Morning Inspiration


United States
39° 0' 9.6768" N, 76° 56' 7.7928" W
United States
39° 0' 9.6768" N, 76° 56' 7.7928" W

Everyday I a clumsily wake up and see, what a great and wonderful world exists around me.

Ii look to the sky with the birds and the bees, and down to the earth full of moss and dirt.

I sit their and wonder, without very much care, just why in the world is everything there.

I think of vast ocean's grace and tall mountains quakes. 

I think of the rubies that glisten and shine or the wolf as he howls and whines. 

I think of a blizzard the day after its gone, the beautiful snow so pretty and fine. 

I think of the trees and their strong steadfast presence, but also young kids opening presents. 

But then i thought strikes me ruthless and cold. The world's not nice, its vicious and scolds. 

Not all the ocean's a grace to behold, and mountains can kill, or so i've been told. 

The rubies that glisten can slice right through skin, as easily as a wolf with his grin. 

A blizzard is dreadful and can level a town, the snow bursting through causing many a frown.

The trees topple over and kids greedily fight, just what made this happen, this can't be alright.

What a world it is all bright one one side but dark on the other. 

Just what can I do, im just one guy, i shouldn't bother. 

My mind races on past the worry and pain.

I ponder the chances of changing this domain.

All it takes is one man to start something great.  

The sun has come up now, I can't  hardly wait.

Why can't it be me, that changes our fate?

I get up with fervor and strong dedication.

Ill be the one to reverse the awful dictation.

I hurriedly dress and throw on my robe.

No one can stop me, i think nothing of woe.

My mind is made up and set on my way.

There is no possible way that this won't be a great day.


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