Imagine the looks they got

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 18:19 -- Casrose


Every time I find myself searching for inspiration or feeling like my ideas are not suffice I look around me, I look at all the things that have been invented throughout the years and begin to think of who got the idea to invent such a thing who actually cared enough to make an effort and create something that still exists today.
Just imagine the person who decided they wanted to invent roller coasters . . . 
Imagine how crazy he must have sounded back then "Oh yeah I have this great idea I want to make these huge medal tracks and have little carts ride on them going about 50mph oh and did I mention people can ride inside the carts, sound fun right? " Of course there may have been some individuals who were to skeptic about it but still he went through with his idea, he dreamed about,it worked on it and, conquered it and until this day people all over the world ride rollercoaster. When you think about it similar situations like this occurred very often for example the idea an Airplane and air travel, heart transplants,chargeable cars,GPS systems you name it. So when you feel like your idea is lame or not feasible think again just think imagine the looks the wright brother got when they said they wanted to create a big medal bird that can fly in the sky.


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