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La Mesa, California
United States
37° 5' 24.864" N, 95° 42' 46.4076" W

There is a light behind my eyes

A surging desire

A need

A require


A craving to be more than a forgotten face or name.


Mind overtaking

It’s has me in it’s grips, no one save me. I need it. I stay.


I strive for something new to rid myself of the average life that surrounds me.

People who blame world for not giving

They settle for simply existing.


Existing. Not living. No name.


They live with themselves in their brokenness

believing fates are sealed and none be unchanging.

Blinded are their eyes with the illusion that there is no conclusion other than

life, must be easy.


How can you leave this world and have no one remember your name?

Have your existence not made such a difference,

your life?


what a shame.


There is no fate

No one is stuck in the

life they are living.

Get up

Break free

Time is thinning.


The world is cruel

life isn’t easy.

its unfair

its hard

Stay hungry.


It shouldn’t be.


My craving has me shaking, I want more than what people have to say.

Up nights responding to this incredible longing to be more

than just a name.  


A girl with no face

seeming to erase


disappear with no trace


that's no life for me.


I crave for more

to inspire and empower the seemingly average

and have them work for themselves in spite of my story.

To build something

To BE something

so much more than a name


Create a spark and feed the flame.


Leave your mark

and let others start

in wake of the flame you made


Get what you require

for a life you desire

follow the dream


and acquire


Your name.







I am...Scholarship Slam Contest Entry

By, Alexandra Roxanne Beltran

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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