I'll Stay Too


If I were on a bridge,

I’d jump off.


If I had a gun to my face,

I’d pull the trigger.


If I had a knife close by,

I’d stab myself.


If I had scissors in my hand,

I’d slit my wrists.


To live life the way I am now,

Isn’t even worth a breath.


Being criticized by everyone,

Being harassed with eyes.

Getting raped with words,

Getting hurt with lies.


Losing my innocence,

From insanity.

Losing my self-respect,

My serenity.


The only thing keeping me,

Is knowing you’ll always be by my side.

You’ll always listen and talk,

With respect and pride.


Those two I lack,

In me.

The things I need,

To see.


What makes me me,

What makes me free.


I love you to death,

And I need you.

Just stay with me,

And I’ll stay too.


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