The Sea


The ocean throws itself at the shore,

Tearing away the rocks and sand.

The ship at sea sinks slowly,

Losing to the battle.

A child swims fast,

escaping sharks.
Danger lurks
In the


Tentacles catch the fish that swim by,

For fish are the creature’s dinner.

A woman swims for surface,
Though she loses her strength.


brings out their teeth.

Fear does hide

In the



Finned mysteries fly across the waves,

Splashing the water amongst all.
Turtles swim for years on end,
Living longer than us.
Coral grows so large,
With such color.
Wonder lies

In the



Families stare at the sunset beyond,
Engulfing its golden glory.

Whales migrate through the channels,

For their mating season.

Starfish grip on rocks,

On watery shores.

Life lives long

For the



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