My Red Light.....Was You


When your used to speeding through life,
As I have done in such a short time,
Running every stop sign,
Shifting up through red lights,
Ignoring every sign of caution,
Total disregard for the consequences,
My actions might have caused.
Racing through the fast line,
Passing in the no passing zone,
Stopping only for a quick tone,
Of the best chemicals money can buy.
Slowing down to drive the speed limit,
Feels so abnormal and uncomprehending
I feel I am drowning in a sea of mediocrity.
My eyes repeatedly wondering over to the fast lane,
Reminiscing about the good times, the fast times.
Fuck it, away I go again, speeding up, only,
To pass you, To See You, unintentionally I brake,
You, staring right at me,
Seeing, right through me,
I fall back behind you, reason unknown to me.
At that moment, I was willing to slow down, for you.
Now, the speed limit, is the only place I want to be,
As long as I am driving with you.
A life saved from tragedy,
Was the one I call my own.
Because I stopped, for the Red Light,
That Was You.

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