The World vs. Us

We live in a world where society rules most of us 

We create groups to isolate our selfs from larger crowds

We figure that if we stay away from the people who try and change us then we cant be changed

What most of us dont realize is no matter what we do we are changing , the world is changing

With every step we take we step into a change , every sleep we awake from we wake into a change

We try to hide our selfs from the love and lust , but forget that its the world vs. us 

Once upon a time everything was black and white

Even back then the world wasnt as simple as the colors 

People still tried to hide themselfs from others who thought or spoke diffrently from them

Instead of imbrasing the diffrences of others and using that power of two diffrent people to rule

Instead of looking at eachother as gifts , it was a lot of hate, it was a lot of lust , it was a lot of hurt , like what was love? 

We aviod the actions of lie and trust , but forget that its the world vs. us

We stay in a little bubble with the attitude 

If it doesnt involve me then why should I move? 

We fail to see the clarity ,

Whats really true if somethings happing to them and can happen to us too

We dont help the people we see in need of help because we'd rather be self centerd

Thats where we go wrong one step we chose to take could change everything 

Just like one ring could start a wedding , or start a " new life "

We need to stand up , man up and fix things that arent right 

Its not about the love and the lust its about Us 

Its about one boy or girl that can change the world

Its not about the lies and trust , its not about the world vs. us

Its about what we can do to make the world and us one in the same 

To make peace , love and Trust .... what is a world without us ?






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