I’m the English nerd

Never having enough Shakespeare on hand

analyzing movie plots as if they were books

wondering if in reality

we are just a story with a destiny

with some author out there

critically thinking over our each individual plots

Needing the magic of the words not yet written

waking up in the middle of the night

to jot down notes on a story, I haven’t yet begun  


You love History

seek for all the knowledge of the past

when I reach for a dictionary

you grasp for maps

for a better understanding of where we came from

and where it is that we are headed

to discover all the secrets of ancient kings and queens

analyzing the faults and failures of today’s society

of those that have been repeated from years ago

but together we’re both searching for an answer


I'd give anything to up on the stage

spotlight on my face

speaking a spur of improvisation

because the lines have left my mind

to lay out a story

for the audience to laugh or cry

and know I was the cause of something

bowing and hearing the crowd roar

because I touched their hearts


You hide back in the dark

with a bright warm smile upon your face

manning the snack booth

handing chocolate bars out for a dollar a piece

restocking the coolers

making sure everything is in place

You get a free glimpse of every show

You clap and cheer with all the others

and together we party with the cast.


I play upright bass

the biggest instrument of the orchestra

and even though I have to stand on a stool

I play the instrument that is too big for me

struggling my hands over the bow

building the muscles of a man in my arms

pushing it across the strings

until the remember the sound

of each and every note

the things I play  from the practice

only the things I’ve learned


You play the baritone sax

with a talent that can’t be learned

never needing practice

handling an instrument that

when seated on the ground comes

almost to my waist

you make music in a magical rhythm

tapping your foot upon the ground 

always letting me know where you are at

and together we stay in perfect beat.


I’m a high school junior

overwhelmed with college searches

and trying to discover

what I truly want to do with my life

bombarded with AP classes

and extracurriculars 

enough to make my head go spinning

just starting to drive, myself

keys in hand, behind the wheel

in charge of which direction I have to go

wondering if I can truly get there

on just one tank of gas


You are headed off to college

with a major and a plan

to meet new friends and have more freedom

then anyone ever truly wants

away from home and distractions

involved in a sport, your passion,

that, along with studying, will encompass

most, if not all, of your time

toward every achievement, reaching every goal,

hard working towards the future

three miles away from me

and all we want is to be together


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