This Feeling of Depression


I have a pain so deep you'll never see

I locked it away and hid the key.

If I ever really could share it

You wouldn't look at me the same I swear it.

I've seen things I shouldn't have to see

But the only one who ever knew was me.

I faked a smile everyday

For I couldn't stand for you to see me this way

I buried my emotions deep inside my soul

It's this hate I have that keeps me whole

If I ever truly showed you what's inside

I'd run away fast and quickly hide

No matter where I go these feelings stay inside

All I want to do is close my eyes

It's like an eternal torture that never dies

These voices that fill my head

Telling me I'm way better off dead

This pain of living hurts my heart

Should I have ended it from the start?

It's like when I get home I take off a mask

Faking happiness is nearly an impossible task

But some how I manage to get by

Going through everyday about to cry

One day maybe it'll be okay

But of course that day is not today.

How much blood can I shed

Before I'm lying on the floor dead?

Will this pain ever go away?

Maybe tomorrow but not today.

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