We live this life despite

Double edged swords being swung at us with all their might

Finding beauty in the pain, staring darkness in the face

'Cause there's only so much light

Only so much bark before you've gotta bite

Death is the fate of every man

There's nowhere to hide

It can

See you when you cry, see you when you try

But fail to prevail, do your best to no avail

See, our ships don't sink because we're keeping wind in our sails

And that's what ya gotta do

That's what ya gotta prove

That's the kind of attitude

You gotta have to be intrepid

If you wanna be electric

Gotta find your own kite

To stand tall

You've gotta know your own height

And when the day comes

You put 'em up, throw it down

Go ten rounds

And show 'em that you're not afraid to die


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