I Remember The Stars


United States
41° 14' 7.5588" N, 95° 59' 37.8024" W

I remember the stars

in the night 

they carried my hopes and dreams

I remember the stars

from years ago

I remember the stars of tonight


But even more, the stars

remember me.

They remember the stories I told them

years ago on the dock 

as I dreamt of the future

with the brush of chilled water moving across my toes

as I lay motionless.

They remember the stories I told them last night

accounting for all the time that has passed

since we had met for the first time.

They remember who I was,

when they bore me to this earth

and they know who I have become.

In five years the stars will remember 

the person I am today,

but they won't remind me.


Instead they will do what they always do,

they will let me dream of the future.

The stars will take me to places 

I have yet to go

Ironic that the stars are a passage to the future

when the stars themselves,

are an element of the past.


I remember the stars

of tomorrow 

The same stars that shone last night,

along with all the nights of my life.

I remember that each time I meet with the stars,

it is different

The stars remain the same

in the black of the night sky,

but I change.


I remember who I was cuddled on the stairs with best friends,

who, at the time, hid inside the bodies of strangers.

I remember who I was 

as I threw my head back with closed eyes

and when I opened them

and saw the stars,

I saw the girl I wanted to be

I remember the life I envisioned for me.


And now, now I must remember 

to not lose sight of the stories

I once told the stars

but rather hold on to them,

and flourish within them

and remember the stars 

will always be watching me.


I remember telling the stars my story

bright as day,

in the darkest hours of the night.




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