of turn away

For we turn to Him for help

To save us from our sins

And even in the darkest times

Our Lord God can bring us out


God is everywhere in the world

Trees, plants, water, sky…

All you really have to do

Is look for Him and you will find Him

He does His work at all times

And everywhere at once

He makes everything possible

Of which you use each day


Trust, faith, hope and love

Friendship, peace, and joy

Christ’s body and blood

Broken for you today

So go home and think of these words

For they are a person’s life

If you follow the law of the Lord

To Heaven and Paradise you will be seen.


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