O Captain, My Captain

I hear them cry.

O Captain my Captain,

Self doubt screams.

My internal storm

Still terrorizes them.

Overthinking weeps

And Self esteem sobs

While my Concentration and Patience

Are nowhere to be found.

Vanity pulls pointlessly at the sails

And Talent grabs the wrong rope.

Inspiration is belowdecks

With Motivation.

Seasick, the both of them.

But then the captain comes.

Fatalism smiles

And gives a little shrug.

The others look at him and yell, 

“We’ll sink!”

But he just says, 

“So what?

The storm will pass,

Another will come.

This is the sea.

And it doesn’t matter

If something happens to us.

In the end,

It’ll all be okay.”

The others relax their grips.

The storm begins to abate.

Fatalism’s smile

Brings it to a stop.

My mind is calm.

I will follow Fatalism.

He’s right, you know.

It’ll all be okay,

Because it’ll all, someday, end.

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