November 2016, 8:39 Am

The greatest moments of despair and sadness stem from the polar opposite, triumph.

It's the realization that you gave, fought, battled, strove, and despite your final breath, 

After the months of buildup, the long hours spent wishing, hoping, fighting..frightened 

It was all taken away in a single moment

A fated second in time.

As it slowly dawned on everyone, who really is your neighbor, your mother, dare I say a friend? 

Fools, accomplices, the simple ignorance that could lead to your inevitable downfall. 

But even from the worst of moments, from the worst of downward spirals, we rise. 


There will be the preachers of community, togetherness, love not hate

There will be the protesters, the people who answer this decision as unacceptable, 

the people with the most heart, maybe the most to lose..

There are the satisfied, the untouchable, the cloud nines 


Then amongst the few, the chosen. 

chosen filled with fire, responsibility, and a power so self reliant, 

They will be there to pick up the children from the rubble after the fall,

They will be there pounding gavels and slamming jail cells

They will be there speaking of uncertainties and the impossible

There will be spark in their eyes, 

A color true to their soul

It's only seen within a blink of an eye

For the hand is out to take them all

But they are not heroes, they are warriors for justice

And they beat the drum loud and proud for all to hear 

They are coming, we must too beat their drums

For this is life, and all we have is now.

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This poem is about: 
Our world


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