The poetic world


What exactly does poetry mean to me?

When I believe it’s a totally different world to see

Where you express your deep thoughts in words to please

Your wandering mind that must be set at ease.


It’s a place where you can get lost, as if at sea

But by lost I mean placed in your own world where you can be

Whatever it is you desired in your own mind

Because you control everything you combine.


In this world you control the message and the time

As it can be subliminal or set out easily for the blind,

For others to read and uncover your world

And conquer the meanings that are all swirled.


Poetry is art and beauty written in words

To me it was introduced at a time when I heard

It was meaningless as people said that I can’t,

But I thought deeply and that’s when the enchant

Hit me and blew me away

Into the world of poetry where I stay.


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