Art From Heart

It bleeds through me -

A whirling current of color,

Flowing from my heart

And across my skin.


Delicate patterns,

Sifting, swirling, sweeping,

Tracing whorls and whirls,

Connecting my body.


Initially it erupts

In shocks of red, orange

Flames leaping and licking,

Burning from my heart.


The inferno dissipates,

Relaxing into the yellow warmth

Of sunlight and flowers-

Flares reaching for the earth.


The sunlight transforms

Into new life, sprouting

Twirls and coils from

Shoots of green.


My fingers are the sky,

Billowing swathes of

Blue inspiration and

Zephyrs of creativity.


Born from my heart,

Nourished by thought,

Ink paints my skin,

Carving art in my lines.


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