At the Edge

Getting that feeling,
heart broken can't find no healing.
I hear stuff everyday,
praying that they go away,
but the thing is, they don't.
The negativity sits around,
and just floats.
I'm tired of the rumors,
people talking about me for their own humor.
Life is too precious and worthy,
to waste time on people who treat you dirty.
I'm not an object, yes I do have my flaws,
But you don't have to judge,
acting like you've got it all.
Everyone makes mistakes,
but the ones who don't understand that are the fakes and snakes.
They slither around, and ask for your forgiveness,
but all they're trying to do is get hip to your business.
They love me for my ambition,
trying to be successful is my life addiction.
Being grateful for the life I was given,
sad how nobody will take the time to listen.
They say, "She smiles all the time, her life must be so fine."
How much pain I've gone through,
at night, you'd be surprised how my feelings are so blue.
That perfect life, I wish it was true.
It's just so stupid how much people have to say,
wanting everything to go their own way.
They call me Mickaykay,
thank you for listening.
Hopefully they'll stop talking when they see my wings glistening.


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