Break Your Frame

What is a stereotype?

The god fearing religious girl

Who has an addiction to a razor and suicidal thoughts? 

The blond blue eyed cheerleader who has an eating disorder

 And a dad that beats her?

The student government president,

Who is actually the one sleeping with half of the football team.

Or the high school teacher, who’s a drunk?

 Holding onto His job, barely by a lax string.


Stereotypes. What false judgment.

But unfortunately we give in.


Society has become a carpenter

Constructing and molding together

A picture perfect frame that we must fit perfectly in.

But I promise you It’s not as comfortable as it looks.


As you squeeze yourself tightly into this frame that has a heavenly glow

You realize these walls start closing in on you,

With lies and exceptions that you must keep up with.

If not, you will not be displayed beautifully on the art gallery walls

You will be left in the back room gathering dust with others that were forgotten too.

You offered as much as you could

with your instgram pictures, you’re tweets, and your facebook posts.

 But you are still not accepted my friend. 


Because you.  Are. A. stereotype.

And we only accept our stereotype.  


You are; cheerleader, Goth, dancer, nerd, jock, teacher’s pet, prude, pot head and slacker.

You are not; Sarah, Zac, Thomas, Olivia, Tyler, Amanda, Brooke, nick, Mike, Michelle, destiny, josh, or Andrew the person.  

The things I, no. WE could change if we ripped off the uniforms

 Wiped they obnoxious amount of makeup off our faces

and didn’t hide behind clothes, statues, and money like children do in a game of hide and go seek. 

Because most of us are hiding and nobody is seeking.

So… stereotypes. I’d change those.


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