Black and White, for some that is all there is

the stark constrast of good and bad,

right and wrong, rich and poor, thick and thin. 

What ever happened to gray?

to shade, to shadow,

to confusion, to a happy medium

You see in our society 

it is no longer okay to be inbetween

you have to be rich or poor

you have to love or hate

you are a genius or stupid

you are fat or thin

beautiful or ugly.

What ever happened to gray?

what happened to middle class?

corporations made them poor

what happened to medium weight?

media made them believe they are fat

what happened to having average grades?

Ivy leagues told them they were stupid

what happened to natural beauty?

society made it superficial

Then banks say, Its okay to be poor

but take this loan, we will pay this bill

use this money, we will ask for it later

The media says, Its okay to be fat

but start this diet, drink these pills

join this gym, eat these foods

get rid of that acne, buy this wash

Schools said you don't have to be the smartest

but take this class, pass this test

study these pages, figure this out 

Hate yourself for who you are

Change yourself

And what happens when all their methods fail?

Forclosure, Homelessness,

Ridicule, Hopelessness

You are called a bum, ugly,

Fatso, Stupid, dumbo.

But what ever happened to gray?

What ever happened to the individual?

The art of being unique

rejecting labels and judgements

Rediscovering laughter and simplicity

Trancend the beaten path

Find the beauty in oddity



Keep writing about the truth! I love it:-)

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