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The Sun, high and mighty in the sky.
We see it everyday yet people don't note it's complete power over us.
While most see it as an object in the sky, I gaze upon it as a harbinger of hope.
The sun protrudes immense life, this we cannot doubt. Yet, most people overlook this wonderful celestial being and see nothing

why? Do they not realize what I see everyday? That without Apollo and his chariot, nothing would exist? Life as we know it today would be non existant. The sun is often a reminder that life goes on, with or without someone, so it is important to move forward, as the sun always does. Never does the sun stray from its course, it is an ever constant object that has been recognized by many cultures as an object of the upmost importance. Yet humanity often forgets this.

These are the thoughts that often strike my mind, and they are the thoughts that move me forward. Without the sun; there is no light; without light; there is no direction; without direction; there is no future. So it is thanks to the sun that I rise and give it my all, such as the sun does with its grand light in all directions of the universe. Furthermore, much like the ever-constant light of the sun that reaches all corners of the universe, I will shine on all the objects within radius. Never losing radiance.



My poen entry for the Speak Your Mind Scholarship.

Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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