Sad people


It's 12:10am as i write this

my darling insomnia fueling my abyss

feeling cool and calm as music fills the air

though as calm as i feel i can't ignore my thoughts

the thoughts that i can't bear

each breath i take feels like a dozen lethal shots

and as you would think it does ruin the quaint serenity

of this beautiful peaceful night

some of the thoughts do ruin the sight

and even though some thoughts i remember don't have much clearity

 just thinking about it sends my mind spinning in tranquility

for some unknown reason to me

sacred things that should never be thought of

but for some reason remembering makes me happy and free

i'm not reminiscing about love

because in my short life that I haven't yet met

it's the thoughts of bad but i let them stew and set

just in my mind

horrible things seem kind

because some others are just blankly blind

not seeing how good they actually have it

their brains to me are dimmly lit

they must carp and throw a fit

 I wish someone would show them real pain

so they'll stop crying over a dribble of rain

i feel my life slowly drain

because if they saw the real world

they would feel ashammed

 life was slightly painful for me

 but never was too strenuous for a resilient person bear

at times you may feel down

but it's always worse for someone who has drown

there will always be pain and agony

and unless you look around yourself you will never see 

see the pain in the real world

please step out of your cloud

and realize it's not just you

your life isn't that bad

so stop acting so damn sad

life is finished throwing you pity parties

time to grow up and act hardy

my thoughts today must be heard

to you "sad" people,

you aren't really sad

it's your phoney act

because it's not the others who have lacked

it's you my friend

and to hurt you i didn't intend

It's solely pure truth I desend

so look around you and put a smile on

and remember to watch the sunrise at dawn

 for it shows real beauty pain and sadness

the sunrise is the genesis of a whole new day



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