To Be Free

Wed, 08/07/2013 - 12:27 -- vkianna


To get away from the drama that just may consume me

I write my hearts true desires

the thickness of the pain

layers upon layers

have taken a painstaking toll on me

writing takes the weight off my shoulders

allows me to have some type of freedom

having to make decisions that no child should have to

writing rescues me turns me away from a life of self destruction

she keeps me sane when I'm at wits end

no one listens the one person that should won't

the one who claims to love me the most

does nothing but hurt me

she will never know

and I never tell

contemplating and wondering what could of been

instead of what's to come

putting my own feelings aside

just to make her happy

but it seems to me I bring nothing but dissatisfaction and turmoil to her life

so I believe it's best to leave her as is

no mistakes no regret no nothing

maybe in the end she's why I write



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