Tue, 01/28/2014 - 22:41 -- Janita7

What made me want to go to college? I do not think anyone would believe me if I told them. Would you believe me if I told you I have a negative inspiration as well as positive inspirations? Crazy huh? I am a sister of four; three of which are my positive inspirations and one of which is my negative inspiration.

I have three young siblings: one brother that is four, one sister that is three, and another sister that is almost eight months. When these three AMAZING kids came into my life, my whole life changed for the better! Before them, I wasn't sure if I wanted to go to college or not. But they made me realize that college was the best option. Not only for myself, but also for them! I am their role model. They look up to ME! Nobody else. I want to show them that ANYTHING is possible, set goals and achieve them, and also NEVER GIVE UP! I want to be a Registured Nurse, I want to travel to Africa, and I want to go to  university. I want to achieve these goals and dreams for them and myself. 

Who said inspirations are always good? I have a twenty- one year old brother that is doing nothing with his life. ABSOLUTELY NOTHINHG! All he does is sit at home, smoke weed, and sleep. Who wants to be like that? Not me! He showed me what I DO NOT want to be like. I do not want to come home every day to my mother. I want to come home to visit my mother. He had a full scholarship at Martin Methodist College, but he turned it down. Jaw-dropper right? I know you are thinking, " Who in the world would turn down a scholarship"? A full scholarship at that! I want to show him what life can be like with a degree. I want to show him that there is more to life than weed. I want to show him that he can do better. 

Inspirations are something that inspires you to do something. All four of these people mean the world to me. I want to be a positive inspiration on them. I want them to right a #YOWO paper about me! 


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