Dance with me

Wed, 08/14/2013 - 17:29 -- jbaiza


There was once a world of simplicity and tranquility

But man has robbed us of that ability

Progression is the obsession of today’s generation

When will we learn the needed forms of interrogation

Our world obliterated with concrete, fuel and technology

Yet we expect the apology

I introduce to you man at his finest

Oh how he has become a clever little artist

Making sure he doesn’t miss any details

For if he fails

He is nothing


We fight for nothing

Everything once harmonious

Everything now frivolous

Together as one we may perish

Together we will never be able to cherish

Life’s once meaningful clarity

Now blinded with ambiguity

Yet intolerable to an unchanging world

And when there is nothing no more

We look to the skies for meaning

Finally you see His radiance beaming

Unanswered questions no longer have significance

For now we realize His almighty magnificence

Come to Me now He simply states

For all your misery and pain dissipates

Simple as that but it is your choice

For me rather than mourn I choose to rejoice

Choose wisely for you only have one chance

I beg you; in Heaven with me will you please dance


Written by Jessica Baiza


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