Lack of consistency


Standing before you,
An endangered soul.
Mold with gold and once embodying the whole given.
And now
My Frail and lanky stature, stands before you 
piercing every eye.
 Cringing as they spy 
telling tales of my demise...
Eyes widen with hopelessness 
Fear stricken. 
My kryptonite.
I fed them so happily....."my beasts!"
As they ate away my Gold...sold soul.
No longer avail in writing, creating and designing (my gold?)
And now 
I stand before you
a shackled hole and once embodied the whole given. 
Deep down my whole and my Gold giveth...
their breathe of assured existence.
But I allowed my kryptonite 
to defile my soul
my God given, a talented being.
Possessing the power of greatness!
Blessed! with the mental capability to create
And I must say I live for the time
I am all consumed 
Attention slips no where - non spear 
Gathering  golden fumes
I push my barren walls of "lack of constancy" due to defeat and fear 
And inhaled.
Dancing loose these shackles!


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