What gets me inspired? Damn, I don't really know

guess this prompt has been really eye-opening though.

I'm just sitting here with some writer's block,

if I can make this poem creative I'll be in shock.

What do you wake up for? When you're lying there in bed...

that's what I can't think of, just not popping in my head.

I wake up and go to school, its such a drag,

then I take the bus home with ten pounds of books in my bag.

I trudge upstairs and say hey to my dad

without the energy to reply to, "hey how was school?"

...even if it was bad.

I'll do that usual teenager thing

and text someone or everyone

till their reply makes my phone go "ping",

unproductivity has yet again won.

What am i even rhyming about right now?

This seems so cheesy,

but who ever said reflecting on your life was gonna be easy?

I'll usually fall asleep in the middle of talking

after not going to a job cause I don't have a car

and to hell with all that walking.

I don't play a sport, well I haven't since last year

don't wanna think about it, might actually shed a tear.

So the question is, what inspires me?

My answer i fear, for I don't think the answer is near...

but maybe the answer is rather quite clear?

This prompt has really made me think,

that maybe things actually are rosy pink.

I have to take in how lucky i am to be here,

how life wouldn't be the same without my family and friends,

and life would be pretty lame. 

What gets me inspired is the beauty of our lives...

striving to convince people 

that it is time to stop complaining 

because our time on this planet is precious.

Make the best of our time.

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