Fighting Among The Stars


United States
29° 39' 41.184" N, 98° 39' 56.0124" W

the stars align
in a set design
they climb
and strive
atop the clouded line
you of what you've become in time
don't let go
of what you've been told
your critique can never be sold
it's what closes the wrong doors
and leaves you in the hall
with nothing else to stall
you're the failure you thought you'd be greater but the chances weren't in your favor
it's no excuse you have abused time and time again
what you've been taught and you've been caught of the impact of it all
through the words you never said
because you thought you'd be laughed of instead
it's all in your head to leave the world undead
and you can't know until you try
but you've tied yourself down
and you can't cut yourself loose with that noose around your pulse
you are thinking of your time
but you know there's none of it left
what you expected was the next step and you got ahead of yourself
you're a disappointment alone in your own loss
and you can't bear to come to the truth
it was ruthless and it had no excuse
but you can't let go of what makes you move
because it's what brings your impact on the world
at last it's your chance to rise up from the ash
you've been a failure and you've disappointed
but you have the potential to be the star that's shining brighter
the hydrogen and power results in your own tower of dust in your own shadow of a star
a star that takes it so far and leaves you with a scar
apart from what's defined
you'll be aligned and you will strive till your last second of light
you will fight you will fight


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