I am a Poet


To myself, I am a poet.

To others, I hav a gift.

I'd grow with my mind.

My ideas would shift.

From castles and princesses when I was young, to boyfriends and heartache that brutally stung; I was a writer.

From beasts and dragons, to new places and things, to new ideas in my head that would bring words to paper like it was nothing.

I am a writer.

The inspiration is endless. The opportunities to be myself are tremendous.

My personality drives me to write what I feel, and every story I write seems oddly real.

To me, my words are art.

I am a writer.

My family lights a spark, and with that, I start a fire that burns inside of me, that guides me to new places and ideas to discover.

They drive me to not only be the person I am, but the one I want to be.

I am a writer.

These words spill out like a waterfall over a cliff.

The unstoppable force of imagination gives me a lift to write what I feel, and feel what I write, to admire myself as my ideas shine so bright.

Not only do my pieces inspire myself, but others as well.

My friends, my family, and others can tell.

I don't just write to bring myself glee.

I write for others so that they all can see the magic in my words and the happiness they bring

to a friend who is upset or thinks they lost everything.

For a brief moment they smile when they read what I wrote for them,

and that's all I really need.

To know I changed their mood though for only a moment.

I know I'm doing something right.cvvb

I am a poet.





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