Not that media.


I love the media.

It’s interesting

and fun

and keeps us all connected,

on one page.

But don’t get me wrong…

I don’t enjoy the propaganda,

the mendacious ads and suffocating numbers,

statistics, choking us and

urging us to join their team.

Selling our souls to the businessmen,

our votes to the gods of commerce and politics.

But I love magazines.

They’re aesthetically appealing

and effective

and keep us all connected,

on one page. 

You want to work for the media?

The media that has been setting boundaries for beauty, for acceptance

For almost as long as it has existed?

The media that tells young girls to arch their backs

And elongate their stomachs

Because they will only be taken seriously

If they take up a little less space and boys will only look twice

If their body curves in the right places?

Newspapers are great too.

They’re informative

and classic

and keep us all connected,

on one page.

But they will surely swing your opinion

In a different direction

If you let them.

Media keeps us all connected

With pressing issues like bloodshed and which celebrity’s new haircut

Is worth ridiculing today.

I dream of a media

That celebrates real heroes.

A media that shows inspiration and beauty and quality

Exist in your neighborhood.

One that lends hope and restores faith in humans instead of flaunting barbarism.

I want to work for the media.

But not that media. 




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