An Echo: On Graduation Day


8339 Seville Ave
United States
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Child:                                                                                                           Echo:      

Why is it that they shed so many tears?                                               Fears

I'm graduating with honors is that not ok?                                           Hooray

How, oh how will I gain information?                                                    Education 

What happened to the girl who lost her inspiration                           Impregnation

Then why do they fear me gaining knowledge?                                College

Tell me why do I suffer such a lost                                                       Cost

Do I rob a bank and just go                                                                    No

Then who will make my dreams come true                                       You

Who will find the cure for cancer?                                                        Answer

My answer is that it could be me                                                          See

But only, only if I had the money                                                           Oh Honey

We all deserve it at the very best                                                          Yes

Then why am I being put to this test                                                   Guess

Is it because I refuse to give up?                                                         Yup

Before I cross the stage I have something to say                            Say

What if "can't afford college" is all they'll say                                      Pray


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