I Speak...I Write....I Live

Sun, 07/14/2013 - 22:13 -- JBWELL3



From the internal core of my earth I release a world of bright hope

From my hands, flowing streams of smooth syllables nourish the barren lands of men's souls


This is why I speak... I write... I live


Ancestral chains binding free spirits of orators and writers past

Who spoke hope with eagle soaring songs

While upon cotton their sweat, tears, and blood reveal their personal stories


This is why I speak… I write... I live


Nylon arms attempt to drown the sky of glowing possibilities

Constricting hands from releasing nourishing flow of life to barren souls

And breaking stable courage into declining fear

Yet through their declining fear... scars of pain revealed inevitable determination

While gasping breaths spoke of the future being just a whisper away

And silence being the empty pages for me and my generation

 To write our story


This is why I speak... I write... I live


With my voice, I will emancipate the captive

With my pen, I will cut chains of mediocrity

With my Life, I will toil the earth...

Fighting through slashes of statistical whips

Breaking ropes of restricted inferiority

And project a roar of change…


And even if my voice should be reduced to a whisper or temporary silence

 May the scars of my life, the blood sweat and tears of my heart.

Remain in the fabric of this cotton I leave to the next generation


For when my voice and hands cease to speak... may my recorded legacy

Water the seed for new and better change upon the story of another

That will birth even greater change... For this reason


This is why I speak... I write.... I live.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

inspiring poem

you validated your reason to write

continue to aspire others and build off your ideas

great job


Wow! Inspiring. Three stars.

Dark angel

Beautiful:) well done my friend


Wow this was beautiful. Words of encouragement in here. Very nice job.


This is so awe-inspiring and wonderful; I have moving images in my head from the words you painted so clearly with...I absolutely love this, and I might even go so far as to say I absolutely adore your perspective... It fills me with wonder....and I wonder if others have a similar reason to speak... To write.... To live. I live, for people, for the world, for culture, for the sake of living, and of all, truth. Truth of why we are here, what we must do, how, where to go from here, or here, or there.....truth of my people, truth of ancestors past, truth of the lives lost whose stories have never been told twice! I live....for some reason, for all these reasons, and yet I live for myself too because I experience the world through myself. Peace ♡♡

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