The Colour Green

Lines composed during a walk from Highgate to Hampstead Heath  1991


It has been a day for wandering

beneath this sky of early spring

among these trees to freely breathe in an Eden Green

i can scarce believe the beauty of this scene

-the sunlight shines in through the trees

like bright gold blazing from my dreams

and sparkles just so that it seems

the sunbeams tiptoe on the breeze


In this my magic afternoon

of rambles over sleepy heath

I am bathed In cool tranquility

for here the world breathes out a breath

that stirs the child that weeps in me

and calls him to be free


Somehow it as occurred to me

that I will never quite completely be

at peace in the world of peoples schemes

but there is something in this scene

-that is in the soul and stuff of me

and this is the spring of my poetry


so cut me open when I die

inside me you will find the sky

and in my heart the mellow sun

and behind my eyes – the makers mystery.


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